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Wolves, Feathers, and Ice cream

Chapter 1: Dreaming of wheels

Sam was walking through a courtyard; she remembered it in the back of her mind, as if she'd been here years ago. Her cache shorts and black T-shirt seemed painstakingly out of place next to this expensive mansion trimmed with manicured bushes. Sam didn't mind. Who cared what these people thought? Especially if they were as rich and stuck up their mansion.

The big, big mansion. Sam wondered if they had a fridge, she could really do with some ham or fat cakes right now. Mmmm, pie. Yes, pie sounded good right now.


Something wasn't right. The trees around the edge of the yard seemed to fade in and out, and her brain was more relaxed than usual, almost as if…Of course she was dreaming, why else would no one be chasing her with a badge or telling her to stop harassing Freddie?

So, what now? Unconsciously Sam had been walking toward the door. Just when her hand reached out for the doorknob, an old sounding voice stopped her.

"You must be Samantha."

Sam whirled around in anger. It was some ancient dude in a wheel chair! But she hated to be called Samantha.

"Who the hell are you? And it's Sam by the way." She practically snarled at him, that neutral hum in her brain now gone.

"My apologies, Miss Sam. I am Professor Xavier."

Oh, come on! It's her dream, why did teachers have to show up?

"Just Sam. Now where am I? I'm dreaming right?"

"I'm afraid not. You are, in fact, in a state of unconsciousness where I have entered your thought process while it is unguarded."

Okay, she was officially freaked out now.

"Answer the first question! Where am I?"

"You are standing on the grounds of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Here we teach people with extra abilities, like yourself, to master their powers."

Sam snorted. "You mean powers, like in comic books and stuff? You're kidding right?"

"Yes, like in comic books, and no, I'm not kidding. Surely you've heard about the mutant outbreak on the news?"

"Well yeah, but It's just some stupid government conspiracy to get us all scared to take a step out of place."

"Not all of the things you see on television are true though." Professor Shaver, or whatever, continued talking like I hadn't. "Most of us aren't dangerous, in fact we try to do as much good as possible. Some of the older ones of us, such as Cyclops and Storm, helped us saved the entire city of New York not to long ago."

Sam had stopped listening once he said those ridiculous things that were supposedly names. She laughed so hard she could barely breath.

"Cyclops? Storm? What are you? Wheels?" She busted out laughing at her own joke, not noticing how the Professor was looking at her oddly.

"Could you tell me your mothers full name?"

The question caught her so off guard she stopped laughing and stared at the Professor. Her mother's full name was Donna Puckett. Sam didn't know what her dad's name was because her mom was almost always to drunk to think straight.

The Professor suddenly looked sad. He smiled sympathetically at her. She raised her eyebrows asking him what the dealio was.

"We are running out of time so listen very carefully. You don't believe me. But my ability is mind reading. Let me prove it to you. With just these few minutes with you I have uncovered a few of your most precious secrets. Maybe not what I would consider precious but you would guard them with your life."

Sam narrowed her eyes. "Oh, yeah?"

The Professor took a deep breath.

"Every year on your birthday you eat the cake that Spencer makes you in the morning so that he must bake you another. Your first kiss was with Freddie Benson. He is one of your best friends along with Carly Shay, whom you sometimes feel jealous of for getting all the attention from boys. Your mother is an alcoholic. You and her live outside of town in a house that you are so ashamed of that none of your friends have ever seen it except Carly, and you hate staying there."

Sam was frozen in shock and thought she might be for a very long time. The Professor started talking again.

"I hope this has convinced you, if only a bit, and good-bye, our time is up."

Her vision blurred into black and she felt herself drift off into a troubled sleep.

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