Oldness from Livejournal. This owes something to embyr81788's lovely fic Tokyo Lights.

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1. Fuji Syuusuke can do anything he wants to. He just doesn't want to.

2. If Tezuka asks him to, he will.

3. Syuusuke needs Yuuta more than his brother needs him.

4. Syuusuke is stronger than he looks, but altogether much too fragile. Still, he tries not to complain. After all, Tezuka will probably be there for him.

5. Competition excites him more than anything else. It's what first attracted him to Tezuka and why he stays with him still.

6. Syuusuke is jealous of Germany. People (Yuuta) tell him all the time that you can't be jealous of a land mass, but you can and he is. And he always will be.

7. Syuusuke is an insomniac.

8. He also gravitates toward warmth in the bed he shares with Tezuka, and sleeps on the side not facing the morning window.

9. Syuusuke buys useless things, not because he is lonely, but because he likes annoying Tezuka. And he does like receiving mail.

10. All of Syuusuke's taste buds are functional. Wasabi simply provides a means to an end – in some cases this is to ensure his food protection against marauding teammates, and in others it is to elicit pained expressions from those he enjoys observing.

11. Syuusuke is a creature of fancy. He flits about from one interest to another. Tezuka says this is because he has some kind of ADD, but Syuusuke says it's the misfortune of one who is good at everything he does.

12. Syuusuke is secretly afraid that if Yuuta surpasses him, he won't look back.

13. Syuusuke walks barefoot down the street when it rains. He's always done it. Sometimes he gets sick, but when Tezuka scolds him he tells him that one day he will walk away on an adventure. But he always comes back.

14. Sometimes he does not want to come back.

15. Syuusuke loves Tezuka. He's never told him, and sometimes he's unsure whether his captain knows. He tries his best to show him.

16. On summer evenings, when it is too humid and the heat makes him irritated, Syuusuke sits on the roof and wonders what it would be like to fall. He is sure no one would catch him. Then he cries and goes in and has a nice cup of tea with Tezuka.

17. Syuusuke has nightmares that he will be forgotten.

18. Syuusuke can see perfectly well, he's just not telling how.

19. Everything important is told to his cacti. They listen almost as well as Tezuka, who is seated across the hall pretending to read a textbook.

20. Syuusuke came out three years ago, after his high school graduation. Tezuka has not. Syuusuke doesn't think he ever will, and yet Tezuka's arms around him are always very warm.

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