"Prepare yourself good sir for this is the day you shall bow before me Emilie Philipp!" The carbon copy of their good crazy bitch friend laughed while pulling out a sword out of nowhere and started to duel with the enraged ghost of the former Blackgate. Tahlia freaked out watching in utter horror as they weren't kidding around but actually managed to slice each other's cheeks, arms or some other body part but nothing serious. Emilie the twin of their crazy friend and Bakura's lover twirled around the large pillar as Sir Blackgate stabbed into it missing the killing blow. They fought valiantly like two skilled warriors from the high level of endurance, swordsman ship and also the high level of aggression as their swords connected with each other making the sound of steel connecting echo through the ball room. Emilie grunted in pain taking a few stumbled steps back hissing while her left arm's sleeve was soaked with her own crimson red blood, that bastard managed to finally stab her.

"Ha see what happens when a pile of utter filth enters my home unannounced and tries to take away my beautiful wife! I shall end your miserable pathetic life with this very sword that's coated in your own blood!" Sir Blackgate laughed madly swinging madly at Emilie who tried to defend herself.

"Damn it Karla hurry up and get that bitch!" The leader shouted angrily. Anthony's eyes went wide with complete fear as the smaller pirate girl ran up the giant stairs with a dark sinister smirk which promised some sort of pain. Sir Blackgate shouted out as his focus quickly shifted towards his defenceless family giving his opponent a chance to finally get him. Just as Emilie was about to deliver the killing blow Bakura appeared and slapped the sword out of her hand and threw the pirate girl over his shoulder.

"What the fuck?"

Karla shrieked as a weird girl with black duck ass shaped hair style and black eyes smashed through the grand window, shattering the glass to pieces. Karla turned around attempting to run off to hide from that stupid yet oddly attractive guy, sadly he caught her and held her tightly against his firm muscular chest. Sir Blackgate embraced his wife and son whispering words of comfort. Amber and Tahlia both glared at Emilie thinking that it's one of Emma's many stupid tricks.

"Enough is enough Emma. You could have seriously injured someone tonight but this fucking act is over." Amber stormed towards the girl and gave her a smack across the head. Emilie's head shot up and send dark dagger's towards the opposing girl. Mai gasped in shock noticing that her eyes weren't the happy go lucky blue eyes of Emma but a dark shape of grey mixed with green specks. Amber took a step back in shock.

"You're not Emma." Whispering while shaking slightly wondering if something terrible has happened to her friend for five years. Not this girl isn't the one who shyly walked towards her on the first day of high school and asked to sit down beside her on the bench. They both needed a friend so Amber accepted. For the next week they talked with each other every morning, lunch time and near home time until going their separate ways. Once the week had gone Emma showed her true colours and it made Amber feel slightly unsure about their friendship but accepted the girl for who she is. They made a promise to always look after each other, piss people off who they didn't like, shared secrets, talked over the phone with each other about anything and they both developed a strong bond. A sisterly bone which they cherished deeply and soon they accepted Tahlia into their group. Amber remembered for about two years Emma would ask Tahlia what her names was but only got the same answer every time…"Why?" So until Tahlia caved in Emma would call her Miss Why until the day she snapped. "My name isn't Miss Why you stupid annoying idiot! It's Tahlia not Miss Why!" Amber's eyes swelled up with tears along with Tahlia's as Emilie glared harshly at them.

"Where's Emma?" Bakura asked hissing in anger slightly.

"Who the fuck is Emma?" Emilie asked with confusion.

"My best friend!" Amber wailed loudly falling onto her knee's sobbing. Anthony's eyes soften gently pulling himself…or her out of Sir Blackgate's embrace and walked down the stairs.

"It's alright young one. Your friend is alright and you stay strong for her." Anthony cooed slightly putting a reassuring hand on Amber's shoulder. Malik didn't over react or anything when Mai and Sir Blackgate both glared at him for growling slightly.

"You think so?" Amber sniffled slightly with bright red puffy eyes.

"I know so. Now Miss Emilie why are you and Miss Karla here?" Anthony's voice harden glaring over at them.

"Your dickhead husband stole something of mine!" Emilie roared with utter most hatred and slight sadness. Atem walked behind Tahlia wrapping both arms around her waist watching this real life soap opera with amusement.

"What did he do?" Anthony's son asked cutely. Emilie's eyes watered up with salty tears causing Amber and Tahlia to wince. The girl is still the twin of their best friend but seeing this woman cry really cut them deep. They've only seen her cry about twice in their life time, it still pained them.

