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SUMMARY... It started from a piece of paper stuck in-between a gap from the wooden bench in front of an old Sakura tree in a park in Namimori...

...Secret Friends...






-Day One-


It was a normal ordinary day with the Vongola guardians doing their daily routines, meaning throughout the day Lambo the so-called Lighting Guardianhas done nothing but be a brat. Ryohei Sasagawa the Sun Guardian had been extremely practicing for an upcoming tournament. Kyoya Hibari the known Cloud Guardian has been terrorizing the school (according to the students of Nimimori). The Mist Guardian Mukuro Rukodu... None of the other guardians really know where he is, they just hope he wasn't doing anything that involved destroying things (seriously). And the Rain Guardian, Storm Guardianand Sky Guardian were hopelessly stuck in classroom that felt like it's oven heated listening to a math lesson that the Silver-haired Italian already knows how to do. Leaving the heir of Vongola desperately trying to understand it and the baseball nut sleeping through it. Yup, this was the normal days of the Vongola Guardians when there's nothing out of the ordinary going to happen.

Gokudera yawned as he stared at the chalk written problems in the board, cause basically in his mind he already solved it before the teacher even finished the question itself. He yawned again and turned to see the struggling Sky Guardian made him smile while the sight of the sleeping Guardian made him frown. It amazing how the sight of both the guardians had an effect on the hot headed Italian.

After a day of nothing but boring usual things, all the students had pack their things and were making their way home. Both Vongola Tenth and his-self-proclaimed-right-hand-man left the school premises leaving Yamamoto to his baseball practice.

"Thanks for seeing me home Gokudera... Wanna come in and have some tea?"

"Oh how kind of you Teneth... However I don't want to be a bother, besides I have stuff to do..."

Gokudera said smiling widely at his boss, then came along the shouts of a certain guardian that automatically pissed Gokudera to no end. The front door of the Sawada house burst open revealing Lambo running around with candy laughing while I-Pin was chasing him telling him to share. Tsuna immediately tried to stop them only to be greeted by a kick from Reborn who jumped from his bedroom window.

"Welcome back no-good-Tsuna... Oh and greetings to you Gokudera..."

"Ah... Greeting as well Reborn-san..."

Gokudera learned to never to Reborn no matter what Reborn does to Tsuna, or even answer back to Reborn when he does something to Tsuna. The reason was always 'It is Tsuna's training'. If you do so, there'll be hell to pay. Gokudera did the taboo once when Tsuna was being trained to no end... All that Gokudera remembers is that after he disobeyed Reborn his entire body hurt and was wounded. He had missed two days of school recovering, but at least the Tenth visited him while he was sick even if he did bring the baseball nut with him that day.

"Ah... Where is Yamamoto...?"

"Yakkyu-Baka? In his baseball training..."

"Ah I see..."

"I'll be going now Reborn-san... See you tomorrow Tenth..."

"Oh see you tomorrow too Gokudera..."

"See you again Gokudera..."

Gokudera waved goodbye to the pair smiling while Tsuna did the same only with Reborn over his shoulder waving as well. One last look and he turned and made his way to his unknown destination.

Fifteen minutes have passed and the boy was currently in the park for some reason. He sat on a bench where the setting sun was at a perfect view. He lit a cigarette and smoked while he watched the changes of the view. He turned when he heard a name being called. It was a sight of a mother calling his son as they were going to make their way home. The Italian remembered his own mother who no longer would be able to call his name like that. He pushed the thought away only to see a piece of paper stuck in-between a gap from the wood of the bench. Curious, he took it out only to find it black.

"What the fuck is this supposed to be?"

Gokudera said to himself as he stared at the black paper he held. He then decided to write on the piece of trash, unknowing he allowed his childish self take control of him at the moment.

