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"How many more times?" he asks.

"The spellbook said seven times, so that's six more times."

"Oh," Justin replies.

"What's wrong?" she asks, letting playful kisses trace his jawline.

"Just finish the stupid thing," he replies.

Would Alex love him? Could she? For the moment, that is all that he wants. Evidently, her magic was more important, though.

Alex feels her face fall. Was it her imagination? It felt as though he loved her. She doesn't even mean that in a sisterly way.

"We're siblings," Justin says.

Newsflash, mister: Siblings wouldn't do this. She doesn't say that, though. She doesn't tell him that if it were Max who was cursed, she wouldn't have done this for him.

It's simple, really simple: She is in love with him.

"Do you want to say the memory spell?" Alex asks after they are finished with the seven times. She looks drained. She is drained.

Justin stiffens. He closes his eyes and considers the possibilities. He doesn't have to remember what he's said. He doesn't have to remember what he has felt. He doesn't have to remember the ache in his heart.

"Okay," Justin murmurs.

She stares at him for a long moment. Neither of them speak.

"Well, it'd better not be the mass memory wipe. Try ' This last hour has not filled me with glee, so take away my memory' or something, because you're not taking away my memory."

"What?" Justin starts to ask. However, he realises that Alex is no longer in his room.

He's tempted to go through with the spell. Tempted is too mild a word. However, reason prevails. There may be some repercussions due to their use (or lack thereof) of a condom, and he's certainly not going to let Alex suffer the consequences alone. Or so he tells himself.

In fact, he should really have remembered to put it on before they even had sex for the first time, but seriously, he had pretty much forgotten his very name until Alex shouted it, so the use of a condom wasn't exactly the first thing on his mind.

He hugs a pillow. It's the one Alex was lying on, and it's full of Alex's scent.

He hates to admit it, but the truth is, he really doesn't want to forget. He doesn't want to erase his memory because he can't erase the traces of her all around him. He can't erase the impact she's left in his mind and he doesn't want to go crazy wondering. Or so he tells himself.

So he closes his eyes.

Soon, sleep consumes him. Everything is black.

When he wakes up, it's because someone (Alex) has tossed a big bucket of water over him. There's a smile over her face as she points to a particular potion on a book and asks him if it's the correct one for changing back into a human being. He wants to kill her, and his eyes must have implied the same thing, but she cheerfully reminds him that their father has asked him to help her with this.

She smiles innocently as she mentions that she's only making sure she doesn't do the wrong spell twice.

He smiles back coldly, not at all amused.

What is with her? Why is she acting as if what happened the night before hadn't happened.

Then he remembers. To her, he's completely forgotten everything. She might even have said the memory spell for herself.

"Ingest means drink," he tells her.

"I know. I'm not dad," she replies, smiling. "I'm not going to make a fool of myself, like you did."

"I did not!" he forces himself to say.

It's a sibling rivalry thing, and the familiarity makes his heart ache.

She skips out of his room, presumably to create the potion. She looks too happy. Something in his heart aches for her to show some evidence of memory. He wants her to feel affected by this. He wants to go up to her and shake her by the shoulders, shouting in her face. And then, he'll ask, in a small voice, if she felt anything. Anything at all. She has to feel something. It's not fair that he's the only one being affected by this. That isn't going to go over well, though, so he settles for sitting in his bed and choosing the clothes that he'd wear, crumpling them with his firm grip.

Maybe it's better if he never acknowledged this incident. She's going to turn herself back into a human being, so he's not going to feel that horrible attraction for her any longer. If he's honest with himself, he'd do it all over again, given a second chance. He wanted her then, and he still does.

He dresses himself slowly, remembering how it felt like to dress her.

He definitely made the right choice.

By the time he had gotten himself dressed for breakfast, Alex had changed herself back from an enormously beautiful, seductive siren into a beautiful human girl whom he still wanted.

God, was this some kind of horrible side effect?

However, there are no side effects: he knows. He's the smart one, after all.

So yeah, this time, it is weird that he wants to carry her up to his room as though she's his bride. It's weird that he wants to kiss her over and over again. It's weird that she wants to push her down onto his bed and strip her and get inside her and make her feel as good as he possibly can. It's weird that he wants to make her his, not once but twice, thrice, as many times as he can.

It's not as weird to know that he wants to hold her and kiss away her tears. That is what big brothers do, wasn't it?

Okay, it is still weird. Kiss away her tears? It sounds like some sappy movie, and he can totally see how they eventually end up in his bed.

It's so weird and disgusting that he can't stand himself.