"Your husband killed my husband and my baby! Only four months old and he was killed in a house fire with my darling husband caused by that monster! I know it was Sir Blackgate all along, he's been trying to buy our land for weeks now. We wanted our boy to have a large space to run in and play with a puppy we were going to buy for Christmas. My life is ruined by that demon of a man. I want him to feel the same pain he caused me to suffer with." Emilie cried out with tears streaming down her face while Karla glared at Sir Blackgate. Anthony gasped in shock looking towards his…her husband who's face became unreadable.

"Tell me this is not true!"

"It is true my dear."

"Why?" Anthony gasped.

"My dear the truth is that our family is nearly broke, our inheritance is almost gone and once my rivals find out then it's over. The Blackgate family is broke! So with the little amount of money left I went towards a farm where that bitch's husband gained even more land. I offered him enough to last them for a whole life time but he denied. Money wasn't going to buy them happiness he said before closing the door on me. Me! A low life piece of sum farmer closed the door on me! I hired a few people to take care of them for me and it was done simple as that. I knew about the baby but didn't care one bit, one less mouth to feed." Sir Blackgate smirked as Emilie cried harder. Atem, Bakura, Malik, Amber, Tahlia, Mai, Karla, Sasuke and Anthony clones all glared at him.

"Monster!" Atem spat angrily.

"Call me what you want boy but your forgetting something…I am a ghost! I shall stay here forever with all of you as my servants and of course my wife at my side." Sir Blackgate laughed madly with a dramatic lightning bolt flashing across the sky and thunder rumbling.

Amber glared at him.

"Fat fucking chance of that happening dickhead!"

"Disgusting language coming from a little bitch like you."

Atem stood in front of Tahlia while Malik done the same thing with Amber.

"How dare you speak to my mate that way. I should send you to the shadow realm." Malik growled with fist's shaking in anger along with his eyes narrowed darkly. No one talks to Amber that way and no one calls her a little bitch ever. Malik wanted to hear this man screaming in the shadow realm for eternity while he himself lives happily with Amber and his new odd family.

"…" Bakura didn't say a word while thinking worriedly about if his Emma was safe and out of danger, this woman kneeling beside him looks like her but clearly wasn't. No one could replace his special partner in crime and no one loves to watch her prank or try to ruin someone's day more than him. Once this is all over they are staying in the mansion for a while until everyone gets over this traumatic vacation his little darling got them. Odd enough Bakura agrees with what Malik said early, they aren't going to allow Emma on a laptop or computer for a very long time. Maybe even put on a child lock is they asked Kaiba, he would do it without hesitation.

"Now this world shall be mine!"

"Oh my cracker's shut the fuck up!" Emma walked into the room rubbing a bruise on her forehead while glaring darkly towards Sir Blackgate who looked shocked. Emilie's eyes widen also gaping like a fish out of water.

"How is this possible?" Anthony pressed a hand to his…her mouth completely shocked as well. Amber's eyes widen as a large happy smile stretched across her face as Emma had a packet of cracker's in her hands. It's really Emma!

"Emma your alive!"

"What the fucking hell are you talkin about panda? I was locked inside a damn closet which was oddly comfortable…I might start sleeping in there and start my own collections of left socks." Emma grinned munching on a cracker happily.

"Y… You look like me!" Emilie cried out.

"Well of course I look like you dumbass, I am your something something something something something granddaughter! Now hurry the hell up and find my grandfather and start making the damn family already, damn you're waisting your youth." Emma scolded.

"Back at you!" Emilie shouted angrily.

"Fuck off!" Emma glared at her.

"No you."

"No you fuck off."

"No you piss off."

"No you piss off fuck tart."

"Do you want a smack across the butt?" Emilie stood up marching towards Emma who tsked slightly.

"Now there's the motherly or grandmotherly side of our family eh?" Emma chuckled then yelped as Emilie used the blunt side of her sword to smack Emma's butt.

"Respect your elder's little brat."

"OMG! Abby she hit me!" Emma ran up towards Amber and cried on her shoulder while sending mean nasty glares over towards Emilie.

"Yep that's our Emma." Malik nods.

"No she's mine!" Bakura growled out with a dark protective glare which made Malik shrink slightly from the intense amount of sinister evil aura coming from Bakura.

"It doesn't matter that Emilie has a fifth generation granddaughter, the world is still mine for the taking." Sir Blackgate gloated.

"Oh for heaven's sake someone shut this guy up please." Mai groaned having enough for one night. Anthony looked puzzled at the blonde haired woman standing beside him…her a bit too closely and the look of longing that came from her eyes. It felt sort of right standing beside this woman but then again his married right? Anthony made a vow to never cheat or have an affair with anyone while sticking to this marriage. But the man he…she married has vanished years ago replacing his…her dear husband with a monster.

