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Chapter Twenty-one:

My Inspiration

When I woke up my vision was blurred. Hazy. I couldn't make out anything. All I could see was white... and that little splash of blue that was currently dancing around my eyes.


My heart began to dance frantically inside my chest as that familiar voice sang through my ears. It was the voice I used to listen to in my dreams. It was the voice of the person who had been waiting for me. I blinked, desperately hoping that my foggy vision would clear, happiness quickly welling up inside me as the sheer curtain of mist that had covered my eyes slowly disappeared.

And there he was, hovering above me, looking at me with wide eyes, his cobalt saucers gleaming with nothing but disbelief, his perfect lips parted in a silent gasp. Despite his dumbfounded expression, he was still so handsome... still the most beautiful man I had ever seen.


My initial reaction was to call him, say his name, tell him that I was back, that I was awake, but I only produced a strangled sound as my throat suddenly burned and throbbed in pain, unable to function properly, probably because it had been a long time since I last opened my mouth and spoke.

I began to panic as I continued to try to say his name, ugly sounds resonating from my dry throat as I gazed meaningfully at him, trying to convey emotions and what I wanted to say with my eyes. I attempted to lift my hand so I could touch his face, but I couldn't. I realized I couldn't move, couldn't even lift a finger. Had I become paralyzed? The thought scared me. No. I couldn't accept that. The reason why I tried to break free from my endless dream was to go back to Grimmjow, so I could be with him again, so I could see and embrace him again. No.


"I-Ichigo..." He whispered, his voice still heavy with shock. He edged closer to me, closing the distance between our faces to a few inches, as if confirming if my eyes were really open, that I was really looking at him, that I was really awake. Then, the look in his deep blue orbs changed, shifted to something bright, realization slowly dawning on him. "Ichigo... Y-you're... awake."

Tears began to prickle at the edges of my eyes as relief washed over me, as I felt his warm breathe waft against my face, as I finally felt his strong hands grip my shoulders, a clear indication that I wasn't paralyzed, only unable to move because of my long unconsciousness.


Say something, Ichigo.

Taking a deep breath, I tried to force my throat to function, pulling my voice which seemed to hide in the deepest part of my lungs and forced it out of my mouth. "Guh... G-grimm..."

He gasped, surprised once again and for a moment, he just looked quietly at me, his gaze still concentrated on me as he tried to grasp what he had just heard, as if he finally got his confirmation, proof that he wasn't dreaming or hallucinating. And for the first time, I saw water slowly form around his eyes, the crystal liquid suddenly trickling along the defined plane of his cheekbones and dripped onto my cheeks.

"You're really awake." He uttered once more. "You're finally awake, Ichigo." Then he dropped his head on my chest and cried.

Three years.

I was asleep for three years.

I made people around me suffer for three years.

I tortured Grimmjow for three years.

It was disheartening to know that I wasted such a long time sleeping, oblivious to anything and everything that was happening around me, unaware of how much I had hurt my family, friends and most of all Grimmjow. Were things still the same or had they changed after all these years? I was excited and afraid to know the answer.

"Dad, stop crying already." Karin complained as my father bawled beside me, his huge arm flopped over my stomach as he drowned everyone with his cries and tears, screaming about how happy he was now that I was awake.

"I can't help it, Karin-chan! I'm just really happy that your brother's awake now! I missed you! I missed you so much, my son!"

Karin only replied with a roll of her eyes, which were still red from crying.

An hour after I woke up, my family arrived at the hospital and the moment that they all stepped inside my room and saw me still lying on my bed but with my eyes open, they all showed different variations of shock. Yuzu was the one who first came running to my bed, hugging my arm and crying. My dad was next and he didn't even hesitate to cry as if he was the same age as my youngest Karin slowly walked towards my bed, dropping her head on my stomach and crying silently.

The looks on their faces were heartbreaking as I saw longing and relief marring their features. I caused them so much pain, probably made them feel so sad and hopeless, and that thought continued to stab knives of guilt and sorrow in my chest. I felt so hurt and so sorry for them that I couldn't help but cry with them. I hoped I could move my arms so I could hug them, but I could only cry with them at that time, which made my feelings worse.

