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Chapter 1

It was actually happening, my step-dad was ACTUALLY throwing me out. I knew he had been saying it for years, and I knew he hated me as much as I hated him (for stealing mum when I as 4 and dad was till warm in his grave), but I never thought he would make good on his threat.

Let me start with introducing myself, my name is Kathleen Bristow, I have literally just turned 16, have curly dark blonde-almost-brown hair that reaches my bra strap with purple and red streaks through it and a side fringe that curves over my left eye, I am about 5'7" in hight and have eyes that change colour. When I was four my father passed away, he knew he was dying and he also knew my mother was cheating on him, before he died he gave me a thick manilla envelope and said that when I had to fend for myself I was to open it. It was the first thing I packed into my rucksack. Next went my prized collection of all seven Harry Potter books. Then the necessities like underwear, changes of clothes, socks, a couple of pairs of trainers, toothbrush & tooth paste, face wipes, hair brush, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Into one of the side pockets I put all my savings (about £400) and my passport, into another, smaller, pocket I put my purse (containing a couple of small notes, some coins and my young scot card) and in the last pocket I put my lock picks and screwdriver. Hoisting the large bag onto my back I made sure that my phone was in my jeans pocket along with my mp3 player and that my switch-blade was safely strapped to my calf, hidden by my knee high black leather boots. I retied my camo hoody around my waist and was finally ready to leave. The date is the 12th of April 2009, today is my 16th birthday and today is also the day I leave home. I marched right past my step-father, my two step-brothers (one younger and one older), and took one last look at my mother who was holding my step-father's hand, and walked out the front door.

I took the bus from the small town of Duns in the Scottish borders (population 2,646) to the larger town of Berwick-upon-tweed that was just over the English border and found a room in one of the Inns for the night. I sat on the bed and dug out the envelope that my father had given me and opened it. I couldn't believe my eyes. Inside, packed as tightly as possible were bundles and bundles of cash! I emptied out the envelope and as well as the money out came a smaller envelope made out of a strange, heavy parchment like material. Intrigued, I picked it up and on the front in black ink it was addressed 'Kathleen Bristow, my darling daughter' I gasped, dad had written me a letter! I turned it over and saw that it was sealed by wax with a design almost like a coat of arms imprinted on it. I broke the seal and pulled out more of the heavy parchment, unfolding it I began to read;

To my darling daughter Kathleen,

as you are reading this I know I have died and have possibly been dead for a while, I am so sorry my dear, sorry that I had to leave you. As I write this I know your mother has herself another man and intends to marry him once I finally keel over, and because of that I am even more sorry that I have to leave you. I have met this man and I know your mother and I can't help but dread how they will treat you. If I am right in that the answer to that is 'not very well' then I am guessing you are younger than 18. This letter was intended for that possibility, in case you want to go away somewhere where they can never bother you again and you will have a proper chance in life. There is something that I have never told anybody, not even your mother, I was not born in this world. I was born in a place very similar yet much more magical, for you see when I graduated high school I went to work for my government in obscure and odd researches. One day there was an accident and I was sucked through an archway...into this world. Luckily for me I was able to settle, I found a job, a wife, and a family but my powers dwindled over time. For you see my dear Kathleen, I was a wizard. It took me four years, and as it is I am in my last few days of life only just finishing my calculations, but I have found a way back, and it is for you my darling that I write this down so you may have the opportunity to know the magic of my old home, because, you have the gift, I have suspected it since I first saw your eyes change colour...if you decide to go the spell will most likely drop you near gringotts, I worked it into the spell as this way you will not get lost and you can get the keys to my old flat. You will have to talk to the goblins, make sure to be polite! Seriously, they are much friendlier if you show the common courtesy, then see where life takes you. Before I tell you how, down at the bottom of he page there is a drawing of a wand and a ring, put your hand over these and concentrate your hardest on bringing them out of the parchment.

