Bittersweet Kisses

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Blair's POV

I felt his lips on mine and felt…nothing. I feel like a traitor. Yes, it's the perfect setting for the 1st kiss of a relationship. That's been recycled for about 100 times. The girl's favorite spot, the 'perfect' boyfriend, a sweet gesture, and snow. But I'm tainting the memory. The memory of my VERY first kiss. You're probably confused; let me walk you through it.

Flashback (3rd POV)

A 10 year old Blair Waldorf had a loaf of bread in her lap, but was not happy. She had just seen her crush, Nate Archibald, and her best friend, Serena Van der Woodsen, holding hands while ice skating. ICE SKATING! That was her favorite sport. AND she saw Nate lean in to kiss her on the cheek. She had not been a happy shopper. She told Dorota this and the Polish maid suggested that she fed the ducks at the pond to calm her down. She suddenly felt a presence next to her.

"What are you doing Waldorf?" asked a boy's voice

"Feeding the ducks Chuck,"

"Why?" he asked curiously

"Dorota suggested I should to calm me down," she replied sadly

"Why? Let me guess, because Nathaniel kissed Serena on the cheek?"

Blair broke out in sobs and fell on to Chuck's lap. "Yes!"

"Waldorf, calm down,"

"I can't! Nate and Serena like each other and I have no one,"

"You have me," Chuck said timidly

"No, you only care for yourself," she said in denial

"That's not true. If I didn't care about you, would I have come here after you left?"

"I guess not. Thanks Chuck, you're always there for me," she said as she hugged him

"Hey Chuck?" she asked after a while of silence

"Yea?" he asked

"Have you ever kissed anyone?" she asked timidly

"Yes," he answered as he blushed, "Have you?"

"Nope," she replied sadly

Suddenly, he pulled away with a determined look in his eyes. He started to lean in and so did she. Their lips met and they felt something funny in their stomachs. But they had to pull away.

"Miss Blair! Oh there you are! We go now for lunch," said Dorota

"Oh ok," said Blair kind of dazed, "Uhm, Chuck do you want to come over?"

"Sure!" said Chuck brightly, "I'll call my dad on the way,"

"Ok!" said Blair

Then, just before it started to snow, Chuck took Blair's hand timidly as they walked towards Dorota.

End Flashback

"Blair, you ok?" he asked me

"Uhm, yea. Fine,"

Then a buzzing noise interrupted the uncomfortable silence.

"Hey, I got to go meet my mom. I'll call you later," he said placing a chaste kiss on my cheek before leaving.

Once he left, I turned around to see the bench where it happened. I saw 2 young brunettes there leaning in. Then they left with an older woman. The sight was so familiar, I didn't know if I was replaying the memory, or if it was actually happening. And just as I turned to leave, a breeze made me swear that I smelt a certain scent that consisted of a certain Basstard's cologne mixed with his favorite scotch.

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