Karin was the first one who calmed down, as expected since she was the strongest of the twins. She composedly raised her head after a few minutes, wiped her tears with her hands and looked at me, a small, loving smile that she rarely displayed to people present on her face which was slightly different from the last time I'd seen. Her long black hair had become longer, her youthful face looked more mature, more beautiful. It seemed she had also become a few inches taller and looked a bit more feminine. Maybe that's because she wasn't wearing her baseball cap.

Yuzu followed next. She was still sweet as the last time I saw her, only that, like her twin, her face had become more matured and prettier. She grew a few inches taller and her sandy brown hair had now reached her waist. "Ichi-nii, I'm so happy you're awake now. W-we all thought that you weren't... you weren't going to wake up anymore!" She sobbed and wiped her tears away with a handkerchief.

As for my dad... Obviously, he still hadn't changed, not even his appearance. He was still the same old, crazy goat-face I hated, secretly loved and looked up to. It took him a few more minutes and a punch from Karin to calm him down, but he finally released his hold from my blanket and got up, a huge, happy grin present on his face.

I missed them. I missed them so much and the same feeling were also present on their faces, in their tear-tainted eyes and in their cheerful smiles. I wish I could tell them how much I missed them too. I wish I could apologize for making them worry but right now, I had no choice but to convey my feelings and apologies with my auburn eyes.

Yuzu leaned over and wiped the salty liquid off of my eyes and cheeks with her handkerchief, her soft hands gently squeezing my wrist, a silent plea for me to stop weeping as well. As my family began to talk and update me with some of the stuff I had missed at home, Grimmjow was silently standing in a corner, watching me and the people I love with a beautiful smile on his lips.

I had to stay longer in the hospital after I woke up. I needed to undergo some tests and physical therapy so I could start to talk, move and walk family visited me everyday, so did some of my friends. Szayel occasionally dropped by to bring me some flowers and fruits, and Yoruichi tried to visit as often as she could.

But Grimmjow always stayed.

He never left my side. He was always close to me, his fingers always entwined with my own. His piercing blue eyes always watching me, observing me, whether I was awake or asleep, as if he was afraid that he would lose me again if he closed his eyes or went to sleep.

Exhaustion and sleeplessness was already so evident in his handsome face, another change in him that shattered me. A lot had changed in him after three years, physically-wise that is. His wild, messy mop of blue hair had become so long it almost looked like a mullet, his cheekbones had become more defined, a sign that he had lost some weight and dark circles were now present around his eyes. I knew he was used to sleepless nights because he sometimes had to work all night to beat a deadline, but those eyebags were never present on his face before, they never scarred his gorgeous face no matter how many nights he hadn't slept.

Is it because of me?

Because you waited for me to wake up all day and all evening for three long years?

But right now I was only seeing the physical changes that had occurred to him, I knew there was more. I could feel it and I was scared to find out how much Grimmjow had changed through the years.

"Are you comfortable?" Grimmjow asked as he helped me sit up on the bed, his deep voice still thick with concern.

I smiled at him and nodded. It had been two months since I woke up from a coma. I was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago and Grimmjow brought me to his new house, a two-story mansion located in the outskirts of Karakura, a peaceful place surrounded by trees and birds that loved to sing beautiful opuses in the morning, a place far from people and the outside world.

We weren't alone in the house, though. Since it was still difficult for me to walk, Grimmjow hired a private therapist to help me with my recovery. I protested, of course, had the guts to do so since I could finally talk straight again but my objections fell on deaf ears. Grimmjow was still as stubborn as ever even though some parts of himself had changed.

He sat beside me and draped an arm over my shoulders so I could lean on his chest. "How's your therapy today?"

"It was good. I managed to walk for ten steps before my knees gave up on me." I replied with a small laugh. Therapy was going well so least that was what Isane-san, my therapist, had said. Although I felt a bit impatient and irritated because I was like a young kid who had only started to learn how to stand and walk, there was nothing I could do. My muscles, nerves and joints needed to be familiarized again with their functions and I had to be patient because teaching your body how to move again was not a piece of cake. As Isane-san said, it took time, patience and hard work.