'Hi I'm number 59 what about you'

Okay this was idiotic for an Italian genius bomber not to mention the storm guardian of Vongola. He smiled bitterly at piece of paper and placed it back where it was originally placed because honestly it was idiotic. He got up and left the park really what was he thinking as he wrote on that paper? What was he expecting an answer? How pathetic for him...


Takeshi Yamamoto had just finished his baseball training for the day and thought that it was a bit too early to go home. So he decided to go to the park for a little self practice. After all 'Practice make Perfect' plus the boy believed in hard work. So he did what he thought. In the park he swung his bat over and over. Only recently did he notice how late it was, the sun had already set. But taking a little break before going home shouldn't be a problem. So Yamamoto sat at the nearest bench he could find. A few minutes of taking back his breath, he began arranging his things. Ashe stood he was about to go home until he saw a piece of paper in between the gap of the bench. He took it with the intension of throwing it properly, however when he saw that there was something written on it he couldn't help but take a little look.

'Hi I'm number 59 what about you?'

Yamamoto smiled at what was written then he began to rethink about throwing it. The he took a pen out and wrote an answer to the question.

'Hi 59... I'm 80...'

"Hahaha this could be interesting..."

Yamamoto laughed then smiled to himself as he was placing back the paper. Then he began his journey home.


A few minutes of walking he reached his house where the lights were flowing through the window of their sushi restaurant.

"I'm home...Da... Gokudera?"

Yamamoto said in surprise as he saw the familiar silver haired Italian seated and currently eating sushi. Gokudera then turned enough to see Yamamoto with the surprised look plastered on the black-haired teens' face. He swallowed the current food in his mouth before talking.

"What're you starring for idiot? Has your brain finally evaporated because of baseball?"

"Uh... No, just shocked... Uh... Why are you here?"

"Oh... I don't know... Maybe to eat?" Gokudera answered sarcastically.

"Ahaha... Yeah I guess your..." Yamamoto was cut when his father re-entered the room from the back room.

"Oh... Welcome home Takeshi... Your friend has been here for a bit... Oh look I need more wasabi..." Takeshi's father said as he turned back to return to the back room to get more of the said item.

"Ah... Really?" Yamamoto said enthusiastically maybe Gokudera has finally liked sushi. While Gokudera on the other hand had a few shades of pick on his cheeks.

"D-Do-Don't get any ideas you idiot... I just happen to pass by when my stomach was empty... Don't think of this a-a friendly visit or anything of the sort or I'll shove a hundred dynamites in you and blow you up!!!" Gokudera said... yelled was more like it with the pink shades still visible on his cheeks.

"Ahaha... Calm down Gokudera... I won't... Anyway I'll go and change..." Yamamoto said as he passed the still blushing Italian and made his way to his room located in the second floor.

So in the end, Gokudera stayed over for dinner plus was forced to help the idiot with his assignment, for the reason that when he was about to leave Yamamoto immediately asked for help for the math assignment. He couldn't say 'no' since Yamamoto's dad had given him food without charge. More like he wouldn't accept Gokudera's payment at all and the Italian wasn't cold enough not to repay ones' kindness.

So after two hours of 'Helping-Yakkyu-Baka-With-His-Assignments' as the bomber would put it. It was now nine in the evening. He left the Yamamoto residence and was on his way home when he noticed he was out of cigarettes so he was going to the store. So now what the genius bomber of Vongola has to figure out now is. Why was Takeshi Yamamoto doing walking beside him and the same direction where he's going?

"Oi... Yakkyu-Baka... Where the hell do you think you're going at this hour?"

"Oh I need to buy something from the store that's all"


A few minutes later they arrived at one of those 24-hours open convince store. Gokudera bought two new packs of cigarette plus a new lighter since the once he had now only had little liquid in it. The Italian analyzed that his current light would stop working in about two days from now. Considering the fact on how much he smoked. He paid for it only to have the baseball player wait for him outside the store.

"Oi... I thought you were going to buy something..."

"I did... It's in my pocket..."

"Che... Whatever..."

