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"Hehehe, if this doesn't get their attention nothing will! Hehehe!" A goggled blonde haired girl was giggling to herself as she hung from a flimsy rope off the famous hokage monument, a mountain with effigies of the past hokages.

"Hokage-sama!" Hiruzen Sarutobi flinched at the loudness of the voice trying to get his attention and incidentally messed up his calligraphy stroke making the almost perfect scroll he was working on look like a man with seizures was working on it.

"...yes? What is it? Naruko up to some new shenanigans I presume?" The two assistants nodded confirming Sarutobi's suspicion.

"That little succubus is graffitiing the hokage monument – your honored predecessors!"

"IN PAINT!" Another assistant screamed as Sarutobi donned his hokage robe and hat.

'...It is just me or am I the only hokage who ever wore this outfit regularly?" Sarutobi thought absently as he walked to where a small crowd was gathering watching as the thirteen year old was giggling to herself. She turned to the onlookers and pulled up her goggles revealing her lovely blue eyes which were full of mischief.

"SUCKERS! LOOSERS!! You all don't have what it takes to do something this badass! Bow before the queen!"

"How dare you!" Some of the villagers were yelling as the hokage walked up shortly followed by Iruka who arrived in a puff of smoke.

"Hokage-sama, I apologize profusely..."

"Oh is that you Iruka? Didn't notice you show up, take care of Naruko will you please? You seem to be the only one that can actually catch her." Iruka took and deep breath and screamed at Naruko who had turned back to her painting not noticing the academy teacher's arrival.

"What do you think you're doing you idiot? Get down there and get back to class!" The sheer volume of Iruka's voice carried over to where Naruko was tethered and nearly made her fall.

"Oh shit! Iruka-sensei?! Shit, shit, shit! I'm so screwed....or maybe not hehehe." Naruko pulled out a kunai she had in a pouch on her sandal and cut the rope holding her up allowing her to land on the roof of the observation booth below the monument and take off into the village making Iruka sigh.

'Why can't she be like the other girls in class?' He thought before bowing to the hokage and taking off after his wayward student, three other chunin following behind.

"Forty-five minutes, we had to chase you for forty-five minutes Naruko." Irkua said as he dragged his tied up student back to their academy classroom. Naruko sat there in front of everyone, tied up and matching Iruka's angry glare with one of her own. Most of the class was expecting lightning to shoot from each their eyes and connect they were glaring at each other so hard.

"Tomorrow all of your classmates will pass the final and graduate from the ninja academy. But the last two times this day came around, you flunked every course you'd taken but the taijutsu you choose now for your stupid tricks? You moron!" Naruko just looked away from him and sighed as if she had done this a thousand times...which wasn't far from the truth.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Iruka's eye twitched at the blatant disrespect his student was showing and he noticed the other students were giving him funny looks.

"Today in class we'll be having a pop henge quiz thanks to our local knuckle-headed blonde."


"Not you Yamanaka Ino, I was referring to Naruko. All you all have to do is...conjure a form that looks like me! Now line up!"

Iruka untied Naruko and allowed her to get in line with the rest of her class-mates. Some of them grumbled but a growl from Naruko shut them up. It was known throughout the village that Naruko had a vicious short temper and was seen a mini-Tsunade due to her herculean strength.

"Right, well done. Next up, Uzumaki."

"This is all your fault Naruko!!" Someone yelled from the back. Naruko cracked her knuckles and looked towards where the voice came from.

"...Eat me."

"Naruko, langauge!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Well, here goes nothing..." She placed her hands into the Ram handseal and drew chakra from within herself, some of it even became visible much to Iruka's amazement.

"HENGE!" A cloud of smoke covered Naruko's body and from the smoke emerged a much older nude woman with red hair and green eyes making not only Iruka but most of the male students rocket backwards from nose bleeds. Naruko was on the ground in her normal thirteen year old form laughing, her legs kicking back and forth.

"I can't believe I got you Iruka-sensei! I call that one my sexy justu! Don't remember where I got the girl from but still good enough for now! Ha ha ha ha!"

"HOW BIG OF A IDIOT ARE YOU?!" Iruka screamed, his big head jutsu was now in effect making most of the other students cover their ears from the sheer volume while Naruko's pigtails were being blown back.

"You waste all your time and talent inventing these stupid tricks!!" Iruka dismissed the class and grabbed Naruko by her ear dragging her to the hokage monument where a bucket of soapy water was waiting. About two hours had passed and Naruko had only finished cleaning the pain off the first and second hokage's face.

"The sooner you get done the sooner you can go home!" Naruko looked up and Iruka and he could see she was upset, not temper tantrum upset but actually pissed upset.

"So? Not like I got anyone fucking waiting at home for me." Naruko went back to scrubbing the paint off and Iruka could hear her grumbling and growling as she scrubbed harder.

"Language young lady!...Naruko..."

"What now?!" Her canines, which were longer than a normal persons were showing as she bared her teeth at Iruka who sighed knowing he hit a soft spot with her and needed to make it up somehow.

"How about this? You finish and I'll buy you a bowl of ramen. A bowl of ramen!" Iruka noticed her face light up with joy as she jumped up and screamed.

"Now that's fucking motivation! Hell yeah!"

"LANGUAGE YOUNG LADY!" Iruka made up his mind at that point...he never, ever, ever wanted a daughter.

Iruka watched with amazement as Naruko slurped up whole mouth-fulls of noodles, unlike most of the other girls in class Naruko wasn't into the whole diet fad thing for that Iruka was silently glad for. They did more harm then good.


She turned to face him, a large amount of noodles hanging from her mouth which she immediately slurped up, licking up any leftover broth that was on her lips.

"Why of all places would you choose to deface the hokage monument? I mean you know who they are right?" Naruko gave him a look that said duh making Iruka regret asking the question.

"Of course, to inherit the hokage name you have to be the best shinobi in the village, the crème de la crème. It was the fourth hokage who defeated the demon fox while the first hokage built the village."

