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Wolves, Feathers, and Ice Cream

Chapter 2 – Remembering Sucks

Sam sprang up like toast, gasping. Three words just about covered it.




That had to have been the weirdest dream she had ever had. Including that one where Ms. Briggs turned into quiche and started fighting these ninjas on top of the Worlds Fattest Priest's house.

Now that she thought about it, the quiche one was probably weirder.

Oh, well. Eat and forget. That was Sam's motto. So she pulled on some semi-clean clothes and ran downstairs for breakfast. Her mom hardly ever went out grocery shopping so all they had was eggs, fat cakes, and some spoiled milk. Then she saw it. Sitting in the back like some kind of god. COLD TURKEY!! She snatched it and started munching on it happily while grabbing her bag and running out the door. On her way out Sam mumbled a 'see ya', but didn't get a reply back from her mom. She didn't expect one either, she thought bitterly. Ah, she didn't want to think about it right now. She had to go to school and pretend like everything was perfectly normal when, in reality, it was far from it.

Because of that stupid, goddamn dream. The one that had confirmed her fears.

She never thought that she was completely normal. Not even a little bit. But until last month, she was at least normal enough to get by.

Until that night.

Whoa, that sounded pathetically dramatic.

Anyways, it was a Tuesday; and Sam had just come from Carly's house after finishing iCarly. It was raining and Sam could hear shouting coming from inside her house. Loud shouting. She tiptoed up the steps and put her ear to the door. She thought that this had better not be anything big, because she was freezing her ass off in the rain and just wanted to get to bed.





Sam drew in a breath. There was a long pause inside then she could hear her moms boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, Sam had never bothered too learn his name, start apologizing in a rush of words. Then nothing again. Just when Sam was about to open the door to see if they were still there, her mom spoke.

"Get the hell out of my house." She spoke evenly as if talking to a complete stranger, not a boyfriend who had cheated on her.

"Donna, look I'm sorry, but what do you want me to do?"

"Get out."

Sam heard footsteps and was too late in moving away from the door. The Ex pushed open the door, sending Sam sprawling out on the front porch. She squeezed her eyes shut and wished that no one could see her.

And so no one did.

Ex walked right past her and when Sam tried to comfort her mom inside, she didn't seem to be able to hear, see, or feel Sam. Sam started yelling in a frenzy, and even ran to her neighbors' house, barging through the door. The neighbors complained how the door needed to be fixed, because even a simple wind could open it. At the same time, Sam was shrieking in their faces. It didn't wear off until the next morning when her mom suddenly noticed her daughter screaming hoarsely in front of the T.V. Ms. Puckett yelled at her to stop the sudden screaming and go get dressed for school.

Sam shuddered at the memory. She had been scared to death that her wish had come true and no one would ever see her again, ever. Since then, the episodes had died down. Now it was only when she really wanted to be hidden. Like the other day when she was pouring out all the casserole surprise from the cafeteria out the window during first period and Briggs came in the room. Sam had frozen with the hulking pot halfway tilted out the window. But Briggs just took a piece of bread and left.

Sam had no idea what to do. She'd been in denial for months; she needed someone to talk to.

As Sam walked to school she could have sworn she saw a furry muzzle and big brown eyes in the nearby woods.

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