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Chapter 46 : DaiYoukai's Defeat

War was never invited, but the Inus were always prepared for it. The Chinese Bear Demons, always slow to learn their lesson, had teamed up with a group of renegade Dragon Demons and attacked the Lands of the West. The Japanese armada headed by Lord Sesshoumaru had set out to meet the enemy head on in the high seas.

As the battle raged around him, his sword cleaving through his enemies, and Lord Sesshoumaru absently contemplated the absurdities of life.

How strange it was that the most arduous battle he had had so far was not with the enemy, but with his mate and children. Twenty five years of mating, and his family were still the biggest source of challenge in his life. He had decreed that his mates and pups (who were physically around 12 years old) would not be meeting the main force. They would instead be in charge of the safety of their lands. Their reaction, of course, had been rather violent. Inuyasha had been spitting fire. An all out battle with Inuyasha had only been avoided when news reached them that the enemy had split their forces. Besides the armada, a company of winged Dragons had been spotted heading towards the coastal towns.

When the news broke, Inuyasha had rather smugly taken command of the land defenses, shooing off his mate. Sesshoumaru knew that his mate would be in the thick of battle, enjoying himself without him. So it was that a rather annoyed Sesshoumaru faced the Bear Youkai, and his irritation made itself clear on the body of his enemies. He did trust Inuyasha, but the need to keep his family safe was strong. If battle was unavoidable, he wanted to fight beside his mate, not so far away. He glared balefully at the bears. THEY were separating him from his family. His aura of annoyance emanated out. Without landing a blow, his powerful aura broke the spirit of many a would be attacker, sending them diving into the water. Discretion being the better part of valor, these groups, and the really lucky, ones were the only survivors.

The Amada was decimated. Sesshoumaru's ship headed straight for the lead ship which was hidden in the background. As they approached, the waters boiled and a huge Dragon Demon blasted out of the water. It was the leader of the rouge dragons. It roared a challenge at Lord Sesshoumaru. The Daiyoukai smiled - finally, a battle he could sink his teeth into. Sesshoumaru leaped into the air and transformed. A hundred feet in the air, the titans met with a clash of fire and poison. Lightning fast, earth shatteringly strong, the two combatants shook the sky with their fury and skill.

They seemed evenly matched, but Sesshoumaru's endurance was giving him an edge. As the battle progressed, it was clear that he was leading the lethal dance. The dragon's tail slammed into Sesshoumaru's ribs and the Great Dog rolled with the blow. He twisted in the air. One sharp claw dug deep into the dragon's claw. With that leverage, Sesshoumaru lunged upward and his scythe like fangs sank into the Dragon's neck. The dragon screamed as its life blood gushed out.

The conclusion of the 'war' was foregone. As the dragon twisted in agony, Sesshoumaru's instincts had him slightly turning. From the corner of his eye, he saw a blur shooting from the lead Bear ship straight towards exposed side of the him. With his teeth in the Dragon's neck, there was little he could do.

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The people along the coast line cheered. It was a rare thing, but the citizens of the coastal town that was attacked by rogue dragons stood at the sidelines watching the battle. They were allowed this privilege as Shiori's barrier was large enough and powerful enough to keep the main town areas and people safe from all shrapnel and damage caused by the battle.

It was an atmosphere of a carnival rather than a battle when the citizens cheered and booed while they watched Inuyasha and the royal children fight the invading dragons. The children, who all looked twelve years old and under, were making a spectacular stand while facing the attacks as a coherent and deadly team. Inuyasha spearheaded the attack, taking the brunt of the heavy fire. Yaasha, Shippo, Me-chan and Kishi took the wings. Naoya and the youngest Inus, supported by Sora, and Inuyasha's other assistants handled the stranglers, making sure none got close to the barrier. The invaders were learning fast that they faced not children, but a coordinated team of warriors.

The invaders never stood a chance.

Kouga and the wolf clan were conspicuously missing from the battle and observation grounds, but with his Goddess wife heavily pregnant with their first litter, the wolf tribe was sticking close to their den. There was too much interest in the yet-to-be born demon-gods for the wolves to get involved in the war. The Goddess Suijin's best friend, otherwise known as Sesshoumaru's mother, was with the wolf tribe, taking care of the Goddess until the babies were born. While Kouga was resentful of China for attacking when he was otherwise occupied, he was content to guard his den and leave this war to the Inu family.

The spectators went wild when Inuyasha's backlash wave wiped out the last of the invaders. The Hanyou grinned broadly as he landed on the battled charred-beach and was immediately jumped on by his children.

"We won! We won!"

"Did you see me Papa? I killed three of them by myself."

"You did not! You only killed one, I killed the other two."