"Okay then, why, knowing all that did you do it?"

"Because..." Naruko finished her noodles and lifted the bowl to her lips chugging the broth down. A meal like this was always welcome and she made sure to finish everything.

"One day, I'm gonna be the first female hokage." Naruko stood on her stool with one foot up on the counter pointing her chopsticks at Iruka.

"I'm gonna surpass every one of them! And when that happens people will have to give me some damn respect at last!"

"Langua--oh why do I even bother?" Iruka noticed that Naruko was giving him the puppy dog eyes meaning she wanted something from him.

"What do you want? Another bowl of ramen?" She shook her head, keeping up the puppy dog eyes and now making her bottom lip tremble.

"Your headband...can I try it on?" Iruka's eyes went up to the piece of clothing that became apart of every ninja of the village and he smiled. He grabbed it and moved it making it catch the light of the overhead lamp.

"Sorry kiddo, no, not yet, and no way. This is a badge of adulthood. You don't get one until you graduate, that's the law."

"....what a rip-off, Sakura and Ino are damn liars, puppy dog eyes and trembling lips don't do squat." Iruka laughed and noticed that her goggles were on the counter meaning she was planning to ask from the beginning.

"Naruko we gotta do something about your foul mouth." He said seeing as she was laying her chin on the counter in defeat.

The next day at the academy Naruko was laying her head down waiting for the final exam to start.

"Okay class, we're gonna do a two part exam this year. A taijutsu portion and a justu portion, where you will be tested on your ability to do a bunshin."

Naruko who had raised her head to listen slammed her forehead back down onto the desk upon hearing that she would have to make a clone. Clones were her worst technique.

"Now it's gonna be a one on one match against whoever I choose and an opponent of their choice. Taijutsu only, no jutsus or weapons. Now first up will be Naruko Uzumaki." Naruko shot up and clenched her fists in excitement making everyone but a few gulp in fright. The blonde haired girl was an absolute terror in close-combat as several students remembered.

"Now your opponent will be...Yamanaka Ino." Ino raised her hand immediately.

"Yes Ino?"

"Can I forfeit? I don't want a repeat of what happened to me last time."

"Well maybe if you had not called me a bitch you wouldn't have had to go to the hospital." Naruko said with a sadistic smile. Ino had insulted her because she had refused to move from her seat which was next to Sasuke, not because she liked Sasuke but because she was already comfortable and didn't want to move. So Ino called her a bitch and in their taijutsu match Ino was on the receiving end of a suplex causing her to have to go to the hospital for possible spine damage. Naruko was infamous in her class for finishing her fights with those types of moves.

"What? So no one is gonna fight me? And you call yourselves ninja?"

"I'll fight her sensei." Came a voice from the back making everyone turn around and see Sasuke looking dead at Naruko who smiled back.

"Are you sure Sasuke?" Iruka asked knowing full well the Uchiha was one of the few who could go against the blonde and come out okay. Sasuke merely nodded and stood up.

"Oi Iruka-sensei maybe you should have them have the match outside. Remember what happened the last time those two fought inside." Shikamaru said, for most of the class that was the most they had heard him say all year but they all knew why he decided to speak up, the last time Sasuke and Naruko sparred in the classroom a desk had landed on Shikamaru who was sleeping, surprisingly that wasn't the worst thing to happen.

"...okay how about we skip the taijutsu portion and move to the justu portion of the test? Naruko come with me to take your jutsu test." Naruko's mood went from okay to bad as she was hoping to get rid of some test anxiety with a good spar. Sasuke may have been an asshole in her eyes but damn if he wasn't a great sparring partner, only Lee was better but since he had graduated the year before Naruko was out of luck.

"Okay Naruko I need you to make at least three clones." Naruko was nervous, for some reason she could never do a proper clone so she hoped against hope that this time would be different. Naruko focused her chakra and a poof of smoke appeared next to her revealing a sickly looking clone that was begging for death. Naruko was horrified while Iruka sighed knowing that despite all appearances Naruko actually did try her best.

"Naruko, you fail."

"Iruka-sensei, this is her third time and she did manage a clone...even if it was flawed. I mean I'm not that great at clones myself, what if we just gave her a break?" Naruko's face lit up, maybe just maybe...

"The answer is no Mizuki."

...well, so much for that.

"Every student has to make three clones, Naruko only made one and the poor thing is begging to be killed for crying out loud! As much as I'd like to I can't pass her." Naruko was upset and walked towards the door.

"You don't have to talk about me like I'm not here." Naruko closed the door with such force the wall the door frame was on shook and the glass window of the door shattered.

Naruko watched as those kids who graduated were showered with praise by their parents and congratulated by the hokage while she sat on the swing which had become somewhat of a retreat for her. She noticed two women whispering and looking in her direction, it didn't take a genius to figure out they were talking about her. Naruko growled and got off the swing and punched the tree the swing was attached to. But what Naurko considered a tap a taijustu specialist would consider a haymaker punch as the tree now had a large hole in it. While this happened the hokage and Iruka watched, seemingly ignoring everything else around them.

"Iruka, could I have a word later?"

"Of course hokage-sama."

"Stupid ass test! stupid ass clones!" Naruko picked up a rock off the ground and threw it a a nearby fence, launching it clear through.


"Huh? Oh Mizuki-sensei, whats up?"

Mizuki motioned for her to follow him and she did her hands in her coat pocket.

"You know Iruka doesn't mean to be harsh to you, he just wants you to grow strong. You and him are a lot alike and he doesn't want you to go out there and not be ready."

"I know but...I really wanted to graduate."

"Well there is a way..."

Late that night Naruko was sneaking into the hokage's house and was busy sneaking into the room where the scrolls were being kept...that is until the lights were turned on.

"Naruko...what are you doing in house in the middle of the night?!"


"AGH!!!!" Naruko ended her jutsu and noticed the hokage unconscious on the floor a puddle of blood around his head and a little leaking from his nose.