When his hands touch hers while they're reaching for seconds, he sees her hesitate for a second before she manipulates her way into the last piece of chicken. He knows he should get angry with her, or at least pretend, to keep up the façade, but he merely sinks back into his seat, wondering if anyone had seen him shudder when their hands touch. He looks at all of them, especially Harper. She is his stalker, after all. It's only when his eyes meet Alex's that he realises that she's the only one who saw, and she knows.

Her eyes are accusing. They burn tiny holes into him. He shakes his head, signaling that they should pretend that nothing had happened.

The problem is, something had happened, and it won't be too long before everyone else found out.

He has to solve this with Alex before one or both of them explodes.

"Alex," he says as he coughs out everything that's in his mouth. "Can I talk to you about what you've just put into my mouth?" he asks, pointing to his salad. Of course, she's done nothing to his salad. Not that he knows of, anyway. This is about the other things that she's put in his mouth, the ones that were put in his mouth the night before.

Usually, he likes salads and wouldn't sacrifice it over something silly, but this is just slightly more important than vegetables.

"Oh, honey," Theresa starts to say, trying to console Justin. Jerry opens his mouth to speak.

"It's okay, dad, I'll deal with this," Justin says, preempting his father. He looks at his sister. She's just sitting quietly on her chair. It reminds him too much of the bathroom incident. He grabs her hand and begins to pull her upstairs, into his room where he can cast a silencing spell.

"Are you sure?" Jerry asks.

Justin nods. Alex has won so many times that it's natural for their father to be worried. Besides, there's the whole siren's curse thing.

Later, Justin will tell his family that he and Alex managed to create a potion to cure it, but that the siren in Alex destroyed the paper on which they had written the recipe.

It's not the most believable story, but with the help of a 'I'll believe anything' potion conveniently slipped into their food, it would probably work. By the time he's done telling them, they'd digest the information, believe it and slide it far, far end of their minds. Hopefully.

He casts the silencing spell.

"Alex," he says, not sure of what they were supposed to talk about but very sure that there was a topic.

She does not reply. His stomach drops.

"Alex," he tries again.

"I did it to save you, alright?!" she screams, then looks shocked at her own confession.

"What?" he asks, shocked. "No, you did it for your magic. Don't blame it on me."

Her shoulders straighten. "Yes, that's it," she says.

At that he's not very sure if she's lying, but if it's not for her magic, why did she do it? Alex has always wanted to save herself for her Prince Charming.

He doesn't blame her. She is, after all, a Princess.

"Some are evil, some are kind," he starts to say. He doesn't approve of using magic unsupervised, but this is important.

"No, wait!"

"-but now all must speak their mind," he finishes.

"Oh, no! The truth spell! Now Justin's going to find out that the only reason why I slept with him was to save him!" Alex practically yelled.

"What? How could you do that?" Justin asked. "I love you, I don't want you to hurt yourself over me!"

"You love me?" Alex asks incredulously.

"N- I can't say no," Justin complained.

"You love me," Alex repeated, smiling.

"Way to focus on the real issue," Justin huffs. Alex presses a kiss on his cheek.

"I love you, too."

"Alex, what I did was wrong, but then we had an excuse. What we're doing now is worse. I will never forgive myself, and you shouldn't ever forgive me either."

"I've already forgiven you, to quote you," Alex says, smiling. "Not that there's much to forgive. I love you, Justin."

"Alex, this is crazy. Don't you care about magic? Wizards and non-wizards can't... so…"

"Justin," Alex says, laughing. She grabs him by the shoulders to still him. "Do you remember what mum and dad told us? Wizards can be with non-wizards, they just can't marry non-wizards. Look at us. We can't get married or anything, so what's the difference?" she asks. "Besides, you're more important. I'd sacrifice my magic for you any day."

She presses her lips to his. It's electrifying. His mind goes back to the night before, to a not-so-innocent kiss in this very room. This time he's not under a spell. Neither is she. So he has no excuse when he kisses back, no excuse at all.

Justin Russo kissed his sister, and they both liked it.

"You'll always be my siren," Justin says, looking deeply into her eyes.

"That's so cheesy!" Alex exclaims, laughing.

"You've ruined the whole moment," Justin says, frowning.

"Who cares?" she asks. "You ruin moments all the time," she tells him. Their lips meet again.

Yes, Alex thinks. This is definitely the person she belongs to.

A/N: In case you're wondering, the last line is a reference to a line in the first chapter, where Alex hears Justin's voice and thinks ' With that single word, he captures her soul. This is the person that she belongs to'.

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