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As Kiba and Akumaru continued their charge Naruko let out an earth shattering roar, her eyes ablaze with a baleful red light as several spiked chains tore from her back into the walls and floor of the arena and erupted from multiple spots, crisscrossing over and over until Kiba and Akumaru both could not move. The hokage looked like he was about to have a heart attack while Kakashi looked like he had just seen a ghost.

"That's the…it can't be!" Both thought as Naruko stood up, the chains releasing Kiba and Akumaru and retracting slowly back into her as she smiled at Kiba, her lengthened fangs gleaming.

"Hey Kiba…my turn."

Now back to the show!

Kiba was honestly scared at seeing what Naruko just did, but shook off his fear and charged her along with Akumaru, both pushing chakra to their feet in an attempt to knock her out before she could react. Naruko watched as Kiba went to flank her right side while Akumaru went left.

Too bad for the Inuzuka duo they forgot her chakra chains hadn't fully retracted into her body yet...

Almost too fast for the audience and her opponent to keep up, two chains from her back lengthened enough for her to grab them and swing, the barbed chains seemed to grow before everyones eyes as Kiba and Akumaru dodged just in time to avoid the spiked tips. Kiba created several bunshin to try and distract her which seemed to work as he speared her midsection, only to realize the Naruko he tackled was a shadow clone. The real Naruko was leaping above Kiba, the two chakra chains wrapped around her fists as impromptu gauntlets. Kiba twisted his body just as Naruko came crashing down only to have her chain gauntlet graze him, though the ribs on his left side were probably cracked, though the pain that exploded in his body when he landed told him otherwise.

"Bark! Bark Bark!" Akumaru was worried about his partner, he could tell his partner already needed medical attention after that slight blow, he probably wouldn't survive a direct hit. He had to convince him to give up.

"No Akumaru, I'm not giving up. If you want to, that's fine. I'd rather you give up than get hurt or worse. I'm gonna try and win this." Kiba could tell just from the black spots in his vision that he should give up but his pride as both a male and an Inuzuka would rather have him go down fighting. As swiftly as he could he pulled out another soldier pill and popped it in his mouth feeling the pain in his side lessen slightly.

Naruko could see Kiba was barely standing after she grazed his side, why he insisted on fighting she had no idea, probably something about the male ego, but whatever she had her fun with him, time to knock him out and move on to the next fight. She shrugged the chains off of her hands and retracted them into her body which felt surprisingly good.

'I could get used to that feeling.' Naruko cracked her neck and charged at Kiba, she would finish this fight and show this dog his place. Kiba though enhanced by the soldier pill was still suffering from possible broken ribs and was too slow to counter Naruko's charge as she slid under his guard and with an upward kick to his jaw sent him skyward which she quickly followed with a leap that left a small crater. Kiba was barely aware of anything else but the sharp pain in his side and now his jaw as he floated for a moment in mid air. A voice from behind him caught his attention.

"Hey Kiba" Naruko grabbed hold of Kiba's legs and wrapped her legs around his torso to prevent him from using his hands.

"Whose the bitch now?" Naruko's added body-weight made them come crashing down towards the arena floor and with a sickening crack Kiba hit the floor. Immediately the medic staff rushed over, not even bothering to see if Kiba was going to stand or not, they were just going to be happy if the boy lived. Naruko knew she won and she was inwardly glad when she heard the medics say he was alive, she didn't want to kill Kiba, contrary to popular belief. But she'll be damned if that ass whooping made him think twice about calling her a bitch from now on.

Most of the assembled shinobi were stunned not only at Naruko's brutality but the fact that most of the arena floor had craters in it of varying sizes, even the hokage who was used to this sort of thing from Gai and his students was taken aback by the destruction. He was half tempted to just let the remaining shinobi go to the finals but knew that most would argue about having their chance to prove themselves.

"Well then, shall we see who the next fighters are?" The jonin up on stage with him shook off their slight shock at the display of the village jinchuriki's power and chuckled at how silly most of them probably looked.

The names on the board started their roulette spin and most were eager to see who was next.

'If it lands on my name then Sakura-chan will fall in love with me, if it doesn't land on my name then Naruko-chan will think I'm a loser.' Lee watched with rapt attention as the names kept changing and changing, he was biting his lower lip and moving his feet like a child being told to wait to open christmas presents. Naruko chuckled at her friends behavior, she knew he was eager to prove himself after seeing her performance.

'Lee's a nice guy, if he would calm down a bit, he might be dateable...and it wouldn't hurt if he looked a little less like Gai-sensei. He's cool and all but his sense of fashion is...ugh' Naruko shuddered and had to hold in a laugh as Lee was leaning over the railing, his eyes promising death to the name roulette machine if it didn't stop spinning anytime soon.

The hokage watched as the roulette machine kept spinning...and spinning...and spinning...and spinning before he cleared his throat to get someone's attention.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" The aged hokage merely smiled at Anko.

"Anko-chan, do you mind stopping the name roulette? Most of the shinobi are getting very antsy." He could tell by her eyes widening she forgot about the machine.

"Oh! Right, sorry Hokage-sama!" Anko pressed the button and the names began to slow down until the two fighters were finally selected.

Rock Lee vs. Sabaku no Gaara

At that moment Naruko's heart sank.