Title: All The Things They'll Never Know
Game: Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Author: mercy-angel-09
Written For: fe_contest comm on LJ, first prompt of Rumors/Gossip
Word Count: 363
Pairings/Characters: Gawain/Greil, Elena, Zelgius
Warnings: Really quite spoiler-y if you haven't beaten Radiant Dawn. If you haven't completed through Part Four: Endgame Part 2 or seen Ike's Memory Scene then thar be spoilers a-plenty! Ye be warned!
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn and the characters appearing therein are the property of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. This is a work of fiction written solely for entertainment purposes and is not meant to make money or infringe on the rights of the copyright holders in anyway.
Author's Notes: Okay...I really happen to like Zelgius. Apparently, I'm a sucker for the tragic anti-hero types (oh yes, it's the whole Folken thing all over again). Anyway, I'm intrigued by his past - what little we know of it. I'm particularly intrigued by his relationship with Gawain/Greil and Ike and really intrigued by his relationship with Elena. It's actually hinted at in Ike's memory scene that Zelgius knew Elena well enough to be particularly distraught over her death. Which, with the help of the first prompt in fe_contest on LJ, inspired this.

He loved her, not that he would ever admit it. She was the general's wife and therefore so far off limits she might as well be on the moon.

He knew that he was found out when the general caught him looking at her, though. A raised eyebrow and a puzzled look was all it took for him to know that his secret was out. However the general never said a word to him, opting to keep his secret.

He treasured their kindness too much to make a play for her hand, instead cherishing each day that he could spend with him. He made it his mission to make sure that the general went home to her safe each night, and hoped, perhaps childishly so, that maybe they would name their son after him. That is, if they ever had a son. Every time he brought up the fact that they were childless, she would laugh, the general would get flustered, and the subject was dropped.

Still, even though he thought that he hid his affection for the general's wife, rumors started to surface. He did spend quite a bit of time at their house, even when the general was away. She would come and talk to him before talking to her husband.

Only the three of them knew that she showed him kindness, what it was like to have family and feel loved. She looked at him as if he were her brother, and for her to even love him like that was more than enough.

When the general and his wife fled the country, the rumors flew with such ferocity he knew there was no way that he would every truly recover. Some blamed him, because they thought that the general had learned of his affection for his wife and had left due to the competition.

Please, as if he could ever complete with general for her affection.

But the uncertainty of his beloved general's departure still ate at him, driving him to the brink of madness. When he suddenly left, the gossip didn't die down until a full five years after – the likes of which Daein would never see again.

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