Ok my second story (:

This is based on the 1st episode when Chuck is flirting with the blonde girl so here you go

Yea, yea i don't own gossip girl.

"I'm Chuck. Bass." Said Chuck as a blonde girl came to stop in front of him

"I know," she said flirtatiously

"I wasn't expecting to see someone like you, somewhere like this so early in the day,"

"I'm in need of refuge, it's too hot,"

"Oh, it's never too hot,"

"Care to test that theory?"

"What if I have a girlfriend?" he asked

The blonde girl smiled, "Chuck Bass doesn't do girlfriends," Chuck smirked, this blonde tramp was in for a good yell, "Where's your limo?"

Instantly the smirk was wiped off his face and his eyes hardened. The limo was off limits to EVERYONE except him and Blair. Oh she was going to get it.

"I gave my driver the day off," he lied quickly

"Then I guess we're going to have to find someplace else," she said as she took his wrist and led him to the back of the restaurant

"Uh uh," he said as she tried kissing him

"Why not?" she ask 'Because I have a girlfriend whom I love and you tried to get into the limo'

"It's better to wait," which indeed it was, he hadn't cheated on Blair and he was never going to start

"How long?" she asked in a sultry voice

"Mmmm, let's see," and he saw that his girlfriend had just stepped into the back of the restaurant, "Now," he said as he started pushing her away

"What the hell is going on?" she yelled, 'yep it was going to be a good yell'

"Blair I can explain," he started saying with a guilty tone as Blair stared at him expectantly

"I-I-I-I'm sorry I didn't know he had a girlfriend," the blonde tramp stuttered

'Yes, she did!' "Yes you did." He turned to Blair, "She did," and she believed him

"How could you Ashley Henshaw? Pick up someone in a relationship? Do you have no pride? No self-respect?"

"Yeah, but I didn't know," she started lying

"You may have an Abercrombie campaign, but that doesn't give you the right to steal someone else's man! Now get you American girl hair and your pore less skin and get out!" she yelled

The blonde girl decided to give up and said, "Ok you're CRAZY,"

A few seconds trickled by, "Hey," he said softly

"Hi!" she said flirtatiously, after she kissed him, "Thank you! It's been three hours I missed it,"

After another kiss, "Well, let me make it up to you. Let's get out of here," he said seductively

"Or we can stay," she said equally as seductively

He groaned as she kissed him again.

They walked out of the back of the restaurant where they are sure everyone heard them. They held hands until they got into the limo.

"So why were you tenser than before when you were with the tramp?" Blair asked

"She crossed the line," he replied

"Really?" she asked surprised, "How?"

"She tried to get into the limo,"

"Oh we definitely can't have that," she said as she leaned in to kiss him after he pulled her onto his lap which of course turned very passionate and they reminded themselves why the limo is off limits.