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Summary: Go back to chapter 153 in the manga, title is 'Torture'. What if Hibari hadn't come to the rescue? What if Gokudera and Yamamoto were left to the mercies of their opponent, Gamma? And what is their way of dealing with the hardships they are faced with?

Warnings: 8059-Yaoi (maleXmale for those who don't know,those who don't like don't say I didn't warn!), torture and violence, although I don't particulary try to make it graphic, I can't promise anything because I don't censure anything I write. If it really bothers you, you should skip these parts.

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Gokudera couldn't believe this was really happening. Yamamoto was lying a few meters next to him, unconscious. He himself was beaten up pretty badly too, from all the electric attacks and beatings Gamma gave him. He was barely able to move, let alone stand when he heard the feared man talking to him.

"-hey are you even listening?" and he was kicked in the face, "You better tell me now, or you will end up in more pain than I'm sure you already are, why is the Vongola's 10th generation boss alive? How is it even possible?"

Gokudera coughed blood and glared at the man above him "Like I would tell!" he said with the last bit of strength in his body.

"No other option then, I will have to take you both back with me, maybe then you will start talking" said Gamma and grabbed each of the defenseless guardians tightly after he made sure to cover their eyes.

He started heading back and ignored Gokudera's weak protests.

It was dark, this was the first thing the rain guardian noticed when he opened his eyes, the second was that there was someone beside him, looking at him. Yamamoto got up only to see Gokudera sitting next to him, "Thank god you are fine, I thought you were hurt too badl-" Gokudera couldn't finish the sentence as he fell down on the floor, exhausted.

"Go-Gokudera! Are you okay? What happened? Why are we here? Where are we?!"

Gokudera opened his eyes weakly, only to close them again, "Too many questions, baseball idiot..." and then he passed out.

Gokudera opened his eyes, he didn't know how much time he was out but what bothered him more at the moment was the suddenly soft floor under his head, it made him think for a moment where he was before he passed out. He looked up into the dark, caring eyes of the rain guardian above him. The silver haired boy got up slowly, as to not aggravate his wounds, and looked around, 'Still here then, huh?' he asked himself and turned to the other boy. Without waiting for more questions he understood by seeing the confused and curious look on the face of his cell mate and began explaining.

"It was Gamma, the bastard, after he was done with you he started questioning me about the tenth" his voice raspy as he explained. "Like hell I would tell him, I would rather die!" he continued with an angry tone as he remembered.

"Now now, calm down Gokudera, what happened next?" Yamamoto asked with a calm voice while considering the situation patiently, washing the anger away in favor of more information that would hopefully allow them to find some way out of wherever they are.

The storm guardian calmed and continued, "He asked me why the tenth was still alive, and when I refused to answer he said something about taking us back with him" he stopped for a second and then finished "This is how we ended up here, this place seems to be the Millefiore family's base".

Yamamoto looked confused even more then before, "Why would he bring us here?"

Gokudera was more than shocked to hear this question, "Are you really that much of an idiot?" he asked, "I thought for sure that you stopped thinking about this whole situation we are in as a game the moment we came to the damned future! I can't believe this!"

"No, wait I think you got it all wr-" Yamamoto started,

Gokudera was furious, "You got this all wrong! The mafia isn't a game, this isn't a game, how could you still be so naive that you can't even see what's right in front of you?!"

"Will you stop for a moment and listen to me?" Yamamoto asked angrily "This is definitely not what I meant, of course I know this isn't a game!" he shouted at the stunned storm guardian who has never seen him this emotional. "Now isn't the time to get into meaningless arguments, now is the time to think of a way out of here!"

"Then what did you mean when you asked-"

"I was confused by the fact that he only needed us to answer his questions about Tsuna, surely it wouldn't be hard for them to see that we are all much younger than we should be in this time!" Yamamoto answered not giving Gokudera the time to finish his question "It is way too obvious!".

Gokudera thought for a moment, "There's probably more to it than just this, though I have no idea, he didn't ask me about anything other than the tenth".

"Do you remember the way? Did you see anything useful?" the other boy asked with hopes to find a way out,

"My eyes were covered on the way here, I couldn't see, but I could tell that it was not so far from where we fought" Gokudera answered.

Both boys had calmed down by this time, knowing that it was only because of the stress and pain either of them are experiencing at the moment, and that taking their frustrations on each other isn't going to make the situation any better for the two of them.

It was then that they started looking around, and after a quick inspection they easily noticed the lack of items in the cell, hell it was a cell!

Also, referring this as merely 'lack of items' wasn't the right way to describe the cell. The only actual item was a small bed near the wall, that indicated that it was probably supposed to be a one-man's cell. Other than the bed there was a small window, no larger than an average man's head that was almost entirely covered by thick bars that made it almost impossible to see what was outside.