"Yuck! Papa! There is blood on my sleeve!"

"Papa, the bad Dragon came up from behind me, but Yuu-nii saved me!"

"Look at my fans! Stupid invaders. Papa, we have to see Totosai to fix this."

"Papa, I'm hungry!"

There was a stunned silence among the audience when the young Demon warriors, who had just torn a bloody swath into the invaders, turned into a bunch of rather rambunctious and clinging children. The oldest stood regally by the side as the younger ones climbed on and clung to their Papa. Sora and the other demons watched fondly. While the crowd of onlookers were shocked, they were not when a clawed hand reached out and rested proudly on the top of the mini-Sesshoumaru's head. Yuusha's smile at the pride in his Papa's eyes was a rare and breathtaking thing. The rare smile from the outwardly cold Prince, as much as the battle, would be a hot topic among the townsfolk for many years to come.

The victorious celebrations continued uproariously.

Inuyasha suddenly stopped. His blood, his being throbbed. Naoya went from laughing to crumpling on the ground and screamed. The little God's powers burst out. Unable to control it, he project to his family what his third eye was witnessing. So the family all had front row seats to the horror that was unfolding so many miles away.

Sesshoumaru's teeth snapped the Dragon's head then he turned to meet the upcoming attack, but the Bear Demon leader had timed it too well. Sesshoumaru's movement had scarcely thrown off the Bear's attack, but the demon compensated, and the huge axe like claws of the bear ripped into Sesshoumaru's stomach. From the force of the attack, a part of the Great Dog's body separated and flew off. Sesshoumaru, ignoring the pain, lunged for the throat of the bear and sword like canines tore out the bear's throat. Even as it died, the demon Bear made a final swing, hitting the Giant Dog on his head. The Demon Bear screamed while Sesshoumaru's poison dissolved it into nothingness. It died at peace. it had been successful, its work complete.

The eyes of the Great white dog closed. Unconscious and streaming blood, he began to fall from the skies.

Inuyasha felt his world stop.

They were too far. They would not get there in time. He could feel his mate's life force ebbing. Sesshoumaru was unconscious. If the fall did not kill him, the blood loss would. They were too far away. He could not reach his mate. Inuyasha's heart iced over. Abruptly, his body was moving, leaping into the air to get to his mate, even as his mind knew he would not get there in time.

"No! Death no, please you promised!" His heart screamed as his body moved, and the world froze.

"La, I did promise, did I not? But how was I to know your mate is so weak that a lowly Bear would have him so close to me?" A veil of darkness and stars surrounded Inuyasha when Death's gentle hand caressed his face.

Inuyasha clutched at the lapels of Death's cloak. "Not yet, please! Please don't take him from me."

Death gently rubbed at Inuyasha's tense neck. "It is not I that am taking your mate. It is your mate that is rushing towards me. If he does not wake up and channel his Youkai within the next few seconds, whether I want him or not, he will be in my house."

Inuyasha's eyes went impossibly wide, "No, he is too far. I cannot reach him. Help, please help. Go to him."

"I cannot Inuyasha. Even moreso then you, it is impossible for me to go to him. Death is ever bound to the laws of the universe, else chaos will reign. I cannot go to him, my beloved Inuyasha, so perhaps it is best if you come with me," Death whispered seductively. His lips approached Inuyasha's slowly. "Is it time for you to become mine, my precious one?"

Through Naoya they all saw crimson eyes snap open. Time moved again. Fury boiled in Sesshoumaru's baleful glare. His Youki exploded, sealing the bleeding wound as the Daiyoukai twisted to land on his feet. He roared a challenge.

"He's MINE!"

Sesshoumaru slammed into one of their ships, caught his own fall, and rolled then transformed back into his human form. Panting hard, he tried to rise. Pain wracked him and he lost consciousness again, slumping onto the deck. Jaken rushed forward, intent on helping his Lord.

Death chuckled as an arm slipped comfortably around Inuyasha's shoulders. His forehead rested against the Hanyou's. Inuyasha was staring at him, rather wide eyed in confusion. "We could not go to your mate, but even unconscious, Sesshoumaru could sense my presence close to you. He could feel my invitation to you." Death chuckled rather evilly. "That brought him out of it. Your mate is rather predictable; jealously is a wonderful motivator is it not?"

Words failed Inuyasha as sweet relief flooded him. in silent thanks, he sank into Death's embrace.

"Your mate is once again a comfortable distance from me. He is badly injured, but he will live. Unlike you, I have no wish to spend even a moment alone with that annoying fly you call a mate. Random acts of stupidity aside, when it is time, far in the future, you will both come to me together. Live your life, my precious Inuyasha, and change this world." Death gently lifted Inuyasha's head. His lips caressed and kissed, and as silently as he had come, Death released Inuyasha from his embrace, winked, and disappeared.

