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DISCLAIMER... U-N-F-O-R-T-U-N-A-T-E-L-Y I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn this belongs to the respectable Akira Amano. Trust meif I did... Expect a lot of Yamamoto X Gokudera scenes, Dino X Kyouya scenes and of course Xanxus X Squalo scenes... Oh and I recently became a fan of Byakuran X Irie and TYL Reborn X TYL Lambo Ok I am officially insane...

WARNING... This is a shounen-ai fanfic so meaning IT IS BOY X BOY. If you do not wish to suffer like my brother when he saw such a thing I suggest you heed my words and leave now...

SUMMARY... Yamamoto and Gokudera both have a secret; they have a friend they can communicate with using notes and leaving it in a tree in the park... Who is their mysterious friend?

...Secret Friends...









"Excited to get home?"

The man asked the one who owned a hair color that was in complete contrast to his dark raven locks.

"... Of course... My children and my idiot of a husband are waiting for me..." the other replied scoffing in the process in turning away and looking out the cloud filled tiny window of the jet plane they were currently on.

"Mm... I suppose were in the same boat... I suppose I might consider you a carnivore since you are able to tame that baseball playing idiot of a herbivore..." the bored man said with his eyes closed.

"Thanks... I guess?" came the quizzical reply from the other.

"Be grateful, lower carnivore... Not often will I consider normal people with your status as a carnivore..."

"Sometimes I wonder how exactly we became friends... Or even remotely acquainted..." he asked in a rather disappointing way.

"Hm..." was his only reply from his dark haired companion.

"You haven't changed since junior high... But, I guess it's nice to have a drink with someone who can hold their liquor and not pass out after a drink or two..."


"You exited to see your little carnivore?"


"Of course, I just hope my herbivore of a spouse hasn't turned my little carnivore into a herbivore like himself..."


"Hibari-san, Gokudera-san... We'll be landing in a few minutes..."


With that the two unlikely companions laid back in their seats as they waited their arrival to the country where the sun rises. Both no longer said anything to each other nor made a sort of a sound that would disturb the other's peaceful dream. Both knew what the other's dream was, since they had the same dream. A scene that will soon become reality, themselves wrapped in the warmth of their loved ones.


Meanwhile in Namimori park...

A man sat an old bench beneath an old sakura tree that was blooming beautifully in the spring time. He sat there in his dark colored suit, the scar he had received in one of his mission didn't bother him anymore since he got it a long time ago, besides how he got it was worth it. He smiled as he told the story of how he met the love of his life to his children, who were indirectly listening, since they are two perfectly healthy 6 year old twin boys. Whose behaviour at times reminded him of himself and his spouse when they were younger.

"And that boys, is how I met your daddy..."

"Daddy really got angry at you papa?" the boy with black hair and green eyes asked as he stared at his papa and watched him laugh lightly at the question.

"That's just how daddy shows papa he loves him... Right papa?" the other younger twin, with silver hair and hazel colored eyes said as he turned from his older twin brother then to their papa.

The natural born hitman was about to answer when...

"I see you've been telling them weird things again..."

A man with silver hair and jade eyes that gleamed with life said as he appeared in sight of the trio who were sitting on the bench. He kneeled on the ground as the twin boys excitedly ran towards him. He steadied himself upon impact of the boys to his chest giving him a tight hug.

"Welcome back daddy!"

"We missed you daddy!"

"I missed you too... Toshi... Shiya..." The silver-haired man cooed as he embrassed the two tightly in his arms. He missed the warmth he felt whenever his little twin angels were around him. He had been gone since half the year and oh how he missed his boys...

"Hey what about me?" the swordsman said while pouting playfully. "I'm your husband aren't I Hayato?"

"So? My children are more important... Besides, you're old enough to handle yourself aren't you... Ta-ke-shi?" he said to the taller man while he was still embracing and nuzzling his children. Then both boys pulled away and started to look both wide-eyed at their daddy.

"Daddy... Papa told us how you two met and got together!"

"It was a really long story Daddy..."

"Are you still happy being with Papa, daddy?"

"Please don't get angry at Papa daddy..."

The storm guardian frowned at his kids' statement and stood up. He silently made his way to the Japanese male staring at the other with irritated to the core eyes and grabbed the other man's tie and pulled him down for a kiss. Both children made an 'EEW' sound while simultaneously looking away or covering their eyes with their tiny hands. After a few seconds the silverette pulled away from his spouse and looked at the still cowering children in discuss.

"Does that look like I'm angry with your papa?"

"No..." the mini silverette answered still refusing to remove his hands from covering his eyes.

"No... But please don't do that again..." begged the older twin peeking in-between his slightly separated fingers that were still desperately trying to cover his eyes.

The Italian man just chuckled at the reaction of the twins. When his chuckling subsided, he announced that they should head home and that he had bought them some souvenirs during his break on the mission. The two boys rejoiced and started to walk the path where they knew in the end would find their home. Both humming a tune of a nursery rhyme their papa had thought them, while holding each other hand in hand.

The silverette smiled as they watched the two happily humming holding each others' hand. A slightly rough hand snaked it way to lace fingers with the storm guardian's left hand. The green-eyed Italian turned and found the other hand attached to his partner. The once baseball ace smiled softly at his love making the other blush.

Both stared at each other's eyes not breaking eye contact. Their love for each other reflected in their hazel and emerald eyes.

"I missed you Hayato..." said the raven as he bought his storm's hand to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on it.

"Yeah... Missed you too Takeshi..." he replied as he smiled upon his husband's motion.

"Half a year was too long..."


They snapped out of their mini hypnotized state upon each other as they heard the elder of the twin call out to them, while waving his right hand and holding the hand of his sleepy looking twin.

"Daddy! Papa! Hurry up! Shiya's sleepy!"

"Am –yawn- not..."

The rain and storm guardian just smiled at each other with one last look at the other. A promise of a night of passion for one another had been made. But for now they jogged over to their children, the storm carried the sleepy younger one, while his lover carried the more energetic mini silverette, and the little family of the rain and storm headed off to the place they call their home.


Anon: Well... That's it... Sorry for the wait and it's been fun writing this! Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, despite the often time I've been attacked by raging plot bunnies and writer's blocks... Well until next time...

Oh and one more thing...

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