Both boys sat near each other with their backs to the cold concrete wall, they both had the same thought though, 'Now what?'.

The two guardians jumped to their feet the moment they heard steps heading their way, they both knew that they wouldn't have been brought here unless their capturers had a reason to keep them alive and locked. It has been almost two days since they were brought there and they had the feeling that something was sure to happen soon, they were right.

The cell's door opened and they watched as three people had entered the dark room. Although they didn't know who the two who first entered the room were, they immediately recognized the third and last to step in as Gamma. The boys watched him as he closed the door behind him and started moving towards them.

Needless to say, they were literally hopeless. They were both injured, tired and hungry, which meant that there was no way they could fight back and win against anything that Gamma might want with them and for all they knew, no one was about to save them from the situation they were in at the moment.

Gokudera couldn't understand the meaning behind the satisfied look on the tall blond's face. That is, not until he heard his own voice, "It was Gamma, the bastard, after he was do-", Gamma pushed what seemed to be the 'stop' button on the small device he held and the obvious record stayed silent. The man looked at Gokudera's confused face, "Surely you didn't think we would have left you two completely alone, with no means of knowing what you were doing, right?".

At the moment, Gokudera could only think one thing, between the hate and the pathetic state he was in, he could only be thankful to himself for not saying anything that could be useful to the enemy in the two days he had stayed in the cell with Yamamoto. After all, most of their time they spent in silence, trying to regain their energy and recover their injuries. He didn't know what could have happened if one of them accidentally spilled a vital secret. His thoughts were interrupted though, surprisingly by Yamamoto.

"Oh no-" he said, horrified,

"Oh yes," Gamma said, smirking as he sees the realization on the younger boys face, "Everything is recorded".

Gokudera couldn't understand for a few seconds until he pieced the information and paled after realizing. They had revealed that they are indeed from the past, they should have been more careful!

"Bastard, huh?", the older said while looking from one silent boy to another, "You see, we were trying to choose who to take first for questioning, and it seems that you gave us the answer which by the way, saved us the trouble of tossing a coin" he finished as his eyes focused on Gokudera for the second time. The two guys that came in with Gamma stepped forward at Gamma's signal "We take the grey haired one first".

Gokudera wasn't clueless, he knew Gamma chose to take him instead of Yamamoto, the choice was between the two of them. He didn't know where they wanted to take him but he knew that it wasn't for a good reason, not for him anyway.

He would have fought back even though he knew he didn't stand a chance as the two larger men grabbed him and rushed him forward,

He would have screamed and cursed at them with everything he had even though he knew that no one would hear him,

He would have tried to run away even though he didn't know where he was and where to go,

But he didn't, he didn't because something deep inside him told him that if he did fight back and scream and curse, something bad might happen to his friend and he didn't want to see Yamamoto get hurt because of him, not one bit. As much as the boy protested that he wasn't naive, Gokudera knew better. Unlike Gokudera, Yamamoto didn't grow up in the mafia, he just became involved in it only a few months back.

So he let the two guys lead him forcefully out of the cell, trying to ignore Yamamoto's protests, 'It doesn't matter whether he likes it or not, as long as he is safe' he thought to calm himself down. It was strange, he thought, normally he could care less about the other boy, but he had this strange feeling that if he would let Yamamoto get hurt, he will also be hurt by it. That alone allowed him to stand and walk for Yamamoto's sake, he wouldn't let the boy get hurt, not if he could help it.

Gokudera was too much focused on thinking to notice that he was being led through many identical looking corridors, too much focused to notice that Gamma was nowhere to be seen, until he snapped back from his thoughts when he suddenly noticed a white door in front of him.

The man to his right pushed the door open and revealed the hell behind it.

Not long after the storm guardian was pushed into the room he heard a loud noise that indicated that the white door and the only way out of this room was just closed. Not that it would have made any difference though, he couldn't get out, not when the two larger guys led him across the room. It didn't make him feel better. To know that he has no way out no matter what he tried, no, it made him feel worse.

Gokudera knew it wouldn't be a walk in a candy shop but damn! It was too much!

Yamamoto sat quietly in the cell, the thoughts of the last few minutes cycling in his head. He was confused, he had many questions he wanted answers for. However, he had one dominant question in his head, that kept popping all the time, 'Why?'.

Why is it that when Gokudera was taken out of the room he didn't resist, he didn't even try to make them change their decision! It didn't make any sense, having known the Italian smoking bomb to have a short fuse that would make him explode over anyone who tries to make a move on him.

So why? Even when he watched Gokudera being led out of the cell, leaving him alone in the cold and dark dungeon, he felt that something was different.

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