"...that actually worked on him?....note for future reference: old man hokage is a pervert. Now to find that damn scroll." Naruko dug through scroll after scroll until finally she found what she was looking for, one of the biggest of the scrolls and a large kanji for seal on it.

"Bingo, that headband is gonna be mine."

Naruko immediately took off towards the forest surrounding the village and after finding the clearing Mizuki was talking about opened up the scroll and began reading.


Iruka lay there in bed staring at the full moon thinking back to not only his talk with the hokage but of his memory of the night he lost his parents. It was a full moon just like this one.

"We've got to hold it off until the Yondaime gets here!" A shinobi yelled as two more launched themselves at the colossal-sized fox launching justsu after jutsu.

Iruka ran to go help his parents but a random shinobi grabbed him and began taking off away from the battlefield.

"LET ME GO! Mom and Dad, they're still fighting the demon!!"

A knock at his apartment door shook him out of his thoughts. Iruka groaned as he got out of bed. He opened the door and to his surprise he saw Mizuki.

"Mizuki? Whats up?"

"Bad news I'm afraid. It's Naruko, I'm afraid she somehow found out about the sealed scroll and stole it!" Iruka couldn't believe it.

'Why would Naruko do such a thing?' He thought as he pulled on his sandals and zipped up his flak jacket.

"Let's go Mizuki."

Iruka and Mizuki could see nearly a dozen chunin and a few jonin standing in front of the hokage arguing about what had happened.

"Hokage-sama, painting the hokage monument is one thing but this is the sealed scroll we're talking about! This time she's gone too far!"

"ENOUGH! Now the scroll he has taken is so dangerous that the Shodaime had it sealed away. If misused, or in the wrong hands, it could be deadly. Now it's only been a few hours since she took it, find her and bring her to me, alive!" All the ninjas nodded and vanished leaving a big gust of wind as the only clue they were even there.

Iruka jumped up to the top of a large building and looked out at the village. For some reason Iruka had a suspicion Naruko was in the forest.

'I just hope you're safe Naruko.'

Naruko was panting, her jacket was lying next to her leaving her in only her orange pants and black shirt. She looked down at her breasts and sighed.

"Too bad this stupid scroll didn't have a jutsu to make you smaller...I hate being an early bloomer." Iruka landed in front of her panting with an annoyed look on his face. Naruko smiled at him as if nothing was wrong.

"About time I found you Iruka-sensei!" Iruka snapped.


"Hehehe I guess you did. Too bad you got here so fast, I only got to memorize one technique, I was just getting started on the second one when you showed up."

" look exhausted, what the hell have you been doing?"

"Ooooh language sensei! Ha ha ha ha. Just wait till I show you! I never dreamed that some of the shinobi arts actually kicked ass! If I can master these techniques you have to let me graduate!"

Iruka was confused, Naruko was acting like nothing was wrong. All she did was come here to practice her ninjutsu to the point of exhaustion.

"Naruko, what is that scroll you're carrying?"

"Huh? You mean this thing? Hell if I know, Mizuki-sensei told me about it and to come here to practice. He said if I could show you I learned the techniques in this scroll you'd let me graduate! ...That's still the case right?"

It all made sense to Iruka now, no wonder Naruko knew about the scroll and stole it. A sudden sound from behind them made Iruka push Naruko out of the way as a dozen kunai came flying out of the woods pinning Iruka slightly to the shed wall.

"It always amazes me Iruka how you know exactly where she is."

"Ugh, Now I see what your plan is!"

Mizuki ignored Iruka and looked at Naruko.

"Naruko, give me the scroll."

"What the hell? What is this?!" Naruko was confused as to what was going on.

"Naruko, don't let him have the scroll! Protect it with your life! It holds records of completely forbidden jutsus! Mizuki used you because he wants it for himself!"


"Naruko, do you know what really happened twelve years ago? What really happened to the demon fox?"


"Since that day, everyone in the village has been bound by a very strict law, one that everyone knows but you."

"Except me? Why not me? What the hell are you talking about?" Naruko's fists clenched as she wondered what she was being left out of.

"The law is that no one can tell you that you really are the demon fox!"

"Wha?" The look on Naruko's face was pure surprise.

"STOP IT!" Iruka yelled but Mizuki continued on his rant.

"In other words Naruko, you're the one who killed Iruka's parents, you're the one who destroyed the village all those years ago! Until the Yondaime bound you in this form. Hadn't you never found it strange that you were despised everywhere you went? Even Iruka hates you, if he would actually be honest."

Iruka could only watch as Naruko's eyes filled with tears, he realized all the pranks, everything she did was just for attention, all of it was to hide her pain and loneliness. Neither Naruko or Iruka noticed Mizuki pulling the large shuriken from his back and launching until it was almost too late. Naruko looked up and noticed a crying Iruka hovering over her, the large shuriken now in his back.


"Naruko, you and I are the same, when my parents died I was so lonely, I became like you, the class clown...anything to attract attention. Being the class clown was better than being a nobody. It hurts so much, I know that Naruko, I was always hard on you, always scolding, yelling, had I been a better teacher, maybe neither of us would have come to this. Forgive me."

Naruko took off deeper into the forest leaving both chunin behind.

"Too bad, now it seems she's gonna use the scroll to take her revenge on the village. Did you see her eyes? The eyes of a demon, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

"You don't know anything about her."

"I don't need to know shit about her to kill the bitch. It's the scroll I want, I'll deal with you later."

Naruko was jumping from branch to branch moving away from the two chunin as fast as possible. Some movement to her left caught her attention and she could see it was Iruka.

"Naruko, give me the scroll, it's what Mizuki wants!" As Iruka jumped to get closer to Naruko, Naruko lashed out with the scroll slamming Iruka away. Iruka looked at Naruko and vanished in a puff of smoke revealing Iruka was really Mizuki in a henge.

"How did you know I wasn't Iruka?"

Naruko smiled before vanishing revealing the real Iruka.

"Because I am."

"Why do you try to stop me Iruka? That thing killed your parents! What happens if we let it live?"