I just sat there totally struck dumb, how could this be real?! But then...I always knew there was something special about my dad. I decided to do as instructed and put my right hand over the two drawings, willing them with all my might to come out of the parchment. Suddenly there was a flash of light and I felt my energy levels drop but sitting there on my lap were two things, a wand and a silver ring set with a large deep purple gem. I gasped and marvelled at the beauty of the ring, then I read on in the letter.

As you are now reading on I take it that you were successful? The ring is the Bristow family ring, it is set with an Asscher cut amethyst, you probably noticed the coat of arms on the wax seal, to get this tap the ring twice with a wand and the silver encompasses the amethyst and then settles with the Bristow family crest ready to stamp, like a signet ring. Simply tap it again twice to got back to normal. My time is coming to an end my dear so I will give you one last piece of advice before I tell you how. Enjoy yourself, be a teenager, fall in love and fulfil your dreams. This is all I can offer you my dear, and I hope that we meet again in the next great adventure! (but not to soon, live your life to the fullest then pop your clogs when you are an old old lady!)

goodbye and good luck,

your loving father,

Simon Bristow xxx

I put down the letter and sighed, then picked up the second piece of parchment.

My dearest Kathleen,

these are the instructions if you wish to make a new life in a new world, but first you will need to be VERY well rested, as long as your magical core and energy levels are at maximum this shouldn't be a problem so have a good nights sleep before you do this.

Things you will need;

white chalk

anything and everything you are taking with you

a blank wall preferably in a place where no one will see you

the incantation.

To do this you must;

draw a circle on the wall with the chalk it doesn't matter whether it is a perfect circle or not as long as it's circle looking,

Copy out the seven runes I have listed below around the inside of the circle starting at the top and work you way around clockwise,

stand in front of the circle holding everything that you are taking with you and chant 'Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amado' seven times; once for each rune,

you will have 10 seconds to jump through the portal before it closes, you must go then because this combination won't work again.

good luck my darling, never forget that I am proud of you and that I love you my darling daughter.

Lots of love,

your father,

Simon Bristow xxx

"Wow...not what I was expecting..." I muttered to myself as I re read both pieces of parchment several times yawning I packed them back inside my bag along with the cash and pulled out my pyjamas; an old baggy t-shirt of my dads and a pair of shorts, laying down on my bed I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I woke to sunlight streaming through the window, not remembering where I was for a few seconds before letting out an excited squeal (which is really not me) and jumping out of the bed I threw off my pyjamas and after grabbing my toiletries rushed into the en suite bathroom. I had a really quick shower and pulled on new underwear then the clothes I wore yesterday, which I had only worn for a few hours anyway. I made sure everything was in my bag and left the room, slinging it over my shoulders as I went. After grabbing a couple of pieces of toast from the breakfast table I paid for my room and left.

The first two places I tried didn't have any chalk at all,the next three had only bright colours like pink, blue, green and yellow, then finally I found a shop full of arts and crafts things and hallelujah! The had white chalk! I bought some and then went on a hunt for a wall. I ended up just renting another room at a different Inn and after having lunch, headed up there to start.

I drew a large circle on one of the walls, large enough for me to go through, and started copying out the runes. When I was finished I stepped back admiring my handiwork, I nodded to myself and picked up my rucksack. I picked up the instructions and looked quickly for he incantation;

"Okay, seven times, right, here goes..." I took a deep breath and began chanting

"Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando. Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando. Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando. Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando. Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando. Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando. Fai-me a un lugar onde eu vou ser amando!"

The second I finished a wind swept through the room and the chalk runes seemed to be pulsing. Just as suddenly as it started, the wind stopped, and a blue swirling portal flared into existence in front of me.

"Wow... Omg ten seconds!" I said then panicked, I wasn't sure how long had passed so quickly looked around the room and dove through the portal. I had the uncomfortable feeling of being pulled in all directions before I was falling through the air. I landed on something slightly squishy and looked around.

"Well...that was different." I heard a groan from beneath me I looked down and realised that I had landed on a person! I jumped up

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" I said helping the guy to his feet he grimaced and looked over my shoulder then looked back at me as if doing a double check then he grinned,

"'s alright, the ladies are always falling for me," he winked "anyway the name's Sirius, Sirius Black."

