My Inspiration

By Confusion No Hime

Summary: Ichigo is a writing assistant who's supposed to work for a new famous novelist. Humiliation and craziness ensues as he saw his new boss having wild sex on top of a kitchen table…and it was their first meeting.

Author Notes: Hello everyone! So, this is my new GrimmIchi fic and it's another AU. I know, I usually do AU for this pairing but I just love putting these two in different kinds of situations. I just hope you'll like it as much as you liked my 'Teal and Orange' and 'Step Brothers'. Please tell me what you think. I'll decide if I should continue with this fic after I've read your reviews and reactions. Just DON'T flame me. Thanks!

Warnings: This story contains yaoi/malexmale, sexual graphical content and bad language. Please refrain from reading this if you are under eighteen.

Disclaimer: Still the same, I don't own Bleach.

Additional Note: This is written in Ichigo's POV.


I thought I've seen everything. I thought I've already experienced all the deepest shits any writing assistant could ever have. I thought my life would really suck today and it just proved me… right.



I just stood there, body numb, eyes wide, mouth hanging while my heart was having a silent heart attack as I took the scene in front of me. There, on the innocent, yet lifeless kitchen table was a handsome blue-haired man, kneeling, moving erotically, and breathing heavily as he fucked a woman with exquisitely tanned skin and blond hair underneath him.

I thought that I was dreaming, that the scene in front of me was just produced by a very, very large TV screen that was currently playing porn, but I wasn't. It was fucking real and I realized how real it was even more when…

"Oh, fuck! You're so big! I'm coming, Grimmjow! Aaaaahhhh!!!"

Did she just say Grimmjow?

As loud as she was, the woman came and so was the handsome man on top of her. My unblinking eyes rebelliously shifted upwards to look at the man's expression. For the first time in my entire fucked-up life, I was blown away. The man, who was currently experiencing nirvana had his eyes closed in bliss, his mouth partly open in a silent groan and his back arched in pleasure as beads of sweat trickled down on his forehead, his long neck and his lean body. His expression was intense, lustful and seductive that I felt myself getting har—


In an instant, the porn movie in front of me ceased. The sexy man and the gorgeous woman (now that I got to see her face) immediately stood up, pulled away from each other and looked at me.

Shit. I didn't mean to fucking scream! Heck, I didn't even mean to get a fucking hard on while watching him—her, aaarrgh! What-fucking-ever!

I didn't do anything. I just stood there like a blushing idiot and with a horrified expression on my face as they stared back at me… with a not-so-like-they-we're-expecting-me-to-see-them-having-wild-sex-on-the-kitchen-table kind of look. What the fuck was up with that?

"Oh, he's cute." The blond woman said. "So, he's your new assistant?"

The blue-haired man smirked. "Yeah, looks like it."

Holy motherfucker…

I cursed to myself as a frightening thought hit me.

"G-Grimmjow Jeagerjaques?" I blurted, scared.

Fuck, please don't tell me he's—

"Yeah. That's me."

Shit, I just saw my new boss having sex... and the most horrfying thing was that I got a hard on and I wasn't even gay!

Author Notes: What a very awkward situation to meet your new boss and what the fuck was I thinking when I wrote this? Okay, just judge it. I know it's just the prologue but I'm not too sure with the plot I'm planning yet so I'll be basing its fate on the reviews it will get. Like it? Then please click the button below. Come on, I know you want to. Hate it? Just don't tell me and please don't flame me.

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