Darkness and Lightness

By: MoonBunny116

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the story line and the characters Maya and Daia.

**Note** I will bash all characters even if I like them so get ready.

The night was dark for Sinnoh, you couldn't see where you were going but you could hear everything. Ash and his twerpy friends, Brock and Dawn, were wandering through a dark forest. The only light they had was Pikachu's electricity, but the poor scrap was getting tired. The twerp trio say a light up ahead and walked-

-right into a glass box. "Hey what's the big idea?" Ash asked rhetorically, they were trapped as a third glass wall fell into place behind them. "I'll bet it's Team Rocket!" But just as he said this he noticed that an identical box sat at the opposite end of the clearing, Team Rocket clearly visible inside.

"Be gone!" A dull voice illuminated from somewhere. "Leave the forest be! You are not welcome here!"

"Hey guys, did you hear that?" Dawn asked. "What ever it is, it sounds mad."

Smoke began to fill the clearing. "I am the ghost of the forest's daughter. You have disturbed my peace. You have broken my darkness!"

"Look we're really sorry!" Brock said. (I'm surprised he could see the smoke…) "If you let go, we'll leave."

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that!" The ghost shouted. "You are too dim-witted to leave the forest unharmed!"

"Can we leave?" Jessie asked feebly. "We're not as stupid as the twerps. They're the ones who got us stuck in here anyway."

"Very well…" The ghost was going to add more when the smoke cleared and-

"-Ah, it's a living girl!!!!!!" Brock exclaimed, beginning to drool on the glass. (yay I know yuck -_-")

"Blast that smokescreen!" The girl hissed.

"You're no ghost!" Dawn laughed like a hyena. "You're just a trainer!"

"You're too close to finding my true identity, so I can't let you leave." The girl had something of an evil laugh…

Bang Boom. Everyone turned to see Team Rocket break their box into a gazillion pieces. "Now we'll snatch Pikachu and be on our way!" Meowth purred.

"Not on my watch!" The girl threw a dark ball and out came a shiny Gardevoir. (I hate helping the twerps but it is part of the story…oh wait no it's not) "Gardevoir, focus blast those…" Jessie whispered something in the girl's ear. "twerps into the next millennium!" Another evil laugh. The case shattered and an ominous force sent Gardevoir into a tree.

"Why all the violence, sister?" A bell-like voice chimed out. "These children did not hurt the forest."

"These children, if in fact that is what they are, were sent by and evil force and treat their Pokemon irresponsibly!" The first girl spat. "I would gladly they hand the poor (gag me with a spoon) Pikachu to these respectable trainers here." She indicated Team Rocket.

"Give it a blow, and let them free." The second girl scolded.

"Over my dead body!" The first threatened.

"Well I suppose I should go find it then." The second girl giggled. "Wouldn't that be something, eh Maya?"

"You mean you really are a ghost?" James whimpered. "Jessie, I'm scared!" Jessie whacked him in the head with a mallet. "Owwwwwww."

"I told you, I am the ghost of the forest's daughter." Maya scoffed. "Go ahead, leave. You, too, Daia. I need my darkness."

But the twerps were already gone, they were almost out of the forest when-

"-hey where's Pikachu?"

"Don't tell me you lost him!" Dawn spat, ready to eat Ash's head so as to stop listening to it. "Oh well, I guess me and Piplup are the stars now."

The End