No. Way. I tried not to let the surprise show on my face and smiled back a him,

"Well Sirius, Sirius Black, my name's Kathleen, Kathleen Bristow."

just then I heard a shout and turned to see three people running down the street towards us, the one in front the most enthusiastically.

"PADDY!!!" he shouted bowling Sirius over. I stepped back and saw the other two try to stop in time but their momentum carried them over and they all landed in a big pile.

"Well it was nice meeting you Sirius, Sirius Black, but I have business to attend to...see ya!" I turned and walked up the steps and into the massive white marble building that is gringotts.

I walked up to one of the many desks and cleared my throat,

"Excuse me, I wonder if you could help me," I smiled at the goblin behind the desk

"Yes?" was the haughty reply

"Well, my name is Kathleen Bristow and after receiving a letter from my deceased father, I did as was instructed and came here."

"Wait a moment miss Bristow, I will call your account manager, Sharptooth!"

"Thank you- what's your name?" I asked

"My name is Gripclaw miss Bristow."

"Well then thank you Gripclaw, have a nice day." I smiled as I walked away with the new goblin, I was lead into a room with a desk three chairs and many bookcases, the goblin, Sharptooth, sat on the chair on the other side of the desk and so I took a seat in one of the two chairs facing him.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me Sharptooth," I smiled again, the goblin smiled back but it was a bit unnerving with all the pointy teeth.

"You are welcome miss Bristow, I see you are wearing your family ring, may I see?" Sharptooth replied. I held up my hand, he examined the thick silver band set with amethyst carefully before smiling toothily again. I wore it on the middle finger of my right hand.

"Yes, everything seems to be in order. Do you wish to go down to your vault?"

"Yes that would be a good idea I think. If there an inventory list in the vault?" I asked

"Indeed, this way miss Bristow." I followed the goblin out the door again, down a hall and through another door, then we passed through the main room of gringotts and through another door. The cart ride took about 8 minutes until we stopped in front of vault number 93. it looked like just another bit of wall, after Sharptooth lit the lantern he told me to press he ring to the door. I did so and then stood back as the wall seemed to vanish from the point where the ring touched it creating a small doorway.

My mouth dropped open and my eyes went wide when I saw the amount of stuff inside.

There were huge piles of gold silver and bronze that took up about half of the room that was the size of an average four bedroom house. In the middle was a book stand with one very old looking book sitting closed on it, and on the other side were racks upon racks of clothes and shelves and shelves of books, jewellery and weapons. I went to the book, assuming it was the inventory and opened it.

All current members of the Bristow family;

Kathleen Bristow

All current monies and properties of the Bristow family;

27,000,000 Galleons

14,000,000 Sickles

563,000 Knuts

Bristow family manor

26c Diagon Alley

5 Park Lane Hogsmeade

"Wow...this is just one big surprise after another..." I walked to the doorway and poked my head out,

"Sharptooth, do you have anything like a money bag that can take straight from the vault or a muggle credit card?" I asked,

"Yes but we can sort that out when we go back up, how about you take a little money out just now for pocket change, and of course anything else that takes your fancy." the goblin suggested.

"Good idea, thanks Sharptooth." I went back into the vault and headed to the shelves. Seeing a trunk I grabbed it and pulled it over, it was empty so I didn't have to take anything out. I browsed the shelves of books picking out anything that looked vaguely interesting and putting it into the trunk, some of them being 'Potion making made easy', 'a guide to the mind arts', 'metamorphmagi' and 'the unparalleled guide to becoming an animagus'. Then I moved on to the weapons where I was almost in heaven, I have a love of sharp pointy things you see. The first thing that caught my eye was a purple velvet box, I opened it and inside was a set of three throwing knifes and six ninja stars. Of course that went into the trunk. Next two smaller daggers each with small blood red and deep purple stoned set in the hilt. They looked like those ones that Marian used to help robin in one of the episodes of the BBC Robin Hood series. Next I saw some bigger daggers and several holsters for wands and knifes. I grabbed two of the bigger daggers and all of the holsters. Next to this set of shelves many different types of sword hung on the wall, into the trunk went a pair of short swords in scabbards and 3 different coloured weapons belts. After browsing through the jewellery and clothes to see what was there I left the vault. Sharptooth told me all I had to do to close the vault was wave my hand of the doorway. I did so and it sealed up, Sharptooth shrunk my trunk to pocket size for me and we both climbed back into the cart.

