The year is 199X. The peaceful area known as Pallet Town is quiet on one night that would change the world…

A loud thud woke the neighborhood. Police sirens screamed away outside, and the sound of doors opening and slamming shut rang through the town. Ash Ketchum opened his eyes, waking up from a wonderful dream he'd been experiencing. After several failed attempts at regaining his lost dream, he stood up and angrily rushed to the window to learn about the commotion. He gasped, greeted with a shock when his eyes fell upon a meteor that rested just half a mile from his house.

Quietly, so as not to wake anyone, he tiptoed downstairs and approached the front door. However, a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Young man! Where do you think you're going at this time of night?"

Ash sighed. "Mom, relax. I just want to check out the meteor…"

His mother began to speak, but stopped suddenly. "Well you can't go out like that. Put some clothes on first."

After changing out of his pajamas, Ash quickly pulled his cap on and rushed down the stairs. He turned to his friend Pikachu for a quick goodbye. Pikachu waved to him.

Ash rushed out of the house, ignoring the various odd creatures of Pallet Town that tried to slow him down. At last, when he was near the top of the cliff on which the meteor had landed, he began to sprint not paying attention to anything in front of him. He smacked directly into a police officer in front of him…

"Hey, watch where you're going kid!"

"Uh, sorry!"

All at once, a voice made Ash cringe. "Ashy-boy? What are you doing here?"

Out of the shadows, Ash's friend Gary stepped into view. "You might as well just go home and call it a night. I've got everything under control here."

"But I-"

"Run along, I have things to do."

Ash sighed and trudged back to his house in low spirits. His mother noticed this and offered him a cookie once he stepped inside, which he politely refused. After several minutes of thought, he jumped back up off the couch.

"I don't care what Gary says! I want to see that meteor!!!"

Ash's mother beamed. "That's the spirit, Ash! But why don't you take Pikachu with you? Just for a little while?"

Ash smiled back, bending down to allow Pikachu to jump onto his shoulder. Around then, there was a knock at the door.

"Ash? Open up, it's me!"

Ash opened the door to find himself face-to-face with Gary, who lived in the house next to his. Gary put his hands on his hips.

"What exactly are you doing just standing around? Eevee ran off to check out the meteor and hasn't come back! And as my friend, you're supposed to help me find him!"

Before Gary could get dramatic, Ash sighed and picked up his cracked baseball bat off of the couch. It could come in handy at a time…

His mother waved goodbye to him, and he set off down the road, Gary and Pikachu at his side.

Once again ignoring Pallet Town's strange creatures, the three of them set out for the top of the cliff. Gary had no idea where they were going to begin with, but Ash was determined to see the meteor that everyone had gotten so worked up over. By now, the area was quiet, and Ash had the place all to himself. After several minutes of hiking up the cliff, and listening to Gary's whining, Ash's face lit up at the sight of the meteor, which was still blazing hot to the touch. Gary smiled when he saw Eevee asleep by a tree.

Eevee opened its eyes and gasped when it realized it had fallen asleep. "I'm sorry Gary! I didn't know where you went, I just wanted to find you!"

"It's alright. Let's just go before our parents go crazy, okay?"

Ash, meanwhile, along with Pikachu, were eagerly examining the awe-inspiring meteor that they'd been blessed to have a chance to observe. As Ash stood up reluctantly, he heard a rather irritating buzzing sound that filled his ears.

"Gary, do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

Ash heard the sound again. "THAT."

Out of nowhere, and from what seemed to be beyond the limits of his imagination, Ash watched as the meteor emitted a glorious light. Suddenly, a small fly-like creature approached him. Gary poked it.

"What the heck? What is this thing?"

A tiny, irritated voice replied back. "I'm a someone, not a thing! And I didn't come for you, so go away!"

The fly turned to Ash, who smiled brightly at it, still not believing the night's events.

"You're the one called Ash, right? Ash Ketchum?"

Ash nodded. The fly smiled.

"I have so much to explain, and this is going to seem very sudden…my name, first of all, is Lucas. I was a normal human being until they took over and turned me into this! Now I'm nothing more than a mere fly…anyway, the evil Team Galactic has taken over our land of Sinnoh, and we've declared war against their leader, Cyrus! I came from ten years in the future to warn you of the fate of Sinnoh! Please, I'm begging! The prophecy tells of three boys and a girl who will save Sinnoh from destruction! Do you understand this?"

Ash nodded again. Gary tilted his head in utmost confusion.

"Good. They're coming for me as we speak…we have to move fast…I'll get you back to your houses safely, but we must hurry!"

Lucas landed on Ash's other shoulder, and Ash, Gary, and Eevee set off down the road. When they were just feet from Gary's house, another bright light shone on the ground. Appearing out of it was a girl with red hair in a tight dress. She frowned.

"Wow, Lucas, I'm impressed. Getting this far with no help…"

"What do you want, Mars???"

"To destroy you, of course!" With that, Mars lunged at Lucas…