Grimmjow took my hand that was laid on his stomach and gently squeezed it. "Just be patient." He softly uttered and placed a soft kiss on top of my hair.

We stayed like that for a few moments, silent. The calm sounds of our breaths synchronized in a gentle rhythm that made me feel at peace and relaxed. We seemed to do this a lot ever since I woke up, listen to the sound of each others' breathing, as if the silence that accompanied it was enough to voice out how we felt when we were together. I felt contented, satisfied, okay with the silence that ruled between us just as long as he held me. But something was still bothering me, slowly and painfully clawing at my insides.

Ever since I woke up, Grimmjow wasn't as talkative and loud as before, as if he didn't want to talk, avoiding any kind of conversation. Yes, he would still ask me about my welfare, about my therapy, what I wanted to eat, if I wanted to see my family. He still said that he missed me, that he loved me and that he was happy that I was finally awake but... he wasn't that arrogant, carefree and playful jerk I fell in love with. And when I was the one who tried to engage him in a conversation, especially a serious one, he would pretend that he didn't hear me or he would mutter some kind of excuse and leave. Not that I wasn't falling out of love because he had become a quiet person, an attitude that I wasn't really used to seeing from him, it was just that... I knew he changed because of me. It was as if he had become scared of telling me how he feels, as if he wanted to hide something from me.

Even though I kinda knew what happened around me while I was asleep, I wasn't given any specific explanation or details as to how things exactly went during those times. All I knew was that I was shot in the head, the bullet damaging a part of my brain that caused me to fall into a coma and a vegetative state for three years, Grimmjow never left my side, some people lost hope that I'd wake up again, Grimmjow left me because he had given up hope and came back when he had regained his courage to wait for me. I didn't know who was responsible for my assassination attempt. I didn't know who wanted me dead. I didn't know how that act of cruelty truly affected my lover's life.

I wanted to ask Grimmjow. I really wanted to, but whenever I looked in his eyes and saw that faint glimmer of guilt shining through his cobalt orbs, I felt culpable as well and lost all my courage to confront him. The person who I turned to for answers was Szayel. He had mentioned that the people who hired the assassin were Grimmjow's parents, a fact that I was actually expecting. Luckily, the police had immediately caught the criminal and the hired killer confessed that it was the Jeagerjaques' who had asked for his services. The pink-haired secretary said Grimmjow already knew that Charlemagne and Hildegard had something to do with it, but nevertheless, the truth still shocked him and he began to blame and hate himself for his parents' sins.

The news had been a big scandal all over Japan of course, especially when Grimmjow filed a case against his own parents. His actions caused so much humiliation to his parents that Hildegard immediately fled and hid somewhere in Europe while Charlemagne bravely faced the case. I didn't know if the case was already solved or which side won. Szayel didn't get to complete his story because Grimmjow suddenly arrived in the hospital room and he had given strict instructions to his secretary not to tell me what exactly happened between him and his parents, as if he wanted to bury the past as quick and as soon as he could.

Whenever I thought about how hurt and confused he must have felt at that time, whenever I felt the weight of guilt that he had put upon his shoulders for a sin that he didn't commit, I kinda understood why he changed, why he suddenly closed himself to me. He changed because he was blaming himself for what happened and it seemed that his unnecessary guilt was too much even for him; his act of defense was to avoid talking about what happened till he could forget and bury those horrible memories in the past.

"It's not your fault." My lips unconsciously whispered, causing the strong body beside me to tense. I didn't mean to voice out what I was feeling, but when too much emotions had started to fill your heart and threatened to drown it, your body just chose to follow your heart instead of listening to your mind's rational thoughts.

I knew that hurt him and that pained me as well, but we couldn't stay like this forever. I wanted our old relationship back where he would be his usual over-confident self, and he would tease the hell out of me, irritate me to no end then kiss me in apology. Things couldn't go back to the way they were if we didn't face this problem and pretended that it didn't exist.