"For one the scroll won't be in the hands of a scumbag like you."

"Fool, Naruko and I are the same. I could use the scroll to gain limitless power and the beast within her hungers for the kind of strength, how can you not hate that?"

"Because I don't, I hate the fox, but the not the girl it is sealed in. While she may annoy me sometimes I have nothing but respect for her. She's my favorite and best student. She works with all her considerable might, and yes she's akward, clumsy, and a screw-up sometimes and people have mocked her, shunned her, but it's granted her incredible empathy, she knows what it is to be in pain. She never was and no longer is your demon fox. She's a citizen of Konohagakure, Uzumaki Naruko."

"Aww! How sentimental! Well sorry Iruka old boy, I was planning on saving you for last but you've become a thorn in my side and I do hate thorns. So say goodbye!" Mizuki began spinning the other large shuriken he had over and over building momentum only to feel a fist slam into his face and send him crashing into a nearby tree.


"Touch my sensei again and it'll be the last thing you fucking do!"

'...we really need to work on that foul mouth of hers.' Iruka thought though he was partly glad for the timely rescue.

"Naruko you idiot! Run away! Save yourself!"

"You bitch! I can kill you with one blow!" Naruko smiled a fanged smile and cracked her knuckles before placing her fingers in a cross formation. Him calling her a bitch did not go unnoticed by her.

"Like. To see. You. Try. KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

In a flash of chakra the forest was now filled with thousands of Narukos each of them grinning and cracking their knuckles.

"What the? How did?"

"Whats a matter asshole? Thought you were gonna kill me with one blow?"

" actually..."

"Well since your being a chickenshit I'll attack then, charge!"

Five minutes later and Mizuki was now almost pulverized meat on the forest floor.

"....well I guess I didn't get too carried away hehe. After all he is still alive."

"Naruko, come here. I've got a present for you, close your eyes."

"Sensei can I open my eyes now?" Iruka had to smile at her impatience, it was cute.

"Go ahead Naruko, open your eyes."

Naruko opened her eyes and noticed one thing wrong with the Iruka in front of her. He was missing his headband.

"Congratulations graduate! To celebrate this, I'll take you out for ramen. How's that sound?"

The next thing Iruka knew he was being tackled by a crying Naruko who showered his face with kisses, a thank you after each one.

'Well I was gonna give you a whole speech about how it will be harder now but I guess that can wait until we get to the restaurant...'

"Naruko, careful, I'm still bruised here."

"Oh...sorry Iruka-sensei."

A week later Naruko was in class still on cloud nine knowing that she had graduated and was now a shinobi of Konoha.

"Oi Naruko, what are you doing here? Class today is for those that didn't fail!" Naruko looked at the offending genin and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Well if you open your eyes I'm obviously wearing a headband aren't I?" The genin looked at her headband and nodded. Naruko then smiled a sweet smile.

"Good, now get lost before I drop kick out a window okay?" Not once did her sweet smile leave her face as she patted his cheek and sat back down.

"Excuse me my I pass?" Naruko ignored her knowing exactly what she wanted, it was always fun to mess with the Uchiha fanclub members.

"NARUKO MOVE IT! I'M TRYING TO GET AROUND YOU!" Naruko sent a death glare at Sakura who took a small step back from the blonde's burning gaze.

"Piss off bubblegum, I'm comfy and my ass ain't moving. Maybe when you move from a training bra to a real bra size I'll move." With every word Naruko said Sakura's temper was flaring. Naruko immediately got up and got nose to nose with Sakura who gulped at the look the blonde was giving her.

"Want to make something of it?" Sakura decided it wasn't worth it and shook her head no, which caused Naruko's face to go to a cheerful smile.

"Good, now had you asked nicely the second time I might have actually moved but seeing as you didn't...shove off." Sakura immediately sat in an empty seat on the opposite end of the room while Naruko leaned to put her face near Sasuke.

"Yes? What do you want loser?"

"What the hell does everyone see in you?" Naruko looked at him with squinted eyes as she tried to find just what was it that had all the girls fighting for him.

Sakura was upset, every time she tried to get to class early so she could sit next to her Sasuke-kun Naruko was always there, when asked about it Naruko claimed that she wanted the window seat but the asshole kept taking it so she sat next to him. Naruko's pet name of Sasuke didn't go over so well with 99% of the female population in the class. She could see Naruko bugging Sasuke again and decided to do something about it this time. So in her anger she grabbed a random textbook and chucked it at Naruko. Said book collided against the back of Naruko's head which caused her face to slam into Sasuke's face making the two biggest rivals (other than Sakura and Ino) end up sharing their first kiss together much to the shock of all but one female in the class and to the surprise of every male. As soon as the two pulled away from each other Naruko grabbed Sasuke by his collar and pulled him close, angry fire burning in her eyes as she bared her fangs at the last Uchiha.

"THAT was my first kiss you asshole." Sasuke gave her the same stone faced look he always had though she could see he was slightly angry as well.

"If it makes you feel any better it was mine too and I'd take it back if I could." Most of the girls in the class were shocked and outraged that Naruko had stolen Sasuke's first kiss but due to their fear of her strength they couldn't do much. Naruko drew back her fist and most of the girls flinched and most of the guys began to wonder if Naruko was gonna kill Sasuke, some were even confused that she would be upset at losing her first kiss to the class heartthrob.

"It'll never happen again, agreed?" She still had her fangs bared at him as she growled this at him. Sasuke merely nodded his head.

"Agreed." Naruko let go of Sasuke and put back on her innocent smile.

"Good, now that that's settled...oooh Sakura, I believe I have your textbook. Now how would you like me to return it to you? Would you like me to shove it down your throat or up your ass?"

"Naruko whatever you're planning on doing with that textbook, put it down. I have an important speech to give." Naruko simply sighed at losing her chance to get revenge.

"Yes Iruka-sensei."

"Okay then, now I'm going to be assigning you all into three-man cells each of which will be taught by a jonin sensei. Now each cell has been selected by yours truly to be balanced and equal."

