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"Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if the scientists had failed to enhanced my eye sight. I wonder what I would have been like if they'd some how screwed up and blinded me in the process. They say it was highly unlikely, but sometimes I try and imagine how different things would be…"

"Like, for starters, I probably wouldn't be in this television studio talking to you, Oprah!" the blond haired youth chuckled, and the television audience cheered.

Oprah Winfrey sat back in her arm chair and patiently waited for her audience to quiet down, before fixing the young handsome man a compassionate stare. Iggy stared back at her confidently and sat back in his comfy chair.

"It is a great honor for me… to talk to you here today; you're an amazing young man," Oprah said with practiced sincerity, pausing to allow for the roar of applause that she knew was coming. The teenage heartthrob gave the audience a stunning grin as noise grew in the studio.

The camera panned out to the crowd of cheering, screaming woman before switching back to focus on Max, Nudge, and the Gasman who were sitting on a different couch grinning at the crowd.

"And your 'Flock' are here today with you-"

"Switch it off, Ang. That Iggy guy gets on my nerves."

Angel Batchelder brushed her curly golden hair out of her eyes and sets her big blue eyes on her big brother, a frown gracing her angelic like face.

"But Fang! They're like us! They have wings!" Angel whined as the tall, dark haired seventeen year old walk passed her and hit the button under the screen, plunging the room into darkness.

"And unlike us, they're putting themselves into a lot of risk by doing all this publicity. Iggy shouldn't be putting those other three in danger like that," Fang growled, walking back to his desk, and switching on his desk lamp. Warm light brightened the room, and made it feel more homely.

Angel sighed, and stretched out her white wings feeling the little muscles along her unusual bone structure un-cramp. She looked around Fangs dimly lit room, taking in the familiar sight of the handsome matching set of dark wood furniture and the dark crimson coloured paint on the walls.

Angel liked Fangs room; it was so comfortable and inviting- and it always smelt just like Fang. She could spend hours in here. In fact, it had become a regular routine for Angel to spend almost all her free time at home in the vicinity of her brothers' room.

And it was certainly large enough for the both of them. Of they're adopted fathers E shaped house, which they shared with their father's biological son; Fang inhabited the entire second story. His room had been renovated into an apartment like manner, and was large and spacious; as was the entire estate.

Jebediah Batchelder, adoptive father to Angel and Fang, and biological father to Ari Batchelder, was a former scientist for the extremely controversial Itexicon Institute of America, and the creator of the now infamous 'Flock'.

Jeb was the man the two experiments had to thank for their timely rescue. From what Fang had told Angel, both of them were close to extermination when the rogue scientist stole them away from the School. She'd only been a toddler at the time and hardly remembered anything, but Fang had been badly affected by what had happened in the institute.

Angel looked over the back of the black leather lounge at Fang, who was once again hunched over his desk scribbling away. Fang was tall, with a head of short, jet-black hair and dark eyes that seemed to shield his thoughts and feeling from the outside world. Her brother was monarch of the now parent-less mansion, and guardian of her and their brother Ari.

"Fang, why don't you like Iggy?" she asked innocently, listening intently to his thoughts. Yes, she could hear his thoughts, it wasn't something new in their world. After the wings, the incredible strength and the humongous appetite, not a lot could surprise them any more.

"Because, the dumb vulture flew off with that Flock of his, and left you two in the mercy of the scientists," came a quiet voice from the doorway. The two avian kids looked up to the door and watched as Ari walked in slowly, almost shyly.

Ari was a year older than Angel, with dirty blond hair and was mostly human, except for the wolf like ears his father had implanted on him after he lost his hearing in an explosion caused by the escaping Flock.

Angels eyebrows shot up curiosity, and she studied the ten year olds face.

"They… left us behind? Why would they-"

"It doesn't matter, okay? They left us behind, and we survived just fine without them. We didn't need them then, and we'll be just fine without them now. Angel, don't you have homework to do?"

Angel frowned at Fang and got up to leave. She hated when he deflected like that; and it seemed to happen a lot when they spoke about the Flock. There was something more to this story, she thought as she followed Ari out of the room. She closed the big wooden door quietly, racing down the stairs to the study. She switched on the laptop and it started to whir gently.

"There's something more, and I'm going to find out."