He just stayed silent, his breath caught in his chest, as if he was thinking between responding to what I said and ignoring it. Then, he finally released that deep breath he was holding and tightened his grip on my shoulder. "My own parents almost killed you because of me." He began, his voice deep, almost trembling.

"You're different from them."

"I have the same blood as them."

"That doesn't make you the same as them."

"I promised myself I wouldn't let them hurt you."

I raised my head from his chest and looked at him, the look of immense guilt on his face making my heart twist in pain. "Stop blaming yourself because it's not your fault, Grimm! No one's blaming you for what happened. I'm not blaming you for it too, so you shouldn't! If there's someone who should be blamed, it's supposed to be me 'coz I shouldn't have made you wait for me for three years. I should have woken up the moment my injury healed. You..." The tears I'd been holding back finally fell, flowing from my eyes like waterfall."You weren't going to be hurt if I hadn't made you wait!"

He blinked, worry marring his features, sadness gleaming in his beautiful blue eyes as soon as he saw me crying. He quickly shot up, yet at the same time, gently guided me to sit up as well so we could fully face each other and looked deeply into my eyes. "No! It's not your fault!"

"Yes, it is! If I had only woken up immediately, I could have had saved you from further pain! I wouldn't have had hurt you longer!"


"Isn't it true? You wouldn't have that pained look in your eyes if I'd only woken up earlier! You... you won't say something to me because you don't want to remember! You don't want to feel guilt stabbing at you in the chest! You choose to have this silence between us because you want to forget what happened! You choose not to talk to me because you don't want to blame yourself anymore and... it has changed you! It changed you into this quiet person that I don't know!" I placed my hands on his cheeks and pulled his face closer towards me. "I missed you so fucking much while I was still asleep but even though I'm already awake, why do I still miss you?"

His wide blue eyes flickered, as if what I said woke him up, made him realize something.

"I want you to talk to me, tell me your real feelings just like you used to before I fell into a coma! I want you to tease me, annoy me, irritate me so I could scream back at you! I want you... I want you to... come back to me. Didn't you tell me that you wanted me to wake up so I could get mad at you and hear me scream at you? How... how could I do that when you won't even talk to me? I miss you... I miss everything about you, your arrogance, your selfishness, your carefree attitude, your devilish smirk, even your pervertedness! I want the real you back, Grimmjow." I took a deep breath and placed a gentle kiss on his parted lips. "So, please don't blame yourself anymore. If you really feel guilty, then please forgive yourself so you can truly come back to me."

Grimmjow just stared at me, his cerulean orbs hazy, blank. I had no idea what he was thinking but I hoped, I really, really hoped that I got through him. I'd still love him even if he wouldn't go back to that Grimmjow I fell in love with, but as of that moment, I just wanted him to know and realize that he didn't have to punish himself any longer by feeding that horrible guilt he had chosen to nourish in his heart.

I just looked back, watched him, patiently waited for any kind of reaction and felt my heart play a rowdy tune in my chest when he looked away and closed his eyes, a small smile curving up on his perfect lips.

"I changed, huh?" He said with a low chuckle. Then, he opened his eyes and looked at me again, his gaze apologetic, his blue saucers were now slightly clear and bright. "I... didn't notice, Ichi. I thought you would still think that I'm still the Grimmjow you knew before this shit happened even if I avoided talking with you."

"How could I not notice? Grimm, you were almost as silent as a mute person! You hadn't flashed your signature smirk ever since I woke up from coma! You hadn't even teased or annoyed me! You hadn't even kissed me for as long as thirty seconds and you think I wouldn't notice?" I asked him incredulously.

He brought his hands to my face and wiped my tears with his cheeks, the rough pads of his fingers sending a soothing sensation that somehow calmed me. "I'm sorry, Ichi. I didn't mean to hurt you, to make you worry. I was just scared of talking to you about what happened, about what my parents did to you and tell you how I was unable to make them pay for what they did to you. I just couldn't gather the strength to talk to you about it because it reminds me that I failed to protect you, that you fell into a coma because of me, that you lost three years of your life because of my own parents. You're right. I tried to avoid the guilt by staying quiet and acting different because when I remember, my chest hurts and when it does, I... I can't help but feel it's my fault when I fucking know that it isn't." He heaved a deep sigh and smiled again, relief washing over me when I felt his aura suddenly change. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Ichi."