After six cells Naruko began playing with a paper shuriken she had made since they couldn't use their real shuriken in the academy. While Iruka was one of her favorite people in the village besides old man hokage, his crazy grandson Konohamaru, and the ramen stand owners he could get boring at times and this was one of those times.

"Next, Cell Seven with Uzumaki Naruko, Uchiha Sasuke, and...Haruno Sakura." Sakura was torn, on one hand she was with her crush Sasuke but on the other she was with that psycho bitch Naruko who had yet to get her back for throwing a book at Sakura did nothing but quietly pump her fist in knowing that Sasuke was hers and since Naruko hated Sasuke she wouldn't have to worry about the crazy blonde being after him as well.

Both Sasuke and Naruko looked at each other and for a few seconds studied each other, both knew the other was a good fighter but other than that they really didn't know anything about the other at all besides the obvious things like being orphans. Naruko smiled at Sasuke which made his eyebrow raise in curiosity.

"Just don't be too much of asshole okay Sasuke?" She winked at him which for some reason made Sasuke uncomfortable, he attributed that to the fact that no less than ten minutes ago they were kissing.

"Whatever, just don't drag me down and be too much of a bitch." Naruko smiled then poked his side with her nails making him flinch. Sasuke was glad that's all she did, whenever on the rare occasions he would call her a bitch she would poke him, or hit him with the worse being she almost broke his nose on his desk once, if anyone else called her that well...Ino was a perfect example of what could happen.

'Well at least Sasuke and Naruko will work out...I hope.' Iruka thought before going through the rest of the teams.

"Okay after lunch I'll be introducing you to your jonin sensei, until then you're dismissed. Oh and Naruko can I have a word with you?"

Naruko walked up to Iruka and was rocking back and forth from the balls of her feet to her heels showing him she was at least a little excited.

"Naruko I know you and her have some difficulties but TRY and get along with Sakura okay? You guys are on a team now and need to watch out for each other."

"As long as she doesn't throw another book at me we'll get along fine Iruka-sensei, the moment she does that it's on!" Iruka punched the bridge of his nose knowing that was probably the best it would get.

"Okay then, well here have some money and take your team out for ramen, on me." Naruko's eyes widened and she jumped up and hugged him again showering him with thank-yous and a kiss on the cheek before running off to find her team. Iruka watched the blond pigtailed girl run off with a smile on his face.

'Maybe a daughter wouldn't be such a bad thing...'

Meanwhile in Naruko's house the hokage and Hatake Kakashi her jonin sensei were doing a walk-through of her house so Kakashi could learn more about his student. He had already finished Sakura and Sasuke's now he had to go through the last one.

"So this is Naruko's house huh?"

The hokage nodded as Kakashi looked around only to see a bunch of drawings of famous ninja in a vertical line with Naruko's picture at the bottom next to Gai's student Lee if he wasn't mistaken.

"Hokage-sama, what is this?" The hokage smiled, seemed Naruko still kept her "ninja growth-chart" as she once called it.

"That is one of Naruko's favorite things in the world. Her ninja growth-chart."

"Her what?" Kakashi was confused, sure he had heard of regular growth charts but a ninja version? That was new to him.

"Allow me to explain, see Naruko drew a picture of every ninja she considered powerful and put it up on the wall. When she gets more powerful she moves her picture up showing that she's gained progress with the Yondaime being the top one and Tsunade being right after him."

"Naruko must hold Lady Tsunade in high regards then and it's ironic she considers sensei to be her top rival...why am I under Gai?"

"Not really, Naruko just is tired of being called "mini-Tsunade" and wishes to prove she's better. Plus since Tsunade is arguably the most famous kunoichi around Naruko figures if she defeats Tsunade then people will respect her more when she becomes the first female Hokage."

"She has a long way to go to reach that goal."

"But that is where you come in. You being her jonin sensei will help her to reach that goal, also you have Sasuke of the Uchiha clan on your squad and the two of them are rivals so it should get interesting."

Kakashi realized that this assignment could be terrible but he had an obligation to at least test the three. He then noticed something interesting.

"Hokage-sama, if Naruko considers Sasuke a rival why is his picture not up here? I see Itachi's picture and hell even Orochimaru's and Hanzo's but no Sasuke." The hokage laughed at this making Kakashi become even more interested.

"I asked her that myself once, you know what she said? That until Sasuke activated his sharingan he wasn't as big a threat as Itachi meaning he won't be on the list until he does. Naruko knows that a taijutsu user can defeat a sharingan user using certain techniques."

'Well that explains why Gai is one above me, she must have heard of his technique to fight sharingan users.'

"Well I think I've gotten enough information, apparently out of twelve powerful ninja I'm number five on her list to surpass. Better go pop that bubble she has of me being not such a threat."

"Kakashi, don't underestimate her, most who do...well they end up like Jiraiya does when he peeped on Tsunade and got caught." That got Kakashi's attention and he decided at that moment that maybe this team would do okay...maybe.

Team seven sat there in the classroom bored out of their minds. Naruko surprisingly got her two teammates to agree to go get some ramen with her and all in all it was an okay outing, but two hours later their sensei had not shown up and everyone, even Iruka had already left for the day. Needless to say all three were annoyed with this.

"Aren't jonin supposed to be punctual? If I was a client this would look very bad for the village." Naruko said remembering the old man saying that to one of his shinobi when she was younger, Sakura looked at her surprised that she had said such a smart thing.

"I gotta agree, I mean we're the only ones here!" Sakura slumped down into her chair and picked up one of the dozen paper shuriken that Naruko had made out of boredom.

"Our sensei lost a lot of respect with me, that's for damn sure. What about you Sasuke?" Naruko looked at Sasuke who hadn't moved from his "brooding" pose as she liked to call it.

"I have to agree she-hulk, he lost my respect with this stunt." Naruko's eye twitched at being called that. Only Sasuke ever called her that for some reason.

