Akuroku parody from the Scrubs song 'Guy Love.' Been stewin' this one over for a bit and finally had to do it, ^_^ If you know the show, all lines belonging to JD are Axel's. Turk's lines are Roxas'.

"You know, Roxas, a lot of the fangirls seem to have this thing with creating pairings," Axel said to the boy one day as they were relaxing in his room. "I mean, were you aware that Zexion and Demyx were an item?"

"Yeah, but what about Marluxia and Vexen?" Roxas asked him from his spot on the floor. "Does that make sense to you? Flowery Marluxia and…Vexen?"

"Does it have to? Where did Larxene and Namine come from? The point is Roxas, is that our continuation as much loved characters depends on the fans happiness. And…I think it's time you and I fully do our part."

Roxas rolled over off his stomach and sat up. "Wait…you don't mean…what I think you mean…do you?"

Axel nodded. "Yes. I do."

Together, they both said, "Song parody!"


Let's face the facts about me and you, which no one can deny

I love to play with your blonde pointy hair; if I could I'd take you everywhere!

Yes Axel, I feel those feelings too, something too great to describe!

So this Light must shine his light so bright because he can no longer hide


Yes it's Akuroku, that's what it is

Akuroku, he's mine, I'm his!

There's nothing pedo about it in our eyes

I ask him 'bout this thing we share and he tenderly replies

It's akuroku, yes that's two guys!


We're closer than any smut between Xem and Sai

That's why we're always sharing sea-salt ice cream!

Roxas, I'll stick by you for the rest of my life!

Axel, you're the only one I ever want here beside me!

(Hey, you censored it!) *Roxas shrugs*


I guess you guys now get the drift (oh yes!)

Our love just grows more and more each day

It's true, I'm dating my best friend

So that makes us totally gay!

That's right!


Akuroku, the fangirls cry

Fighting over two homo guys

Doesn't get more entertaining in our eyes


Zemyx has nothing when it comes to us

Cause you know that we're the best….ah!

Akuroku, that's what this is


And when I say, 'I love you Roxas'

It's just what it implies

Akuroku…between two…guys…

"No hands!" Axel says, pushing Roxas' attempt at a hug away. Instead, they melt to the ground, lips locked tightly together.

Hope you guys liked it ^_^