I am going to write a fan-fiction about the listener/Being Erica, it's about Toby Logan (the listener) and Dr. Tom and a made up doctor, they're going to be a girl, and her name is going to be Dr. Aquaya. (Bashi)

I don't own the characters.

One day, Toby was walking down the street, and putting up his barriers, so he could feel normal.

You see, Toby has a gift, only he calls it a curse, it's the ability to read minds.

Now, you or I may think that would be awesome, but it makes it hard for him to do his job sometimes, which is being a paramedic.

He works in downtown Toronto, and almost everyday, his mental barriers get broken and he is forced to hear everyone's thoughts, they flood his own, which makes it very hard to sleep.

Anyways, back to the story.

He makes the barriers work by clenching his hands, into fists, so it's like he's cold.

On this particular day, he was on his day-off, something that rarely happens to employees, especially in his line of work, he started whistling and walked a bit slower, he past by many people and occasionally let down his barriers long enough, to hear their thoughts.

What is his problem?

I can't be late for this job!

I love my friends!

"Wow that guy's cool, I wonder if I'll ever see him again"

These were some of the kinds of thoughts Toby heard when he allowed himself to, then after the listening, he was looking at the ground and made sure his thoughts were protected, and picked up some coins and bills that had fallen out of someone's pocket, he risked listening again and listened for lost money cries.

After about three minutes, a lady, around his age, with long, dark red hair, bright blue eyes ,wearing a chocolate brown winter coat, with light colours, swirling all over it, with a light purple hat and pink and black sneakers, and was carrying a blue and red spotted bag, with the name "Fruitia'a Clothes" all over in silver letters. She looked directly at him and stopped to talk.

"Hi, my name's Bashi, and I'm pleased to meet you, I know you're probably busy, but I'll help you." She introduced herself.

"I'm Toby, I'm a paramedic, today's my day-off, how are you going to help me?" he wondered.

"Oh, you'll see me later today, after you've finished your quest."

"My quest?" he thought.

"Oh, yeah, we know your secret, it's safe with us, see you!" and with that she left to go to a coffee shop and chat with her friends, who we know as Dr. Tom and Dr. Fred.

"Hey guys, I just meet the cutest guy, and he's a paramedic!" she squealed.

"Oh, that's great, isn't it Dr. Tom?" replied Dr. Fred.

"Yes, it is, should we tell her?" he responded to and asked a question at the same time.

He nodded.

"Doctor Fred and I think it's time you knew, you're joining us, and that young man you meet today, well he's your first patient" explained Dr. Tom.

"Oh, that's great, when do I get to meet him again?" she anxiously babbled.

"Well, he'll run into a problem, and then come through a door, which will let him straight to you." lectured Fred.

"You'll have a room which he can feel comfortable in, and will tell you his problems, and that's when you send him back in time." said Tom.

"He's still on his quest to locate the child with the missing money." reported Bashi.

"Okay, then it's time for your training, he'll run into you soon enough" decided Tom.

And with that, the doctors paid for they're coffee, and took Bashi to The White room to meet Lydia(Their Boss), and then they took her to Dr. Tom's room, and sat down and said" Now, some of the things you need to know,"1. all things said, won't leave this room. 2. You must tell him he CAN'T change the past, and 3. Try not to pause between things, don't go off topic, this will lead to him to wanting to read your thoughts." Both doctors said one thing and added to the third one.

"That's his secret!?" wondered Bashi.

"Wow, I had no idea, which might make things difficult."she blushed and admitted to having a crush on him.

"I guess that could be a problem then, seeing as he already has a girlfriend." added Dr. Tom.

"Oh, well I'll try not to mention it, even though he'll know anyways, with his gift" she sighed.

"I think we should leave her now, don't you think? "Tom said to Fred.

"Yes, time is running short, he'll be here any minute!" he concluded.

"Okay, I'm ready!" she said shaking with excitement.

Meanwhile, Toby had found out who the money belonged to, a girl about ten years old, going to a coffee shop, with her friends, he gave it to them and then said" Good luck" and dashed off to find the lady he'd meet who'd told him they would meet later. He heard their thoughts from around the corner and they consisted of how he would know it was mine, I don't remember dropping it, he was pretty darn cute, wonder what his name is.

Toby grinned, that they had been thinking of him, and quickly hurried along.

He didn't know what she meant, about seeing each other later, was she a stalker?, and how'd she know his secret, did she? Or was it a figure of speech? He pondered what she had spoken to him about thirty minutes ago now, he shrugged it off, thinking "Maybe it was just wishful thinking that we'd meet" he decided that was it and walked to his car, and drove home to his apartment.

The minute he opened his door, he was in another world, there was a room, and it was filled with flowing ocean colours and assorted plants here and there and off to the right side, a water fountain, gushing and bubbling with excitement, like it was glad he was there. In another corner was a bookcase, mostly empty; and the floor, looked like it was the sand from a desert, and then another patch was deep red tiles, and then green swirls that snaked around and connected other parts, like the water and sky blues to the orange, yellow and browns of nature.

Toby was awestruck, the place was like a work of art, and then he noticed the small desk and a beanbag chair facing each other, the chair was light blue, and was a swivel and it swiveled revealing the very woman he'd met this morning!

"Well here you are, just like they said you'd be" she announced.

"Um, care to explain what this place is?" He questioned.

"Yes, it's the place you can come to, when you need someone to talk to about any of life's problems that happen to come your way." She responded.

"Okay, but how did you know I had problems, did whoever created this place tell you?" he wondered.

"They did, so take a seat and explain your predicament!" She cried, eager to know what he was all about.

"Oh, you want me to tell you about where I came from?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah I forget the whole mind reading thing, you can fully concentrate here, its sound proof, and faraway from noise of the Toronto streets" she insured him.

"Wait, that's what you meant when you knew my secret?, he sais startled," I don't know how, so let's just get started." He suggested, to change the subject.

"Sure, so how are you doing today?" she began.

"Well I'm enjoying my day-off, and I met you, so pretty good." He told her.

"Great, so am I "she giggled silently.

Toby took that awkward moment to read her thoughts

Oh, why is this so hard, maybe I should ask him about his family, I wonder if he has one, maybe it would be easier if wasn't attracted to him, wonder why, it's probably those blue-green eyes, she thought sadly knowing he was already taken.

Toby heard it all, even the comment on his blue green eyes.

"Hey," he said to get her attention" thanks for the compliment about my eyes, my mom is out there somewhere and yes,ah, I have a girlfriend named Dr. Olivia Fawcett." He granted, answering her thoughts.

"Man, I keep forgetting you can do that, I know this is supposed to be about you, but this is my first time being a therapist, so can you fill me in, and no They didn't have time to tell me." She said.

"Well, as you know I'm telepathic and my mom has the same ability, when I was young, our house was on fire, we survived and she grabbed my shoulders and demanded I remember that my name was Toby Logan, my real name is William, and I haven't seen my mother since that day, but I came pretty close one day, but it was a dead end" he looked saddened" I also have a brother, he's out there too, and I've never seen him since he was a little baby." He looked really solemn and grim.

"Well, don't give up looking, maybe one day, you'll run into him?" she encouraged.

"I won't , so is this it, can I go now?" he wondered.

"I guess, wait, no I somehow have to send you back in time, was there any place you would you like to go back to, any regrets?" she wanted to know.

"I've always wanted to see my mother, and see the Great pyramids being built" he said, thinking it was a joke and playing along.

"Very funny, but if you want to see your mother,I can arrange that, here you go!"

And with that final phrase, Toby was whisked off to his home when he was a boy.