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1. When he was five, Syuusuke decided that he did not know himself. He still does not.

2. Syuusuke tried to seduce Tezuka in seventh grade, but he gave up. Tezuka gave in too easily.

3. When Syuusuke is at home with Tezuka he calls him 'Kunimitsu'. When he is out with Tezuka, he calls him 'Tezuka'. Syuusuke's family knows his love by 'Kunimitsu'. Tezuka's family knows Syuusuke's love by 'Tezuka'. When Syuusuke is angry with Tezuka he calls him 'Kunimitsu", but always very sweetly. When he is shocked with Tezuka he calls him 'Tezuka' with open eyes. But it is only when Syuusuke is very tired that he calls his lover 'Love'.

4. There is a fish-shaped salt shaker on their kitchen counter. When Syuusuke is bored he paints it different colors. Tezuka has forgotten what it was originally colored, but he wishes it wasn't pink.

5. Syuusuke does not and will not ever want children. But he is afraid that Tezuka does.

6. When he is alone, Syuusuke thinks of many things. Sometimes it is the bathroom curtains. Sometimes it is death. There are always "what-ifs". But he ignores those.

7. Syuusuke does not want to be the dominant one in their bedroom. He has tried that and decided that it is not much to his liking. He has no problem challenging Tezuka for the right, however. And if that means they both have bruises, who's to care? They both win.

8. He is particular about almost nothing, but what he is particular about he wants done right. The first time. And no, he does not think he is being unreasonable.

9. Syuusuke loves nature.

10. Syuusuke sometimes wishes he was bad at something. Because when he is good at something people expect him to follow it up. That is partially the reason why he has been, in his twenty-two years, a tennis player, a journalist, a wildlife photographer, a painter both of realistic subjects and modern art, and a dancer (although thankfully only briefly).

11. He is currently unemployed and ridiculously happy selling his paintings on the internet. He has to get his wasabi funds from somewhere, right?

12. Syuusuke does not mind his feminine looks. It is true that he was bullied for them in school, but he soon put a stop to that. And now he likes how his small form fits against Tezuka.

13. Syuusuke is not a girl. He has a very strong masculine inclination. He should think the love bites under Tezuka's collar are testament enough to that.

14. This does not stop him from making Tezuka's lunch every morning with notes tucked between the chopsticks.

15. Syuusuke finds Atobe fascinating.

16. Syuusuke has answered to "Fuji", from his friends and colleagues, "Syuusuke", from his best friends and family, and "Fujiko", from Eiji. He is still getting used to answering to "Love" seven years after Tezuka consented to go out with him (after the appropriate struggle, of course).

17. Painting calms him down, especially painting his thoughts. But it weirds Tezuka out to see his dreams on canvas, so he usually keeps the studio locked.

18. Syuusuke knows that people think his eyes are beautiful. Intimidating, but beautiful. He will always hold the opinion that Tezuka's eyes are the most beautiful in the world.

19. Syuusuke is rarely sick, which makes him a closet hypochondriac. But he avoids that by never being sick.

20. Syuusuke thinks Tezuka might be able to know him if they spend their lives together. Then Tezuka can tell him if it was worth it, to be what he has been. And even though he already knows Tezuka will say yes, he will feel better.

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