They've walk a few blocks together in silence. Yamamoto only watched as Gokudera took cigarettes from his new pack and lit and re-lit as he smoked them one by one.

"You know that's really unhealthy..." Yamamoto said in a 'matter-of-fact' kind of way.

"Go die..." Gokudera bitterly answered earning a frown from the other teen. "It's my body I'll do what I want with it..."

A few more minutes and they have reached the paths where they must part not that Gokudera cares really. The black-haired teen bid him farewell as he ran a light jog back to his place where his father awaits his return.


"Idiot" Gokudera muttered as he was now alone in the middle of an empty street beneath a street light that provided little warmth.

The silver-haired teen decided to take the long root back to his apartment it wasn't like anyone was waiting for him and greet him home anyway. Once again Gokudera found the same bench in the same park where he was this afternoon. The only difference was now the scenery was benighted and stars spread across the sky as the moon shone over the world below. The teen took another one of his cigarettes and puffed smoke.

It was now ten thirty five. That was what his watch displayed. His cigarette now dissolved into ash that was blown away by the wind. He dusted his pants allowing the cigarette from his breast pocket fall and onto the bench. As he picked it up he once again saw the paper from this afternoon he took it out from the gap again to dispose of it this time. But as curiosity tends to make avert people's decisions he slowly opened it as he was surprised by what was written.

'Hi 59... I'm 80'

"What the..."

The teen couldn't believe that someone actually answered the damn thing. He thought of what kind of person would randomly answer such a thing that was nearly considered trash. The Italian was shocked at such a thing and decided to continue with the silly game. He took his pen that he always carries in his other pocket and wrote his reply on the piece of paper.

'Um... Hi... So who are you? And what's your interest in writing a piece of trash like this? And 80? Is that your age or something???'

"What the hell am I doing? This is really idiotic for someone like me... But still... It wouldn't hurt not to learn about this 80 person..."

Gokudera concluded to himself as he placed the paper back and decided to retire for the night. When he arrived home he immediately dropped to his bed without even bothering to change. He fell asleep thinking about the mysterious person he was sharing a conversation with in a piece of paper stuck in a gap of a bench that was found in the middle of a park. He couldn't help but wonder that's all...


Yamamoto arrived back home to be greeted by his dad who was already preparing to close up the shop. The teen volunteered on continuing in order to give his father a break. His father knew better than to argue it would just tire him more than he already is, his son's determination is very strong too strong that he wouldn't take no for an answer.

The baseball ace was currently getting rid of the dirt on the said plates making sure they were squeaky clean. Although his body was washing the dishes. His mind couldn't help but wonder about a silver-haired Italian male whom he considered not just a classmate but a friend or maybe something even more. During their battles and the steamy bomber was the one to fight he would worry about him but he knew he had to trust him. During the fight against Varia, and Gokudera's match against Belphegor, he trusted him wholeheartedly yet worried about the bombers safety at the same time. During the final explosion his heart fell. Luckily Gokudera decided to surrender and live instead of winning but dead.

As he finished he turned off the lights downstairs and went to his father's room to check on his old man. He smiled at his snoring father he slipped in and covered his father with the dismayed blanket. He remembered when he was a kid and his dad did the same gesture at night when he would check up on Takeshi. He wondered if Gokudera had anyone do the same gesture to him. He knew all too well that his and Gokudera's life were different. He lived in a warm family with a loving and supportive father, while Gokudera strived to live each day without his real mother and in the mafia world. That's what Reborn had told them anyway during their time in the future.

When did he start falling for the Italian, he no longer knows. All he knew was he started thinking about the silver-haired teen long for a long time now. Neither did he care, all he knew was that he harboured feeling for his friend that if ever voiced out, if so that happens the said teen might cut all connections between them. It is that fact that scares him the most. Takeshi fell on his bed at about ten past eleven. His eyes fell and his dreams still filled of the silver-haired Italian teen that has long before captured his heart.


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