15 minutes later I was out of gringotts with three house keys, a credit card, a bag connected to my vault and a trunk full of stuff from said vault. I made my way through Diagon Alley using Sharptooth's directions to get to my new flat, 26c was two floors above Madam Malkin's robes for all occasions as it turned out. I looked around the flat and saw that it looked like it hadn't been lived in for around 20 years. There were inches of dust on everything and a really musty smell, like stale air. I walked around the flat opening every window I found before grabbing dad's wand and one of the books from the vault 'Handy Household Charms' taking it took about an hour and several tries at each spell I attempted before the flat was decent. I walked back out of my flat and went into Madam Malkin's.

"Hello dear, what can I do for you?" asked a plump witch, after I had been in the shop a few minutes..

"I am in need of an entire new wardrobe, can you help me choose?" I asked, feeling a bit lost amidst all the robes.

"Oh of course my dear!" cried the witch and blurred into motion, taking my measurements she then studied me for a moment before bustling off, returning a few minutes later with her arms full of clothes. I tried on clothes for about an hour before selecting which out of all of them to buy, then I dropped off the clothes back upstairs. I explored for a bit longer before heading back to the flat arms now full with food and drink for my cupboards and fridge. That night I sat down and really had a think about what I was going to do in this world. I would need to now more about it for starters, then certainly learn some magic, possibly even go to Hogwarts! Yes that sounded like a good plan...I looked at the books I now had on a bookshelf enough to fill half of the 6 foot tall set of shelves, I needed school books. Right. Tomorrow I was going to the book shop and buying a whole load of school books, if I am right then I would be in fifth year at the I will have to study really hard to get up to scratch in time... it's the Easter holidays at the moment...that means just over a month! Uh oh. I REALLY need those school books. Actually scratch that, I should just ask the examiners sometime for during the summer to give me more time, but, I should write a letter to Dumbledore...because, again, if I'm right, those four boys were the Marauders, meaning it is the mid to late 70's, meaning Dumbledore is still alive and I will need to enrol at Hogwarts.

* * *

The next day I bought an owl and sent a letter to the education division of the ministry, asking to schedule examinations for early July, and a letter to Dumbledore about me enrolling in the sixth year in September. The next week I got positive replies from both.

The next couple months were spent on catching up with the fifth year students and, just for fun, becoming an animagus. I had done my best with Occlumency seeing as had no one to practise with but I thought it wise, with the knowledge of the books, to keep people out of my mind.

When it came to doing my OWLs, it was pretty stressful but I passed in all the ones I wanted to.

My Hogwarts letter arrived in the third week of July and I looked at the kit list...several books I already had, potions set, a few new books, robes, hat, cloak, protective gloves...why did they still put 'wand' on the sixth years letter? Anyway, I remembered going to get my own wand after being rally fed up about dad's not working properly for me. Olivander is quite a creepy old dude. I filled out my course choices; Transfiguration, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Care of Magical Creatures and sent back my reply.

Today was August 31st 1976 tomorrow I was leaving for Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry but I was horrifically bored. I decided to experiment with my animagus form, which was a spotted leopard, to see if I could change the fur colour or get smaller. It took me a whole hour to change my fur black but then it was so easy to change it I could probably do it in human form! Size was a bit more difficult and it took me the rest of the day...well...until 7pm to be able to control the change. Currently at 7:45pm I was running about in my animagus form about the size of an average house cat, at about 9pm i started to tire from the running and magic i had used today and went to bed.

