I have the oddest fascination with Chaos. I blame the very cutscene this entire fic is built upon.

Time to play with AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dissidia, its world, and the characters living within it. Also, slight spoilers for Shade Impulse here!

"Laughable, is it not? In that world, I was a god that suppressed disorder. But strangely, the images are still vivid in my eyes... All the people, smiling...the warmth of the days I spent with Cosmos... For one who has lost all memory, why did the dream have to be so cruel?"

—Chaos, Shade Impulse 23



"Chaos! Chaos, dear, the envoys have arrived—Chaos?"

The world was a blur around him, a mismatch of colors and images which swirled and spun and merged together.

He felt a soft hand on his arm, and the world suddenly cleared, the colors taking shape and the images sharpening. Warmth began to spread from where the hand had touched him, and he found himself looking down at its owner.

Cosmos stood there, glowing and more radiant than he had ever seen her before. Her blue eyes shone, twinkling like stars and her golden hair shimmered with light.

"The envoys have arrived," she said, "Come, they do not wish to wait…"

Chaos said nothing, instead, turning to look around him. He was standing upon a cliff, and when he moved closer to the edge to see, Cosmos followed, a slight frown marring her features.

A valley lay before him, dotted with colorful villages. The fields and mountains in the distance were all bright green in color, and the sky was a pleasant blue. A lone river twisted its way through, branching off into streams at some points, and a single castle stood far into the mountains, its red turrets and white-washed walls drawing Chaos's attention.

"Such a pleasant sight," murmured Chaos, lowering his gaze, "And yet…"

"…Chaos?" Cosmos's hand was on his arm again, and she was looking straight into his eyes, concern shining in her own. "Is something the matter?"

"Where is this place?" he said, turning to look at her, "Cosmos—you, and I, are we no longer in the realm of the living?"

She blinked, before laughing. It was a melodic sound, ringing in his ears and filling the air with a feeling he could not identify.

"Don't be silly," she said, smiling, "We are still in our realm. We are in the realm we worked so hard to build together. Do not worry, nothing has changed—the other gods have yet to find a way to separate us."

He gazed at her, frowning as confusion took hold of his mind. "Our realm…?"

"Yes, Chaos, our realm. It has been so for many eras," she said patiently, before moving away and reaching a hand out to him. "Come, Chaos. We must attend to the envoys of our fellow gods!"

He stared at her hand. Something within him was telling him that she was his enemy. That there was no possible way for them to have worked together. That it would be so easy to just kill her now, to send her into her own, personal hell.

But Chaos could not think of any reason as to why they would be enemies.

Instead, he thought of the warmth of her touch, and how…beautiful…the valley was. He thought of her laughter, filling the world and him with an emotion so strong he was uncertain what it was. He thought of how she now patiently waited for him, eyes shining as she looked at him.

He took her hand, warmth spreading once more.

"Let us go home," said Cosmos.

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