I smiled at him. "I'm so sorry too, Grimm. I didn't mean to hurt you, to make you suffer." I replied then enclosed my arms around his neck and hugged him as tight as I could. His arms automatically snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"I missed you. I missed you so fucking much, Ichi. You have no idea how much I missed holding you like this! You have no idea how scared I was when those damn doctors said that you might never wake up and I could never hold you like this again." He began to ramble, his voice trembling, tinged with longing and excitement, letting out everything that he was keeping in his chest. Sure, I heard him say the same words in my dream, through the invisible walls of that white, lonely world I was locked in, but hearing him say it with my own ears and while I was awake and he was touching me felt so much better.

"I know. I know, Grimm. I heard you. I heard everything you said to me while I was sleeping. I heard your every cry, every call of my name, every plea that you uttered and felt your misery through your voice. I'm so sorry that I didn't wake up sooner. I'm so sorry that I didn't realize that I was Ichigo in my dream!"

He rapidly pulled himself away for a moment and looked disbelievingly at me. Since we hadn't had any proper conversation, I hadn't told him about my dreams yet. "Dreams? Y-you dreamed of me?"

"Yeah." I answered with a slight nod."In my dreams, I was in a world where all I could see was white. I felt so alone there because I couldn't see or hear anything, then your voice suddenly echoed in that place and I heard you calling my name, begging me to wake up. But in my dream I couldn't remember who I was and I didn't know who you were, so I didn't know that all along, all those times that you'd been chanting my name, you'd been calling for me, so I didn't respond to you and even if I wanted to, I couldn't get out of that place because I couldn't find a way to escape." I explained.

"So, how did you get out? How did you wake up from your dream?" He eagerly asked, his tone loaded with genuine curiosity that I found amazing.

"You know that time when you went back for me? You said that while you were gone, you decided to finish that novel you didn't want me to see. In my dream, you read that book to me. You said it was my story. That it was about you and me. As you read that book, colors started to appear and paint images on the white walls that surrounded me and as I looked at the pictures and listened to your story, I began to remember. I remembered everything. I remembered you and then I..."

His eyes sparkled again, as if he had read my mind and knew what I was going to say next. "You woke up..."

"Yeah." I tenderly affirmed.

His lips suddenly pulled up to a grin, baring his perfect, white teeth. "I knew it! I knew that reading the book to you would wake you up!" He exclaimed then swiftly pulled me towards him again and wrapped his arms around me again. "I thought it'd be fucking stupid to read to a person in a coma, but I wanted you to be the first person to read that novel, so I read it to you even though you were asleep! I was hoping that maybe you'd wake up if you could ever hear me and it did! Fuck! If I only knew that it actually works, I would've finished the book earlier!"

"It's alright, Grimm. What's important is I'm awake now and your book helped me escape from that dream. What's important is that we're together again and I can finally listen to your voice with my own ears and see you with my own eyes." My hands tightened even more around him. "God, I missed you so much, Grimmjow." I uttered once more before closing my eyes in bliss, my heart pumping wildly inside my chest from too much happiness. I was happy, so happy I thought I'd die from it.I was so glad that everything was now clear between us and Grimmjow seemed to be back to his old, usual self again.

I had no idea how long we stayed like that, wrapped in each other's arms, embracing each other as if we hadn't done that for a hundred years. Of course, we had hugged each other like that after I woke up, but this one embrace, this one act of affection was different, because our hearts felt free, devoid of any kind of fear, sadness, pain and guilt.

However, Grimmjow eventually had to pull away from me, not because his arms were tired of gripping my waist, but to bestow a soft kiss on my lips, a kiss that still lasted for less than ten seconds, a kiss that still made me crave for more. He was about to straighten and put a decent distance between our faces again when I suddenly grabbed the back of his head and stopped him from getting away, causing him to look confusingly at me.

I think I kinda knew why he didn't want to push further.