Inuyasha was suddenly conscious of Yuusha shaking him. His eyes opened to the concerned faces around him. "It's okay," he whispered softly. "Sesshoumaru is hurt, but he is not going to die." The children burst into tears, as they crowded around Inuyasha for comfort. Even Yuusha was unable to hide his relief that his other father was not dying.

Yuusha was not really sure what had happened. They had seen his father take the death blow, then his Papa had collapsed. A couple of seconds later, they 'saw' Sesshoumaru snap out of his near fatal plummet, and after that, Papa's eyes had opened. Yuusha was not sure of exactly how he had done it, but the little Youkai was sure of one thing; his Papa had saved his other father again. Yuusha's lips curved into a satisfied smile. His Papa was really the strongest.

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The atmosphere in the healers room was tense. Lord Sesshoumaru had been brought in by his generals. Sesshoumaru had managed to stop the bleeding on his own, but half his stomach and other organs had been ripped out by the Bear's attack. The healers had been hard at work, regenerating and healing the massive damage.

That was, of course, a few days ago. Right now, the room was tense because Sesshoumaru, newly awakened from his healing sleep, was demanding his freedom. The healers were unsuccessfully urging the Demon Lord to rest for at least another day.

Ignoring the pain and the massive sense of queasiness in his side, Sesshoumaru swung his feet off the bed. He growled warningly at the healers who were trying to stop him and was gratified when they fearfully began to back down. The gratification died a quick death when they all felt a strangely familiar, but at the same time, anomalous aura approach the room.

The doors slammed open and the healers, in their fear, actually backed closer to Lord Sesshoumaru. Lord Inuyasha's aura was like nothing they had ever experienced. Pure anger radiated from the aura as the Hanyou stared at the DaiYoukai half out of bed. Inuyasha did not raise his voice.

"Get. Back. In. Bed."

Sesshoumaru found himself obeying before he could stop himself.

Inuyasha turned to the healers. "What were you idiots thinking? Letting him out of bed, have you no sense!"

The healers eeped, too frightened by Inuyasha's aura to have a coherent response. The hanyou, still glaring, jerked his head to the door and the healers almost hurt themselves in their haste to rush out. As Inuyasha turned to close the door, rather amused by the cowering healers, Sesshoumaru's lips curved in to a smile.

"What are you smiling about?" Inuyasha asked without turning, his voice low and dangerous.

The smile was wiped off Sesshouamaru's face when he asked himself, since when did Inuyasha gain a pair of eyes on the back of his head? A question that Yuusha and the other children asked – a lot.

Inuyasha slowly turned, and Sesshoumaru felt his tummy actually flip when he saw the alien fury burning in those golden eyes. "Ummm.. Inuyasha my mate, I have been hurt..." he pointed out in an attempt to deflect his mate's wrath. That was a far as Sesshoumaru got.

"Hurt! Hurt! You arrogant ass! Did a fucking Bear-Youkai take you down? Did you almost get killed by a stupid low level Chinese PANDA! Or did you get almost killed by your Fuji sized FUCKING EGO that has you going into battle WITHOUT BACKUP? Are you stupid?"

From there, Lord Sesshoumaru experienced the most ego destroying and humbling ten minutes of his life while Inuyasha went into detail of how stupid, careless and arrogant he had been. Inuyasha was coherent, detailed and very precise in his descriptions. His vocabulary flowed with colorful, extensive and pointed terms. The words, coupled with the look in Inuyasha's eyes that conveyed the depth of his fear, were devastating. Sesshoumaru found himself squirming in the bed, and all in all, would have been happier with physical reprisal rather then this extensive annhilation of his character.

Inuyasha suddenly stepped forward, pushed Sesshoumaru flat on the bed, and kissed him. Long and deep. Taken by surprise, the DaiYoukai could only respond. He reached out to pull Inuyasha closer, only to have the Hanyou push him down and move back.

"Try to get out of this bed before tomorrow," Inuyasha whispered dangerously, "and what I said just now, will seem like a short comforting word." Inuyasha pushed Sesshoumaru back and in a perfect mimic of Sesshoumaru's own style, the Hanyou turned and flounced off. "Oh! And I am handling all official matters. If anyone talks work with you, they will answer to me. YOU RELAX!"

Sesshoumaru winced as the door slammed shut on those words. After a while, the cowardly healers crept back into the room, and the mighty Lord of the West pretended to be sleeping. If he was sleeping and not just sitting in bed, he could, to a certain extent, create the illusion that he was not submitting to an irate mate. At least that was what Sesshoumaru told himself.

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