Suddenly the door opened and a ninja with his headband covering his eye and a facemask on came in noticing his three students, one with his hands together, another looking at some paper shurikens, and the last one laying down on the desk.

"Well based on my first impression of you three...I hate you." Naruko wondered where she had seen this man before, then it clicked, he was Kakashi, number five on her list of ninja to surpass and the ninja old man hokage had yelled at one day for being late.

"Well I would've thought that lesson on punctuality the hokage gave you would've been enough but apparently not." Kakashi wondered what she was talking about and shrugged it off.

"Meet me on the roof in five minutes." He then left the three alone again. Sasuke noticed Sakura get up to leave but Naruko was still lying down and made no attempt to leave.

"Aren't you coming she-hulk?"

"No asshole I'm not, besides it took him two hours to get here, it'll probably take him another two to get to the roof." Sasuke had to smile at that, their sensei really did lose a lot of Naruko's respect with being late. He decided to take matters into his own hands, so he grabbed her by the ear and began dragging her out of the classroom.

"Let's go she-hulk."

"OW OW LET ME GO ASSHOLE! GRRR I SWEAR THE MOMENT YOU LET ME GO I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS SASUKE!" And that was how Kakashi found his team entering the rooftop. The Uchiha dragging Naruko by her ear who was screaming bloody murder and various death threats and Sakura behind them blushing meaning Naruko had said some very interesting threats.

All three sat down and Sasuke let go of Naruko's ear who immediately flicked his forehead making him fall backwards and nearly hitting his head against the concrete.

"AND DON'T DO IT AGAIN!..asshole."

"Naruko, stop calling Sasuke-kun that!"

"Well when he stops being an asshole I'll stop calling him one okay bubblegum?!" Kakashi had to keep himself from laughing, Naruko definitely had Tsunade's temper but he wondered if she did have her strength or was that just a lie? He could see both of his female students grinding their foreheads together and growling at each other, it was time to play mediator before one killed the other.

"Okay okay, enough you three. You can kill each other after tomorrow for now let's get some introductions out of the way."

"What do you want us to say sensei?" Sakura asked.

"You know, things like favorite thing, thing you hate most, dreams, ambitions, hobbies, things like that."

"You're Hatake Kakashi, jonin of Konohagakure, Don't know why but everyone calls you the copycat ninja, you're habitually late according to old man hokage but strong."

"Well looks like our blond friend here did her homework." Kakashi said with a weird eye-smile knowing the real reason she knew all that.

"Yes my name is Hatake Kakashi, I'm not the kind of person who feels like talking about their likes and dislikes, my dreams for the future are none of your business, but yeah I have lots of hobbies."

"....."All three genin were silent.

"He said a lot but all we learned was his name and what you said Naruko." Sakura whispered to her two teammates.

"Okay blondie, you're up first."

"My name is Uzumaki Naruko, what I like is instant cup ramen, what I like even better is when Iruka-sensei treats me to ramen at Ichiraku's! And I also like a good spar but since my favorite sparring partner graduated last year I'm stuck with asshole here as my favorite sparring partner." She said jabbing her thumb in Sasuke's direction. Kakashi was surprised at hearing the blonde so callously called Sasuke an asshole, as far as he knew majority of the girls that age had a thing for the last Uchiha. Guess that wasn't completely true. He did wonder who her previous favorite sparring partner was then remembered that her picture was next to Rock Lee's currently. He didn't want to assume but he figured that's who she was talking about.

"What I hate is the three minute wait for the damn ramen to cook and being called a bitch or mini-Tsunade grrr." Kakashi had to chuckle a bit at that one, but it seemed she had not much on her mind besides ramen.

"My dream is to one day be the first female hokage, then all the villagers will have to acknowledge my existence at last, and maybe just one day find a nice guy and get married but I'm doubting that one will happen anytime soon."

'Well she certainly has high goals though that last one her voice seemed to sadden a lot.'

"My hobbies are...fighting, and pranks I guess."

"I see, alright Uchiha you're up."

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I hate and I don't like that many things. I don't have a dream, I have an ambition, to restore my clan and to kill a certain person."

'He's so cool!' Sakura thought while blushing.

'He really needs to lighten up, maybe a spar will cheer him up?' Naruko thought while absently chewing on her thumb.

'….I suspected as much. Need to work on that.'

"And finally bubblegum as your teammate so nicely called you." Sakura glared at both Naruko and Kakashi before speaking.

"I am Haruno Sakura. My favorite thing is...well it's a boy I'll say as much. My dream is *blush.*"

"Something you dislike?"

"I hate...Naruko!"

"Hate you too bubblegum." Naruko said while cleaning out her ear with her pinky.

"My hobbies are...*blush*" Kakashi noticed that this was one of the fangirls he had heard about.

'Huh, seems besides Naruko, young girls are more interested in love than being shinobi. Well we'll see if we can work on that.'

"Okay then, I sure we all understand each other, we'll start training tomorrow."

"Bout damn time." Naruko said and Kakashi noticed that the blonde had quite a sailor's mouth on her. That was another thing to add to the list of things to work on with this team, assuming they passed his test.

"Well our first assignment involves just us of team seven. It'll be a survival exercise."

"...Not to sound stupid but didn't we already do enough of those in the academy?" Sakura said while raising her hand.

"It won't be like your typical survival course as this time you'll have to survive against me. I will warn you though out of the twenty-seven of you that graduated, only nine will become actual genin. The rest will go back to the academy for extra training. The test I'm gonna have you do has a sixty-six percent failure rate."

"...Okay? So all we gotta do is kick your ass? That's already on my list of things to do for being two hours late so this should be simple with two others helping me."

Kakashi had to sigh, he was hoping to frighten them but Naruko ruined it, he noticed Sakura was a little frightened while Sasuke was still stone-faced.

"Here the details of your assignment are on this handout, memorize it, and don't be late."

"and here I was about to tell you the same thing!" Naruko said, her voice full of sarcasm making Kakashi sigh again.

'Aww damnit! It's all in kanji...guess I can ask old man hokage or Iruka-sensei to help me...not my fault no one was around to teach me this!' Naruko thought as she pretended to read it.

