"Come on P, you can't be mad at me all weekend." Derek said as he finally conjured up enough courage to approach his seething best friend.
"I sure can try though." She muttered not giving him an inch.
"I know I was a jack ass, and I know that I was way out of line, would you take my plea for temporary insanity?"
"You wigged Morgan." Penelope said quietly,
"I know and I'm sorry honey. I do really miss you,"
"And I miss you, you big baboon!" Derek grinned, draping an arm around her shoulder pulling her into his embrace.
"I guess it scared me a little that you seemed to be moving on without me."
"You're such an ass hat Morgan."
"An insecure one it seems Baby Girl."
"You should know better."
"I know, I won't make such a mistake again. Forgive me?" he pleaded with a pout.
"Whatever…" she replied with a shrug.
"Come on, say it P. You forgive me, you know I won't leave you alone till you do." He teased.
"Fine I forgive you."
"Thank you… hey P."
"When this stint is over, I'm coming home. New York isn't for me." Penelope looked at him,
"Derek are you sure?"
"Yeah P. It's been a great experience, but it's not where I want to be at this part of my life. I love the BAU. I love Virginia, and this is where my life is. Being away from all this only made me realize how much I cherish it, and how I don't want to be away from it. From you."
"What are you saying Derek?" she asked nervously.
"That it's taken me all these months being apart from you to realize that I love you P, and not just in that my best friend kind of way. The reason why I could never commit to anyone in New York or in general is because in my heart I am already 110% committed to you and only you."
"Are you…"
"Sure? Yes! More sure than I have ever been my whole life." He said finishing her train of thought.
"I wasn't sure you felt the same way until this morning during our argument. For a moment there I thought maybe you felt the same way. Do you?" Derek asked hesitantly. His eyes conveyed the fear behind his question,
"Of course I do. Why do you think I was so mad at you. Derek, you have been my best friend for the longest time. You know me inside and out. What we have is incredibly special to me and it scares me to gamble with that."
"I know it's a huge risk P, but I'm willing to take that chance if you are. I would rather know that we gave it a chance than live in wonder forever. What do you say?" he asked lifting his eyes to meet hers,
"Okay." She answered leaning her forehead to his. Derek beamed as her kissed her on the top of her nose.
"We're not done talking D. Not by a long shot."
"I know Princess. We have all night tonight. For now let's enjoy the day with our friends. We'll work through this, and we'll find a way to make it work for us. I love you P. More than I have ever loved anyone before in my life. The more time we spent apart the more I knew it wasn't for me."
"Alright handsome, we'll continue this conversation later. And for the record, I do love you too."
"Music to my ears Baby Girl."