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Her glance is that of the fabled basilisk, her voice a siren's voice—with her voice she enchants, with her beauty she deprives of reason—voice and sight alike deal destruction and death

Cornelius A Lapide

"Sirena Espinoza," Alex says, waiting for herself to grow gills and a long, scaly tail. Nothing happens.

"That was weird… Sirena Espinoza" she repeats, waiting for herself to change into a beautiful mermaid. Again, nothing happens. She touches her legs, just to make sure. Nope, no tail there, just a pair of long legs. Not that she really minds or anything, but are they slightly longer than usual? She examines them again. Nope. She touches her ears. No gills there. They feel slightly different, but Alex puts it down to her imagination.

She must have pronounced the wrong spell. Ah well, at least it did not cause a huge catastrophe this time. Oh dear, she hopes that she hasn't jinxed that.

The scent of the sea drifts to her nostrils. It is intoxicating. She had always wanted to learn how to swim. She cannot quite remember why, though. She knows that it has something to do with Justin comparing her to the sea; wild, unpredictable, greedy but beautiful.


She closes her eyes, breathing in the salty scent. The waves lick her feet.

She stands up, walks towards the sea and dances in the ankle deep water. Her eyes are still closed as she opens her mouth to sing softly. For one second, everything feels perfect.

"Alex!" she hears. She tries to tune out the gruff, familiar voice.

"Alex?" she hears someone else say. It's a voice of a man who is much younger than the first. With that single word, he captures her soul. This is the person that she belongs to.

"Justin," she acknowledges, paying no heed to her father.

She opens her eyes slowly, the way a bashful bride unveils herself. The second she does so, reality comes crashing back in, and she regrets it, because this is her brother that she's talking about, but he looks so perfectly kissable that she doesn't care anymore. She starts to take a step towards him, conscious of the way his eyes fall all over her, not knowing where to stop.

Wait. Not knowing where to stop? That isn't like Justin. She ignores the thought because he is looking at her.

He's blushing as she steps towards him. Their eyes meet, enveloping each other in a silent promise. For the time being, no one else exists.

"Alex!" Jerry calls out, interrupting the moment. Justin's eyes widen, as though he is surprised that she is Alex. Couldn't he recognise her? No, it must be the shame. She feels it burn her too. She glances at her father. He does not seems as though he has noticed that he just interrupted a very intimate moment between two of his eldest children. It's all for the best, she tells herself. She glances at Justin. He's looking away from her, a look of disgust stretched onto his face. That's for the best too, she tells herself, although her heart flops to one side like a dying duck and she badly wants to... no, she really can't go there.

Her father's eyes scan across her, making her squirm.

"What did you do to yourself?" he asks worriedly.

"Nothing," she replies. It's not technically true, but the spell did fail, so she did not successfully do anything to herself, not really. He couldn't tell just from looking at her, could he?

"Your eyes are purple," Justin spits out, still not looking at her.

"Oh," she says, suddenly worried. "Is the spell slow working?" she asks, backing away into the water just in case she suddenly turned into a mermaid and suffocated on land.

"What spell?" Jerry asks, nervous. "The shape shifting spell?"

"Shape shifting spell?" Alex asks, curious. Then, it clicks. "Yeah," she confirms. "It's the spell that turns people into mermaids. I'm so sorry, daddy, I just wanted to swim in the-" She doesn't get very far because he interrupts her.

"The spell that shifts people into mermaids?" Jerry asks, frowning. "Where did you find it?"

"It's in one of the spellbooks."

"Do you remember which one?" Jerry asks.

Alex nods and starts to say the name (she did do the research, after all). However, it is Justin that replies to their father's question.

"It's the thick green one, entitled 'Advanced Shapeshifting',"he says. He closes his eyes, pointing at the air, trying to think of something. "Page—page-"

Goodness, did he remember the exact page? She is guilty of the same thing, to be honest, but it's just that one spell.

