"Climb into that coffin, pull the lid over, and you'll be set for the day. Even if somebody comes into the crypt, it'll look all normal like," Spike said.

"It's not a coffin," Xander replied. It was an obvious delaying tactic but it worked.


"A coffin is a wooden box, that gets buried in the ground. This is a big stone... thing, that's laid out in a crypt. Not a coffin," Xander said.

"Look, I don't care what you call it. Just climb in and go to sleep. Sun's almost up and we've got a big night ahead of us tomorrow," Spike said.

"But I'm cold," Xander whined.

"Course you're cold. You're dead," Spike replied. "Now go to bed." As Xander hesitated, he added, "You won't notice the cold once you're asleep."

Xander climbed into the casket. After a few minutes, his teeth started chattering. A few minutes later, he called out, "Spike?"

Rolling his eyes, Spike asked, "What, Xander?"

"I feel like a big block of ice."

Shoving the lid over, Spike climbed out of his coffin, carrying his blanket out with him. "Fine, get up."

Xander sent his lid flying and it shattered to pieces on the floor. "Good job, pet," Spike said sarcastically. "Anyone who comes looking will know somebody was staying here,"

As Xander hung his head, Spike relented. "Come on, then." He led Xander to a corner, where he laid out the blanket and sat down on it. "You can cuddle up with me tonight, not that I'm any warmer than you are. Tomorrow we'll get set up in a proper house and grab a warm body to sleep between us. How's that sound?"

Xander, sitting across Spike's lap, wrapped his arms around his Sire. "Like a big teddy bear?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

"Just like," Spike promised.