"Sharingan!" Sasuke activated his bloodline ready to fight but was rudely cut off. Emma and Emilie pulled a vacuum cleaner out of the closet, pugged the fucker and were ready to bust some ghost ass! Flipping the switch to suck Emilie pointed it towards Sir Blackgate who screamed trying to fight the strong wind pulling him towards the odd machine.

"No no no no!"

"Just die already." Bakura groaned taking the vacuum off of Emilie and walked towards Sir Blackgate and grinned as Emma turned it up high. Sir Blackgate's body disappeared but his head was stuck.

"With my final breath I curse all of you and your many descendants to come! None of them are going to be safe once I break free from my prison and the world shall be mine."

Anthony rolled his eyes. "Piss off already."

With that Sir Blackgate disappeared into the vacuum cleaner forever trapped with dust, cobwebs, bits of smelly fruit and a really old sock.

"Ok I am going to bed now so yah fuck off." Emma tried to walk up the stairs but Emilie stopped her by gently holding onto her hand. Both twins looked at each other with blue eyes meeting grey-green orbs. Emilie smiled softly.

"I do recover from losing my loved ones don't I?"

"Of course everyone deserves a second chance don't they? We still love our lost loved ones but they wouldn't want you to walk alone for the rest of your days, they want you to be happy with life. There are two places where they cannot be forgotten. Our minds and hearts, they live on through us. We are a part of them while they are a part of us. Go and find happiness again but this time make sure the guy does know what kind of life you would offer him. Plus be extra stupid and crazy to add more drama in his life." Emma smiled then it turned into a glare. Amber, Tahlia and Mai all cried after hearing something so beautiful came from the most dangerous yet oddly sensitive friend they have. Atem and Malik's eyes went wide in shock finally seeing the gentler side of someone they thought was pure evil beside Bakura. Bakura however stood there with a small smile feeling proud to hear her say something like that, also a bit ticked off that it wasn't towards him.

"Don't listen in our conversation you assholes!" Emma shouted from the stairs.

"Emma thank you." Emilie smiled hugging her granddaughter tightly.

"Yeah and thank for you know helping my parent's give birth to me and be a part of the family. Oh and make sure they don't give me a shitty middle name! I hate the one I still have so make sure that name is banned." Emma huffed. Emilie simply laughed before disappearing back to her own time to make things right.

"Night losers." Emma called before slamming the door closed.

"So we forget about all of this has ever happened agreed?" Atem looked at everyone sitting in the bus heading home at full speed. They all spent the night there but when morning came they sprinted towards the bus and took off like manica's.

"Agreed." Mai looked over at her sleeping Anthony who's dressed back in his normal clothing and poofy hair style. It's a giant relief to have her special boy back but the thing that made her really glad was that he doesn't remember a single thing. Which means that she doesn't have to explain that he wore a dress, kissed a ghost that was his…her whatever husband, had a kid and yeah thought he was a female. Finally everything is going back to normal once again for them.

"How come I don't get to bring that super awesome mega butler dude Charming with us?" Emma asked.

"He scares me and is a terrible cook!" Tahlia groaned.

"I was going to show him how to play video games and other awesome shit that could make his life less boring."

"For heaven's sake Emma shut up." Amber shouted in a foul mood.


"No Abby." Amber glared.



"Panda Amber?"

The whole bus froze as the tempretuare dropped below zero as Amber sent the mother off all death glares.


"That's me."


Ten minute's later

Amber smiled happily snuggling closer towards Malik feeling relaxed and wanted nothing more than to fall asleep. The last few days has been really challenging but sooner or later everything will slowly return to normal, minus the little torture room that they blocked off. All Amber wanted to do was sleep all the way back towards their little emo mansion where Seto and all the other's waited for them. Finally their "perfect" little family can be together once again, enjoying each other's presences and company as one big happy family.

"Oh no slow down!"

Tahlia banged on the roof with a fist noticing the slight flinch coming from the almost asleep Amber.

"Shut up I can still hear you up there."

"Fine then I'll just sing then!"

"Emma for heaven's sake shut up. We tied you to the roof for a reason and that was to shut you the fuck up and enjoy the country side. Beside's we are still pissed at you for lying at us in the first place and for endangering our lifes." Mai shouted.

"Who's the one who saves all of your asses back there?" Emma said in a smart ass tone.

"Emilie did and she's nothing like you." Tahlia grinned.

"Cause I am just so fucking awesome that no one can be me."

"Emma." Atem said in a stern voice.

With that they all drove home listening to Emma sing on the roof tied up tightly without any chances off escaping. They all had to suffer while listening to Emma sing the Llama song over and over again without any mercy.

"Llama Llama Llama cheese cake. Llama Llama Llama potato. Llama Llama duck!"


Emma smirked happily "I am back baby."

As the bus drove off towards the sun set the song High Way to Hell started to magically play. They all were going home….about fucking time!

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