"Pages 379 and 380," Alex informs them.

Jerry stares at her. "Have you even tried out the spell before?" he asks.

"Of course not, she's Alex!" Justin remarks drily. He still hasn't looked at her. "That's why she got the spell wrong. Your eyes are supposed to turn blue. Your tail is supposed to grow within five seconds, and your gills are supposed to come out within ten."

"So my eyes are purple. Big deal," Alex answers. It is a rather big deal, actually. She'd desired purple eyes since she tried them out at the mall, but she wasn't going to save for purple contacts. There were so many pretty things to buy!

"It's not just your eyes," Jerry says.

Alex reaches out for her wand to conjure up a mirror.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to create a mirror," she replies. "Mi-"

"Alex, your eyes are purple, your body has pretty much changed completely, your face looks slightly different. I don't think magic is your strong suit. Let's wait until we get home. You can look in the mirror then," Jerry said. He stared at her again. "You didn't do this on purpose, did you?"

"Trying to change into a mermaid?"

"No, changing yourself… nevermind. Let's go home."

"It's just Sereia Espinoza," Justin remarks contemptuously. "How did you get it wrong? Oh wait, you're Alex!" he continues, finally shooting a glance in her direction to gloat. She starts to glare at him, but the second he eyes her, he blushes and turns away again.

"Sereia?" she asks, knowing that she had mispronounced the spell. Dread began to sink into her.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.

"You," he replies without thinking. "You're what's wrong."

Alex felt the tears begin to form in her eyes. "I wish you weren't my brother!" she yells. If he wasn't her brother, she could confess to him. If he liked her too, they could go out. If he didn't like her, she could get over it. The way things are, she is doomed to stay in love with him.

"Shut up," he replies, uncommunicative. He wasn't even retaliating.

'Why should I shut up? Shut up!"

Justin didn't answer. Somehow, it makes her even angrier than before. As he continues to keep quiet, anger pounded through her veins. Before she knew it, it had built up to the point that she was about to explode.

Then she blacks out.

The next thing she knoww, Justin's arms are around her. His face is flushed. He is saying something that she can't hear. He repeats himself. She read his lips carefully. He seems to be asking her if she was okay.

She pulls herself away from him, knowing that he can't bear to be around her just then.

She opens her mouth to say something. To her surprise, nothing comes out. She coughs, forcing her vocal cords to move. She means to say that she's fine, but the only thing that comes out of her mouth is a few high pitched syllables that have no meaning. She shuts her mouth, coughs again, and then tries again. What comes out is a song without words, immersing Justin in the beautiful song. She tries to close her mouth, but her body refuses to obey her. She had never known that her vocal cords could produce this sound. What was that song, anyway? Didn't all songs have words?

Justin starts coughing, trying to breathe.

Whatever is coming out of her mouth, it seems to be suffocating him.

He's starting to turn blue. She grabs her throat, trying to stop. Her father seems as though he is in a trance. Then, before her minor panic became a full-blown panic, she stops. Thank goodness.

Her father shakes his head, trying to clear it. She squats down to hold onto Justin, wondering what she did to him. She holds on just a little tighter than necessary. He does have the most amazing lips, the ones that Alex is forever trying to avoid. He has just managed to catch his breath again, and now he's staring into her eyes. He's embracing her with his eyes. The breath hitches in her throat while they indulge in this non-existent embrace.

"Alex," he says, as though she's all he ever wanted.

She'd be happy if the world ended right now.

"Is Justin alright?" Jerry asks worriedly. "What did you do to him?"

"I don't know," Alex replies. This time, she truly doesn't know. Justin is looking away again, looking at everything but her.

"Let's just go home," Jerry says.

Alex could almost swear that every single man in the substation was looking at her as she walked down to the lair. Awkward… some of them were way older than her. She reaches out for the book again, trying to figure out what she had turned into. Then, suddenly realising that she had to look at herself, she turns to face the mirror.


