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Synopsis: If you've played Dirge Of Cerberus, and you got the secret ending, you'll have an idea of what I'm planning. If not, you'll figure it out soon enough:)

Author's Note: A weird-ass crossover idea I got after first watching Advent Children Complete (yet again), then going back and forth between FFVII, Resident Evil Rebirth, and Dirge Of Cerberus. Boredom does strange things to me. Anyway, I put it here because the story starts out with the Final Fantasy characters, but it's definitely going to be a crossover. That said, I'm really not sure just how this is going to play out. Vincent just got in my head and wouldn't go away, and then Cloud joined him, and then Chris, and. . .You get the picture. Hopefully, it turned out alright. Review, and let me know what you think. Thanks, for reading.

Author's Note II: I started this before I'd played Crisis Core or Resident Evil 5. I'll be adding in bits and pieces from both as we go along, but I really didn't like the whole 'Wesker is an Umbrella science project' plot twist. Jenova Project, anyone? Shades of Sephiroth. . .(sigh).

Author's Note III: Beta'd by Littlehouseinthewoods, author of Minerva's Gift, a really well-written friendship fic (FFVII). Thanks, LH =)



A figure stirred in the shadows, nearly indistinguishable from the darkness around him. He stepped silently out of the void, ignoring the voices that screamed in subliminal protest. He had been trapped on the other side for nearly a decade, forced to survive in an environment alien to all that he knew, a world where magic had been replaced by cold hard science--a world ruled by Umbrella.

As he breathed in the Mako-rich air of his homeworld, he was pierced by a shaft of regret. He could not linger here now, though he longed to. The portal that had been opened this night was a part of him, but it was not something he could control. Not yet, at any rate.

Had his brethren's defeat not added to his power, this visit wouldn't have been possible at all. As it was, he had only a short time here, and he was determined not to waste it.

He walked slowly through the darkened cavern, coming to a halt before a large, upraised stone slab. His brilliant gaze locked on the man who lay unconscious upon its hard surface, the man's whose defeat had given him this rare opportunity.

Two large silver swords rested on either side of him, the blood covering them a testament to the battle he had so bravely fought. Silver-white hair framed too-young features, while surprisingly dark lashes kept his eyes fully hidden. His muscular chest rose and fell with only the faintest of motions, the miniscule movement the only sign that Weiss of the Tsviets still lived.

He leaned down and carefully lifted the unconscious man in his leather-clad arms. "It is not yet time for slumber," he murmured, his eyes taking on a strange glow as power flowed back and forth between them. "We still have much to do. . .my brother."

The man in tight black leather smiled slowly, chillingly, at the young man who lay insensate in his arms. He raised his gaze to the cave's ceiling, and the large opening that Weiss' final battle with Chaos had created. The moon gleamed brightly in the sky, casting silver beams of light over them both. He closed his eyes, letting the power pour through him, careful not to take too much from his comatose sibling. Though this was where Weiss' life had ended, it was not where it would be reborn. That would occur in a place that held far greater power than either Chaos or Omega could produce.

With no more than a thought, he called forth his first form, the one that would allow him the gift of flight. It sprung from his back quickly, slicing painfully through the thin skin covering his left shoulder. The soft black feathers of his wing gleamed silver in the moonlight as it unfurled, stirring the stagnant air around it, and he smiled at the sensation.

For the first time in ten years, he was free.

The being who called himself Genesis lifted them into the air, his smile widening as he tightened his hold on his genetic sibling. Soon, we will both taste freedom, my brother. Mother will see to it.