Amber's p.o.v

"Amber hurry up!" Amber singed as one of her best friends Emma was ahead of her with two big bags ing each hands. "Alright I'm coming!" she grinned as the line for the bus was getting shorter by thr minute,

"Emma save me a seat!" I called out to her as she stepped in the bus waving at me through the window seat. I final stepped in the bus and sat next to Emma "Abby you want the window seat?" raising an eyebrow I nod and we switched seats.

"This camping trip is gonna suck" I nod at her as she kicked our friend Tahlia's seat "Emma stop it" I used my open hand to swat Emma at the back of her thick head, "Ouch fuck!" one of the teachers heard Emma and the started to explain to her that its not lady like to swear.

Smirking I pulled out a vampire book out as Emma gave me an extra MP3 that she carries around with her, "Thanks Emma" I switched it one and selected an Evanescence song out then as the music played I starting reading my book in peace.

"Alright kids we are here!" how dare she I'm 15 years old and I certainly dont act like a kid Emma sometime does though. Jumping of the bus I looked at hell hole that we are staying at "I fucking hate this place" Emma had strolled to myside with a frown on her face "I know M&ms, but look on the bright side we are cabin buddies with Tahila and Naomi and you can piss them off as much as your little heart wants". She smirked at me "Yeah true" grinning we walked to our teacher as she gave the groups the pin code for the electronic doors "Emma dont stick your fingers in the door way" she pouted at me "Fun sucker". The cabin room was nice and it had a big bathroom and 3 big windows, "I call bottom buck!" signing I made the top bunk up for myself as Emma finished already and was helping me out.

"Now we get two hours of settling in the room" falling back on my soft pillow I reached for the MP3 and my book and drifted to my dream world that nothing can go wrong.

Emma's p.o.v

'This is so boring' looking out the window I watched the othes set up their rooms for the next few weeks in this dump. "Tahlia you bitch!" turning around I saw Tahlia talking gross things "Tahila you dirty bitch" she turned and smiled at me sweetly.

Getting very angry I threw a shoe at her "Ahhh haaaa missed me!" glaring at her with all my might I finaly gave up and walked to my bed then layed down on the lumpy bed. 'Piece of shit' closing my eyes I wished that something interesting happens real soon or I'm going to go insane and hurt Tahlia very badly.

My short dreams were about vampires that live in the big forest that surronds the camp. I was with Amber in the forest collecting wood for the fire but there were two pairs of eyes watching us, one was a lavender set of eyes and the other was a dark brown set and they watched our every move.

"Abby I want to leave now" I was shaking and Amber was picking up the last piece of wood "Ok lets go" we walked to the clearing but we stop as saw two glowing objects in the distance "No fucking way I'm going there". Amber frowned at me but then then two people whispered in our ear "Soon we are coming for you two soon", then we can hear and feel the two guys smell our hair "So lovely and sweet" they disappeared.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I shot up with a scared expression on my face "Emma whats wrong!" Amber jumped down from her bed to check on me "No fucking way we are ever going to collect fire wood or go into the forest". She gave me a werid look "Ok" laying my head on her shoulder I started telling her why.

Amber's p.o.v

'Some dream it really scared M&ms for her to act like this, hell she has never acted like this', I hugged her then Tahlia woke up with a jolt "OMG FREAKY SHIT!" she was also shaking so I nudge Emma and we walked to her side.

"What happened?" she was freaking out big time "Omg I'm never going into the forest or collecting fire wood"Emma and her are currently hugging each other and glare out the window to the forest.

I was sitting on Emma's bed looking at the white wall thinking about what the hell is going on here. It hasn't been 10 minutes and now I got to crazy teenaged girls glaring at the forest. "Alright it was just a dream and you two need some fresh air".

Normal p.o.v

It was dark out and everyone was around the camp fire singing songs but three girls were glaring at the camp fire. "Ok we are running low on the fire wook pile so I'm going to three girls over there", the teacher pointed to Amber,Emma and Tahlia "Ummm sir can you come with us" he raised an eyebrow but Tahlia save them "Last night the girls and I saw the Jason moive and we are abit afraid".

The teacher was helping the girls pick up the wood as they hold onto their own load, "I thought you girls had more chance running in here alone then be with a teacher".

The male teacher looked over his shoulder to see the girls had stopped "What's the matter?" Tahlia gulped and looked straight ahead "W...we dont want to go in there". He signed "Nothing bad will happen girls, stiff up a lip" they looked at each other and took baby steps towards him.

"I WANNA GO BACK TO THE CAMP!" Emma was clearly scared "Whats the matter?" Mr Sir had kneeled down to the girl who had sank to the ground. Emma pointed to the forest and Mr Sir saw three pairs of eyes looking at him with hate and anger.

"I wanna leave now" Amber and Tahlia grabbed Emma's arms trying to pull the destressed girl up, "Who ever you three are leave theese grounds or I'll call the cops!" Mr Sir hold up a mobile phone but a deep voice answered him "You leave but the girls stay". "No run girls!" the girls jumped up and ran back to the camp without Mr Sir behind them.

"SOMEONE HELP!" Amber cried out to the group and the all bolted for the girls "Where is Mr Sir!" Mrs Crow had screamed out, "He's in there" a hysterical Emma pointed to the forest as her home room teacher tried to comfort her. A bunch of male teachers ran into the forest with a flash light in hand "All stundents go to your cabins and lock the doors and windows!".

Amber, Tahlia and Naomi locked the doors and bolted the windows as Emma was sitting on the floor crying her eyes out. "There all done" Naomi tossed a blanket over Emma's shoulders "What happened to her?" Tahlia looked at the door "She had a panic attack".

"Come on guys its late and we sould go to bed" Amber stripped her bed spread and pillow of the bed and set it down the floor as the others copied her idea and found it safe to sleep on the floor.

In the middle of the night Naomi got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink, but as she did that the window has slowly opened and three figures walked to the three girls on the floor sleeping peacefuly. "It's not nice to run away from us" the one with lavender eyes played with a strand of Amber's hari, "Yes it's not nice at all" the new one had blood red eyes and was lightly tracing over Tahlia's lips. The last one with dark brown eyes was wiping away the last tear from Emma's eyes with it's thumb. All three leaned down to the girls ears and whipsered "Soon we will come for you soon" they leaned down more and kissed the girls foreheads and disappeared without a traces.