What had she done to herself? Her eyes are purple. Where had all those curves emerged from? Her face even looked a little different. She had always been pretty, but with her eyes just a little bigger than before, her ears curved just like that, she looked… wow. Even her hair had become longer, she realises, as she removes her hair ties. At least it looked shinier and smoother than ever before. However, she wishes it hadn't become so ridiculously straight.(*like the one in the 'Baby Cupid' episode, except longer)

Still. Wow.

She can totally see what Justin was staring at.

Quickly, she flips through the book, happy that all the spells were listed in alphabetical order.

"Come on," she whispers to herself. "Sirena Espinoza, Sirena Espinoza"

Behind her, she hears Justin's brief footsteps. They sound heavier than usual-she had almost thought that they were her father's footsteps.

"Alex," he calls out. She smiles and beckons to him.

"I found it," she exclaims excitedly.

"Found what?" he asks, blushing.

Why is he blushing all the time? Her eyes fall on the mirror again. Oh.

He'd never love her the way she wants him to. This was just lust over the new body she had gotten. It was still better than nothing.

"The spell. See, I said Sirena Espinoza instead of Sereia Espinoza," she admits.

"You said what? That's the spell that turns you into a siren!" he called out, horrified. "No wonder I was so-"

"So now all I have to do is to find a counter spe-"

They are too close for either of them to breathe. "Alex," he says/moans. She reaches out to touch him. Before her hand hits him, he cries out in pain. She hurries to try and comfort him.

"Call Juliet!" he cries out, embarrassed.

"Wait, why call Juliet?''

"Just call her!" Justin screamed, grateful that it was already night.

Alex rushes to call Justin's girlfriend. She almost drops the phone in the excitement. No, excitement is not the word. Fear, perhaps. Her brother is groaning in pain and somehow, even in this situation, she thinks it's hot. The phone won't go through.

"Is she picking up yet?" he asks, almost crying. As he says these words, she does. Alex tells her to come over immediately. Justin's moans are in the background and she has no idea what Juliet is thinking, but the vampire agrees to come down.

"What's happening?" she asks worriedly.

He tries his best to explain through the pain. Funny. There are so many useless spells for shapeshifting and for changing books into mustard, but not one spell that can kill pain. Well, if it existed, she doesn't know the spell. She ransacks her mind for a word which rhymes with pain.

"Do you know what a siren is?" he asks through his pain. "It's one of those beautiful women who sing to sailors and kill them," he manages to say." They can lure away all manner of man." She'd like to ask him what manners have to do with anything, but she can't, not in this atmosphere.

"I'd like to keep my brother sane, so take away this horrible pain," she says.

"Thanks," he says, although she can tell that it still hurts. It doesn't seem to hurt as much, though. "It's on page 33 of the green spellbook," he says.

She practically pulls the spellbook of the table and flips the pages. Then it hits her cold. She must have invoked the siren's curse. She flips to the next page, rushing to find a spell.

It is then that she truly panics.

There is none.

None that he would accept, anyway. He seems to hate what he feels for her, so could she really force him into bed with her while she was still a siren? They didn't even know how long the spell would last.

She continues reading. It lists other ways to relieve his pain, if only temporarily. He could actually sleep with any girl for this one, which was probably why he called Juliet. Her heart aches. It burns her, shreds her, destroys her. She wipes away the tears. Apparently, all girls have some "Siren's breath", which could help ease the pain. However, after a while, this would lose its potency and the victim would have to move on to another girl. Alternatively, the book listed something called the "true Siren's breath". It went on to tell her how her magic would clash with this and eventually be destroyed, but printed, in fine detail, the way a wizard-turned-siren could master this.

"Don't bother mastering the siren's breath. Juliet will be enough."

Juliet does come rather quickly, and with her help, they manage to drop Justin into bed.

She lies on her warm bed, feeling the cold chill of loneliness.

She's never felt so horrible.

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