This morning I woke up at 9am had a shower and straightened my hair, I wore a pair of black skinny jeans with stud along the pockets, a red tube top, a studded spiked belt that held my ninja stars in hidden holsters on the inside, a cropped black leather jacket (kept open) and a pair of high heeled black leather boots with my throwing knives in holsters strapped to my calves. I had painted my nails blood red last night, so all I had to do was put on some red lippy and grab my red and black chequered messenger bag that hid my wand, purse, money bag and shrunken 3 compartment trunk.

I locked up the flat and made my way to the leaky cauldron where I took the floo to platform 9 ¾.

By the time I got there it was 10:45 and crowded, I got several looks, probably because of my outfit, and found a compartment, I sat with my back against the wall next to the window and my legs stretched out along the bench, one crossed over the other. I had enchanted my mp3 player so that it worked around magic so I put in the earphones, turned it on and prepare for a long and boring train ride. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, that was not to be. About five minutes after the train left the station there was a commotion outside my compartment, I decided to ignore it and wait and see what happened. The door opened and I heard loud boisterous voices that suddenly stopped. I opened one eye and when I saw who it was I let loose a wide smile,

"Why, hello again Sirius, Sirius Black. And friends." I smirked. For a moment they were all gaping at me, then James, Peter and Remus snapped out of it but Sirius was still looking slightly dazed,

"Um...this is the compartment we usually sit in-" James said, I pouted it was so FUN playing with them...especially Sirius. I stretched like a cat and stood up,

"I guess I'll go find somewh-" I started but was interrupted by Sirius,

"NO! I-uh I mean, no it's fine you can stay with us...can't she?" he pleaded looking at the other three marauders.

"Yeah,sure." was the response from James, Peter nodded and Remus said "Of course."

I smiled and sat back down next to the window,

"Thanks, why don't you introduce your selves, my name's Kathleen Bristow."

"James Potter, at your service milady." James bowed as extravagantly as he could in the enclosed space, I laughed,

"And you?" I asked Remus

"Remus John Lupin, very good to meet you miss Bristow." he informed me with a smile and a handshake, I grinned,

"Kathleen, please, and It's very nice to met you too Remus." I replied "And you?" I asked the pudgy boy in the corner next to the door,

"I-I'm Peter Pettigrew." he mumbled, I smiled slightly

"Well it's very nice to meet you all, even if Sirius isn't quite with us." I said. They laughed and Sirius finally snapped out of it,

"Hey! No fair!" he pouted, they laughed even harder, at this point Remus apologised and excused himself for a prefects meeting. The train journey was actually pretty fun, they told me all about Hogwarts, why I had better not be in Slytherin, the teachers, the students, the lessons, and the castle itself. Remus came back after an hour or so and eagerly joined in. When we were about half an hour away (to Remus' knowledge) they kindly left the carriage so I could change into my uniform which consisted of a pleated grey skirt (just above the knee), a white buttoned blouse, a set of nude coloured stockings (I hated tights), a plain black robe and a pair of flat soled black pumps. Once I finished changing I returned the favour for the boys and stood outside while they changed.

Soon we arrived at Hogsmeade station, I said goodbye to the boys as I had to go across the lake with the firsties, oh what fun.

I was getting a lot of odd looks as I followed the firsties into the hall, McGonagall had informed me I would be sorted after the firsties so I waited while the had sang a song about the different houses and the subsequent sorting of the 11 year olds. When that was finally over I was called up, I sat on the stool and the had was placed on my head...Godric Gryffindor must have had a really big head because the hat was to big even though I was 5 years older than the firsties.

'My my, I haven't had a sorting as interesting as yours in a long time...from another world! Very did those books come into existence I wonder....'

'look I'm sorry hat but can we hurry this along, I'd like to be in Gryffindor because from where I'm standing it's where I can help the most...and here a certain black haired, grey eyed boy that is hilarious to tease.'

'Very well, yes I think that would be best...' "GRYFFINDOR!"

The red and gold table cheered and I made my way over, the Marauders were waving me over and made room for me to sit.

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