"Also don't eat breakfast, otherwise you'll throw up! Well I'll see you guys tomorrow!" With that Kakashi vanished in a swirl of leaves.

"Hey Sasuke, if sensei keeps this up you may lose your title of asshole! Don't know what I'll upgrade you to though...maybe lackey or minion, don't know yet. Well see you guys tomorrow."

The next morning Naruko got dressed, brushed her hair and against Kakashi's orders ate a full breakfast. She wasn't about to listen to a guy who looked like a scarecrow already so why deny her body energy? She noticed Sakura and Sasuke already waiting but no sign of their sensei which annoyed her. Surprisingly he did show up about ten minutes after she did.

"Well now I've set this alarm to go off at noon which gives you about two hours to pass this exercise." He pulled out two bells and dangled them.

"I have here two small bells, you will have two hours to take them from me before the timer sounds. Anyone who fails doesn't get any lunch, instead you'll be tied to one of those three tree stumps so I can eat your lunch in front of you." Kakashi heard two stomachs growl and noticed the Uchiha and Sakura give him dirty looks while Naruko seemed unaffected.

'Hmm seems someone is either smarter than she looks or just doesn't do well with authority.'

"All you need is one bell but since there are two one of you will be going to the stump and whoever fails first gets sent back to school. You may use whatever tools are at your disposal, and please attack as though you mean to kill me otherwise you will fail."

"But sensei that's dangerous!"

"Eh it's his funeral Sakura. He wants to get killed that's fine with me."

"Only the weak speak loudly, now let's ignore the dunce and we'll start on my signal."

Naruko growled her eyes for a brief moment flashed red which did not go unnoticed by Kakashi as she charged him with a speed that surprised him. She didn't pull out a kunai or anything, she just cocked back her fist and swung it at him. In the blink of an eye he appeared behind her and directed her punch to the ground where it caused a huge crater making Kakahsi whistle.

'Okay the rumors are true, she is the second coming of Tsunade but it her strength just great chakra control or is the fox behind it? Her eyes did flash red even if it was only for a split second.'

"Not so fast Naruko, I didn't say go. But I am glad you came at me with intent to kill...err crush. You guys may have a chance after all. Now, ready? Go!!!"

All three genin vanished making Kakashi take notice that all three were good at hiding until he noticed Naruko land in front of him.

"Well, well if it isn't the second coming of Tsunade. I guess we'll start with ninja lesson number one, taijutsu." Kakashi reached into his pocket and Naruko got her body ready though she was confused he was pulling out a weapon if he wanted to do hand to hand combat with her. It wasn't until he pulled out a book that Naruko's eye twitched, it began to twitch even more when she saw what book it was.


"Hmm? But I have been dying to find out how this story ends, it shouldn't make any difference if I'm reading or not considering who I'm fighting."

'OH THAT IS IS! SASUKE HAS LOST HIS TITLE OF ASSHOLE!' Naruko's eyes flashed red again which again did not go unnoticed by Kakashi as she charged him, normally Kakashi would've blocked her hits but seeing as these were herculean punches he decided to dodge them. He dodged several punches and a few kicks and noticed she made sure not to show her back to him that often probably from facing Gai's mini-clone so many times. But she eventually did show her back to him and he sprung his trap.

'Why is sensei using the sign of the tiger? That's too advanced a technique to use against her!' Sakura thought and despite the fact she and Naruko never got along she wasn't about to just let her die.

"Naruko!!! Get out of there!!! You'll be killed!!!"

Naruko heard a voice from somewhere in the distance but the main voice that concerned her was the one directly behind her.

"Too late. Konohagakure village's most secret and most sacred technique!!! One thousand years of p---" Naruko turned around and swung her foot at her sensei only to have her foot crush a small log into hundreds of wooden splinters. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kakashi's foot coming at her and blocked only to be knocked into the river. Kakashi looked at the destroyed log and noticed there was nothing left of the original.

"Wow....note to self, don't try to use that technique on her again, if I didn't substitute myself with that log I probably would've been killed."

'DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! THIS IS NOT HOW IT'S GONNA GO DOWN! GRRR!' Naruko's eyes began to glow red as she remembered Mizuki incident. She was not about to let some scarecrow asshole make a fool out of her!

'I WILL NOT BACK DOWN!' She formed the cross handsign and channeled a large amount of chakra.

Kakashi meanwhile was still reading his book wondering how long his blond student could hold her breath until dozens of shuriken came flying out of the water at him. He was honestly expecting two, maybe four at the most but over twelve shuriken? Something was up. He easily dodged them all and waited for his student to come out. Which she did...sort of. At least seven Naruko's came flying out of the water each intent on pulverizing Kakahsi. Kakashi decided that maybe he should put the book away as his blond student was unlike Tsunade too much of a wild card to read. As he put the book away he had to switch with another log as all seven Naruko's came crashing down on him. The battlefield soon become littered with craters as each clone tried their hardest to get him.

'So she can do kage bunshin...interesting but it's time to go play with the other two.' It was then that Kakahsi felt something on his back and looked to see Naruko.

"Nice to see your back sensei. Time to get revenge for trying to shove your fingers in my ass you pervert!" A Naruko clone came and ended up hitting...the real Naruko.

"What the hell? GRR CLONES! FIND HIM! HE'S GONNA PAY FOR THAT ASS STUNT!" Kakashi was worried now, he was hoping she would assume he had changed into one of her clones and buy him some time but apparently not as her clones now ran off into the forest to find him. This just made the test a little bit harder...and interesting.

Naruko noticed a bell laying by itself and part of her thought Kakashi must have dropped it while fighting her and the clones but another part of her found something wrong with it. She decided to play it safe a punch the ground in front of the tree breaking up the rocks and revealing a hidden rope snare.

"Ha guess there is truth to that woman's intuition bull after all." Naruko tried to grab the bell only to noticed it was now a stick.

' really starting to hate substitution.'

