Choices and consequences

Summary: McGee makes a mistake while hacking into FBI. How Gibbs is gonna deal with that? Warning: spanking of adult. Don't like? Don't read!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just write about them.

Note: For those that get confused sth stands for something.

"Uh……………Boss?"Oh, God I am dead, he though.

Gibbs took his eyes from the report he was reading and stared at his agent, sth was definitely wrong. "What McGee??"

"Uh…………nothing." McGee said.

"Spilt it out." Gibbs said with his gunny tone that could be answered only by the truth.

"I think FBI caught me while trying to get that info….."McGee admitted, feeling stupid that he had allowed himself to get caught.

"What? They know what you have done?"Gibbs asked, trying to find out in how much trouble they were in.

"I don't know, boss." He tried to be honest. "Probably not, I figure it quite quickly so they don't know it's me, just NCIS. But I am the only one who can do it in here, anyway." Tim said matter-of-factly.

"Agent McGee, my office, NOW." The director screamed from the stairs, only to confirm their fears.

Tim got up slowly from his chair, his eyes fixed to the floor. He had started walking up the stairs when he noticed that his boss following him. Great they are gonna chew me out together.

"Hacking the FBI's files??What were you thinking, McGee??"The director asked him before he could even enter the office. It was that exact moment that he realized in how big trouble he was in. Tim thought that he had better not say anything, stay silent and wait, but then this could only lead him to be fired, if not prisoned. He had probably broken more laws and agency's regulations than he could think of. So, he made his decision. If it was to be fired at least is would be done his way.

He took a deep breath, and said calmly but sternly. "As you might know, a four-year old boy is kidnapped, held somewhere out there by a well-known serial killer with his life clearly in danger. We know who the kidnapper is but his file is classified. When we asked access, FBI withheld all the vital information that would help us find him. So, yes, I hacked into their files and took all the needed information. Abby should already have found the exact location the kid is held at. And, to answer your question, I was thinking the fastest way to save a kid and to do my job, sir." Tim stopped and took a deep breath. He was waiting for a reaction either from the director or worse his boss.

The director was speechless. He was expecting everything from his young agent, apologies, pleas and even tears. But not this. McGee was supporting his action…….his very wrong action and in way that made it seem almost the only logical way to save a child.

Gibbs was by the door, looking as surprised as the director but also very proud. His young agent, who took him months before he could even speak to him without spluttering, was now standing up for himself. Gibbs was ready to cover McGee, by taking full responsibility for Tim's action- he was the one who gave the order anyway- and he was planning to justify his decision using pretty much the same words but apparently McGee had no such need.

McGee was confused by the silence, but the –unexpectedly- supportive look he received from his boss, gave him the courage to continue. "Director, if there is nothing else, we have a kid to save." McGee said confident.

The director could only nod and whisper, "You can go for now. We'll talk again when you return."

Gibbs opened the door and the two of them left the office.

"Elevator, now." Gibbs said as sternly as he could, trying to hide his pride.

That exact moment, McGee realized that he had been disrespectful to the director in front of Gibbs. Was he completely crazy? His boss was gonna kill him. He was more than sure that he had just destroyed his career, his future and he had disappointed his boss. He couldn't face Gibbs now, but he had no intention to add disobedience to the list of his offences.

As soon as they got into the elevator he saw his boss pressing the stop button. To his amazement it was done in a far calmer way than he was expecting. He braced himself to raise his eyes and look at his boss. To his surprise, his boss was smiling. "Good job, Tim." Gibbs said showing his pride.

What?? His boss was calling him by his first name? Smiling at him? After what he had done?? "There is no need to have fun with me boss." He said more like a whine, realizing that he sounded more like a tree-year old boy than a trained federal agent. "I know I am in a big trouble both for being disrespectful to the director and getting caught hacking the FBI." He said to show to his boss that he knew in how much trouble he was in.

"I am not having fun with you Tim." Gibbs said, realizing how guilty his agent was feeling. "You were amazing. You stood up for yourself and you said nothing but the truth. I am proud of you, son. And as far as the fact that you got caught is concerned, I guess it was a bad moment; sth that haven't happened all the other times. So I am guessing it was just bad luck."

"Thanks boss, I guess." He whispered, "But, to be honest, the fact that I was caught was totally my fault. In my effort to speed things up, I gave a wrong order. It was a beginner's mistake. That's why I couldn't cover it fast enough."McGee said and fixed his eyes on the floor.

"Well, we all can do mistakes sometimes. It only means that we are human. Let's go now McGee, we have no time to waste. I am gonna deal with the director and your mistake when we came back." Gibbs said trying to put his agent at ease. Yes, he had made a mistake but they had a serial killer to catch and Gibbs didn't want him distract. McGee was a precious member of the team and needed him focus on the case now.

With that the elevator was back in motion.

Things went smoothly, so a couple of hours later the kid was safe and with his parents, the serial killer was in prison and the team was back in the bullpen.

"DiNozzo, David, I am gonna need your reports tomorrow by noon so you can leave for the day. McGee I want your report ready as soon as I am back from the director." Gibbs said to everyone's amazement.

"On it, boss." McGee said, as he didn't want to piss his boss any more than he had already done. Tony looked at him with sympathy as he had figured out that his probie was in trouble about the FBI thing, and Tim looked back at him showing his appreciation.

Gibbs headed for the director's office, leaving Tim alone at the bullpen typing at his keyboard.