I feel a little bad that all I've been writing is angst, so I thought I would try and angst free fic. I was going to make 'yet another' series of one shots of Derek and Penelope, and their friendship. Which will I'm sure eventually evolve into something more. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

"We're on our way home Garcia." Hotch informed her as they made their way towards the jet.
"How's he doing?" she asked worriedly. Hotch looked up and watched Derek made his way towards the jet without a word, his shoulders slumped, as though the whole world weighed on his shoulders
"Not good Pen." He answered honestly.

For the last forty eight hours their team had been working hard to clear Derek's name, and unfortunately it involved delving into his past, only to find out just what torture their friend had endured at such a young age. It broke Penelope's heart to discover that her best friend was molested at such a young age, and what kind of impact that would have had in his growing up.

Upon their arrival appearances be damned Penelope waited by the elevator, she wanted to see him, she needed to see him, she needed to hold him and make sure he was okay. She was pacing when the elevator beeped. Hotch was the first one to spot her and gave her an encouraging nod as the rest of them disbursed quickly. Derek had finally looked up and saw her standing there, the look in her eyes only conveyed her unconditional love for him. Without a word she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck holding him tight. Derek dropped his bags to the ground to receive her in his arms and breathed her in clinging on to her as if his life depended on it. A few moments later she reluctantly pulled away and took her hand in his. Derek picked up his bag and wordlessly followed her as she led him into her bunker and locking the door behind them for privacy. Penelope pulled him on to the couch in her office sitting close to him. With her left hand covering his that rest somewhat stiffly on his leg, while the other lovingly drew patterns on his neck and head. She brought her forehead to his temple, her lips to his cheek, she murmured words of love and reassurance in his ear.

"It's over Baby, he can't hurt you anymore. You're going to be okay. I love you."

Derek remained unresponsive. Tears began to escape her eyes as she saw him broken before her. Her hero, her mighty warrior, her best friend, she knew he was battling the shame that he felt for what had happened all those years ago. That it killed him that they all knew what had happened to him.

"Look at me." She begged, trying to coax him out of his trance. Derek turned his head to face her, seeing the tears in her eyes his heart stopped. She was crying for him. His hand cupped her face as he wiped her tears away,
"This doesn't change who you are. You're still you. It doesn't change how we all see you. It doesn't change the fact that you're my best friend, that I love you, that we all love you. So please don't shut me out, don't shut us out. Let us be there for you. Let us go through this with you, because I can't watch you isolate yourself under some false sense of shame. You have nothing to be ashamed of Derek Morgan. You hear me." She said bringing her forehead to his,
"But P,"
"But nothing Derek. You were a child. You had no control over what he did to you."
"But all those kids died because I didn't say anything."
"No Derek, those kids died because Carl Buford is an evil man. Do not shoulder blame that's not yours to bear, otherwise he wins. You shut down, he wins. You distance yourself from the people who love you, he wins. Don't let him win Derek. Please don't let him win." Her heart was breaking for him, she needed him to fight.
"Please don't let him win, because I will not cope losing you too." Derek's protective instincts kicked in wrapping his arms around her holding her close to him.
"I'm not going anywhere Baby Girl, I promise. I'm right here."
"We're in this together okay. You and me." She promised,
"Of course. Forever Baby Girl."

They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, holding each other close and tight. Penelope knew that his nightmares would come, and that his first instinct would be to shy away from the world that surrounded him, but she vowed not to let him. She would never let him go. As Penelope sat up keeping one arm around his middle and her other hand caressing his neck Derek looked at her with tears in his eyes, surrendering his soul to her. He needed her and the look in his eyes spoke volumes. Penelope pulled him towards her, gathering him with both arms as he collapsed before her sobbing.

"It's okay Baby, let it out." She murmured softly in his ear, as he clung to her for dear life.