Xander and Willow. Willow and Xander. Hell, as far as Spike could tell, they'd been born together.

He stared at them from across the room of the mansion they'd set themselves up in. Xander held back, leaning comfortably against the flowered wallpaper, allowing Willow to play cat and mouse with the bint they'd brought home.

It reminded Spike of how he'd been with Dru, before she'd left him.

Cupping his hand into the glass bowl, Spike raised it up, and turned it over, allowing Angel's ashes to drift down. He was head of the line. The Master was dead. Darla, dead. Angel, a pile of ashes at his feet. Dru too mad to take up the mantle. Nope, the power was all his.

He'd never felt so alone.

Killing the bint made Willow horny. Fairly predictable that, most any vamp was when they'd made a kill. After she and Xander had disappeared into a back room, probably her bedroom since she was the dom of the two, Spike just started off into space.

Until night fell.

As a surge of energy shot up through him, releasing Spike from his lethargy, he kicked over the ashes, shattering the bowl into a thousand pieces, shouting, "Let's make some noise."