"Stop holding back." I whispered, my voice low, deep, a silent assurance that it was okay to kiss longer.

Bluish eyes just gazed at me, still confused, torn between listening to my plea and holding reign of his control. Then, those piercing saucers drifted down my face and onto my lips, desire and longing flickered heavily in those beautiful orbs. "If I don't I won't be able to stop."

"I don't want you to." I urged. I knew, I knew it wasn't time yet. Isane-san had already told me and Grimmjow that any kind of rigorous activity that involved my lower body wasn't advisable until I could fully walk, but... It had been a long time since I last tasted those lips, since those hands caressed me. Could anyone blame me if I couldn't stop myself from carelessly prodding my lover to do more than just a peck and take me?

He took a deep, shaky breath, still exercising control. "I don't want to hurt you." He responded in a strained voice.

I slowly closed my eyes as I inhaled deeply, trying to calm myself, attempting to ease the burning desire and longing that suddenly ignited in my veins. He was right. Even if we both wanted it and I told him that he wouldn't hurt me, I didn't want him to feel bad again if ever I got hurt because we ignored the doctor's advise. I released the breath I respired then looked at him again. "Okay." I said, trying to sound cheerful. "I'm sorry."

He sighed deeply as well and tried to calm himself. "I'm sorry too." He brought his hand to my face and traced my bottom lip with his thumb. "Let's be patient." He motivated, trying to sound cheerful as well.

"You know, that sounded so fucking weird. As far as I remembered, the word patience was not written in your vocabulary, especially when it comes to sex." I teased with a smirk.

He scowled. "You know I would already be fucking you so hard into the bed if your doctor hadn't advised against it." He shot back.

I wiped my smirk off my face and smiled affectionately at him. "I know, which is why I love you even more than before. You care so much for me, Grimm."

The frown on his handsome face disappeared. "I love you too, Ichi." He replied then leaned over and pecked a butterfly kiss on my forehead. "I'll be waiting for you till you're fully recovered. Once you can walk again, I'll take you to Sweden, marry you and fuck your brains out till both of us can't come or move anymore."

A laugh erupted from my throat and it felt so good. I haven't laughed like that with him ever since I woke up. "I'll hold you to that." I simply shot back before snaking my arms around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss on the lips.

The gentle rays of the sun hit my face like feathers as it blared through the white curtains that hung on the window. I slowly opened my eyes, my hands automatically reaching out to the other side of the bed and didn't feel surprised when I felt nothing but air. I rolled to my side and looked at the empty space that my lover occupied every night. I was used to him waking up earlier these days. He had begun to work out again, training himself in his personal gym or going out for a jog around the forest every morning so he could gain his normal weight back, another progress for him that I was very happy about.

A yawn escaped my lips as sleep tugged at me once more, but even before I could close my eyes and give into it, something caught my attention. There, on the other side of the bed was a book that caused my heart to leap in joy and excitement especially when I saw Grimmjow's name printed on the side of the thick reading material.

I quickly sat up, grabbed it and looked at it, marveling at the white and blue colors that adorned the cover, anticipation running wildly in my veins as I read the title. I knew it was the book that Grimmjow had written for me. Although he had already read it to me and I knew what it was about, I still hadn't seen the copy of the book and I had always wanted to read it. Grimmjow probably wanted to surprise me by leaving this book beside me so it would be the first thing I'd see after I woke up. Well, he did surprise me alright.

Taking a deep breath to ease my excitement and my palpitating heart, I carefully opened the book and flipped through the first pages that contained the title of the book and the author's name and the acknowledgment, a smile gracing my lips as I read my family's name in there, as well as Szayel and even Yoruichi's. He had never thanked her in any of her books, simply because Grimmjow hated her with a burning passion even though she was his editor. That truly came out as a surprise.

Then, I turned the book to the next page and felt my heart stop, my eyes widened in shock as I read what was written in it. As my surprised mind slowly processed the words on that page and finally got over the initial shock, a smile made its way on my lips again, tears of joy suddenly falling from my eyes as I read the text over and over again.

To Ichigo Kurosaki

My love

My life

My inspiration

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