"Close Naruko but just giving you the bell would be too easy. Glad you felt something was wrong with the situation and played it safe. You do have potential I'll give you that." Naruko was glad to hear him say that but her smile was replaced by shock when his face became riddled with shuriken.

"What the hell Sasuke?! That was overkill!" Both of them saw that shuriken covered "Kakashi" was now a shuriken covered log.

'Damn I just gave away my position!' Sasuke thought before moving away to a new location.

"Great, now I have to find my teammates and somehow get a damn bell. This sucks." Both Naruko and Sasuke both heard a female scream and both thought the same thing.

'Sakura...sensei must have gotten her.'

"Yup, the second ninjutsu skill: genjutsu and Sakura fell for it. I had hoped she would show aptitude for it but what can you do?" Sasuke didn't turn to face Kakashi just yet.

"I'm not like them."

"Obviously not, you're a male while both of them are female but save your boasts until you have a bell in your hand Sasuke."

Sasuke threw several shuriken at Kakashi making him dodge only to nearly fall into a trap Sasuke had set before the two engaged in a taijutsu match.

'Huh I can't even read Icha Icha while fighting him, though Naruko was just as bad with her clones and strength.'

"Okay I admit it, you're not like the others, no wonder Naruko sees you as her favorite sparring partner." Sasuke smirked and began flying through handseals before taking a deep breath.

'No way, there's no way his chakra is that developed to preform that move!'

"Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu!" Sasuke blew outwards and an enormous fireball erupted forth at the spot where Kakashi was. When the fire died out Kakahsi was nowhere in sight.

"What?! Where did he go? Above? Behind me?"

"Try below."

"Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no jutsu!" The next thing Sasuke knew he was now buried in the ground from his shoulders down.

"Lesson number three: ninjutsu. Though I must admit your performance was very good, out of the three of you both you and Naruko have the most talent. Oh well."

"Crap...need to find a way to get out of--"

"EEEYAHHH! SASUKE'S HEAD HAS BEEN SEVERED!" Sasuke looked and saw Sakura was unconscious.

"What the hell was that all about?"

"Sasuke! Sakura! Where are you two?" Sasuke could hear Naruko's voice nearby. Maybe she could help him get out.

"Over here she-hulk!"

"Oh there you are....HAHAHAHA!"

"Just get me outta here!" He bared his teeth at her and Naruko for a split second thought he looked cute when he had a pissed off look on his face. But now wasn't the time for that.

"Okay okay, that was the funniest thing I've seen all day...what happened to her?"

"I don't know, she fainted when she saw me." Naruko shrugged and began digging Sasuke out.

"What happened to you?"

"Our sensei happened to me, just help me get out of here."

"Alright alright asshole, I'm digging as fast as I can. Here give me your arm." Naruko at that moment forgot how strong she was and ended up pulling Sasuke not only out of the ground but on top of her leaving him laying between her legs with their faces a mere inch of two from each other. Needless to say both were blushing.

"You got five seconds to get off me." Naruko said though Sasuke noticed she wasn't growling. He wasn't gonna push his luck and got off her, dusting himself off.

"We don't tell anyone about that okay?" She said to which he nodded. The last thing he needed was his fangirls thinking they were going out, not only would Naruko never hear the end of it but Sasuke wouldn't either.

"Okay so what do we do now?"

"I got close enough to touch one of the bells, this time I'm taking one."

"Yeah I did too, you know what happened? It became a damn twig. How about we both try and get one?"

"I can do just fine on my own."

"Such a stubborn jerk you are. Look we got no choice with how strong that scarecrow is but to---"


" up. Well so much for that. Let's get back to the spot where we started. Come on bubblegum." Naruko picked up Sakura's unconscious body and flung her over her shoulder carrying her back like a sack of potatoes. Since Sakura was unconscious and since Kakashi had heard Naruko offer to help Sasuke Sakura was the one tied to the stump.

"Well, well, well listen to the stomachs growl, well none of you have to worry about going back to the academy. More training would be pointless." All three had annoyed looks on their faces.

"None of you will ever be shinobi!"

"What the hell scarecrow? I mean yeah none of us got a bell but doesn't mean we should quit!"

"You three mock the way of shinobi with your behavior, you're nothing more than a trio of spoiled brats!" Sasuke was about to charge at Kakashi but Naruko grabbed his wrist and pulled him to sit back down.

"Now see? If you had shown more of that during the exercise you would've passed."

"Shown what?" Sakura asked, she had been awake since Sasuke had almost charged.

"Teamwork. That is the reason you three are divided into teams. Hell out of all three of you Naruko was the only one who offered to team up with anyone. Because of that I'm gonna give you one more chance to pass. If you wish to continue you may eat but no feeding Sakura, she goes hungry."

"Why me?" Kakashi looked at her.

"Not once did you try to help either of your teammates. So for that you go without food. Neither of you two feed Sakura or else you fail the test immediately." Kakashi vanished in a swirl of leaves leaving the three alone. Naruko looked around and opened a bento box and handed her a clump of rice.

"What? Kakahsi-sensei said--"

"Yeah you know what else he said? Don't eat breakfast, you know what I did? I ate a nice hearty breakfast. Just shut up and eat, you can't help neither Sasuke or me if you're starving plus I'm still good from this morning so I'm not hungry."

"Sakura, you can have half of mine as well. I'm not that big an eater anyway." Sakura was tearing up at how nice Naruko was being despite all they went through in the academy. Plus Sasuke was offering her food as well so double points. An explosion of smoke erupted in front of them revealing their very angry sensei.


All three looked at him like he was crazy so Kakashi explained.

"Well from what I heard Naruko never listened to me in the first place which is why she had so much energy but to offer you Sakura her food along with Sasuke after I told them both not to shows you three have matured. You see in the ninja world those who don't follow the rules are trash but those who abandon their teammates are below trash. Therefore seeing as your teammates did not abandon you Sakura this exercise is over. Congratulations, you are now officially Team Seven. Untie Sakura and let's go home."