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Chapter 1

It was past midnight, and Bella's house was dark and quiet. Her truck was parked against the curb, her father's police cruiser in the driveway. There were no conscious thoughts anywhere in the neighborhood. I watched the house for a moment from the blackness of the forest that bordered it on the east. The front door would probably be locked—not a problem, except that I didn't want to leave a broken door as evidence behind me. I decided to try the upstairs window first. Not many people would bother installing a lock there.

I crossed the open yard and scaled the face of the house in half a second. Dangling from the eave above the window by one hand, I looked through the glass, and my breath stopped.

It was her room. I could see her in the one small bed, her covers on the floor and her sheets twisted around her legs. As I watched, she twitched restlessly and threw one arm over her head. She did not sleep soundly, at least not this night. ~Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer


From where I hung from the roof, I could easily access the window. It only took a moment of debate before I decided, against my better judgment, to open it. Spending time in her room would likely allow me to become more desensitized to her blood. Thankfully, it was unlocked; though it creaked loudly, at least to me, as I pushed open the portal. Before I could stop myself, I had already mentally located the can of WD-40 Rosalie kept in the garage…for next time.

Twisting my body, I eased myself through the window, closing it quietly behind me against the chill of the night air. The aroma of Bella's blood, floral, like freesia and lavender, assaulted me as I took my first breath inside her room, igniting the familiar inferno in my throat. I felt my mouth fill with venom in response, and I fought the urge to go to her side and bury my nose in her hair or bedding, or even worse, against her neck, knowing it would only end one way. To distract myself, I took inventory of her possessions. Bella's bedroom was small. A bookshelf, filled with well-loved copies of the classics, and a desk with an archaic computer took up most of the space not occupied by the bed. I spied a rocking chair in the corner, though, and settled in, unwilling to stand by her bed, looking like a deranged vampire stalker. Apparently, I'd already decided to stay a while.

I turned my gaze over to the young woman who had consumed my thoughts. Bella lay sprawled out on her back over her sheets, having calmed from the fitful sleep of moments before. She, somehow, had wiggled out of a pair of old, ratty sweatpants during the night, and was now only clad in a tight white t-shirt and matching cotton bikini panties. It was painfully evident that she was not wearing a bra; her deep pink nipples nudged against the soft material. The innocent nature of her attire, combined with the dichotomy of her tangled, wild nest of deep brown hair, caused my body to respond in a very unfamiliar way. She looked as though she had recently been lovingly and thoroughly fucked, and irrational jealousy surged through my mind.

Alice had insinuated that I was falling in love with this fragile human. Though I had been pursued by multitudes of women over the years, both human and vampire, none had ever caught my eye. I wanted a relationship, which most of them were clearly not looking for. Certainly some had been pretty – beautiful, even – but none had ever intrigued me as much as Isabella Swan. She was clumsy. I couldn't read her mind. She apparently had no natural fear of me, or my family, showing a distinct lack of self-preservation. She –


I was startled from my thoughts by an incoherent mumble from the bed. I rose quickly and moved to the window, anticipating that I would need to make a quick exit, but Bella only moved a bit, inhaling deeply and settling back down again, a look of contentment on her face. Her pouty lips parted just a little, letting out a soft whimper, and I longed to press mine to hers.

Curious, I made my way over to the bed and sat down on the mattress, careful not to disturb her or shift the bed under my weight. I hadn't thought that watching her sleep would be so fascinating, especially with not being able to read her mind or see her dreams. I had also become strangely acclimated to her unique scent, easily pushing it to the back of my mind. It was no longer my focus.

It was driven even further from the forefront of my thoughts when her tiny hands abruptly made their way down her side, stopping just over the waistband of her underwear. I held my breath as she dipped just the fingertips underneath, but I couldn't move a muscle. I knew I should leave, but I was paralyzed, just watching her…

Oh, dear God. Was she going to…

I couldn't even make myself finish the thought, but it didn't matter, anyway. My question was answered when Bella slipped one hand underneath her panties. Despite the dark room, my enhanced sight allowed me to see the outline of her slim fingers as they traveled down, finally reaching their destination. Soon, she was unconsciously tracing slow, wet circles around her flesh, and she opened her legs a little more, sighing. There was a small wet spot on her panties, right at the crotch where she had soaked through the cotton. It was then that the most heavenly scent met me for the first time…Bella's arousal. If there ever was a more appealing aroma than her blood, this would have to be it. My gentlemanly side protested when I refused to move from my perch, hypnotized as I watched Bella touch herself in her sleep. There was just something so terribly erotic about what Bella was doing that I just couldn't tear myself – or my eyes – away.

She was still moaning unintelligibly, and she was interrupted only by the muted wet sounds of her fingers on her body. On her pussy. Emmett's often-used word shot through my mind. I almost felt dirty thinking it, but a strong feeling of arousal coursed through my body as I did so. Immediately, my cock was harder than I'd ever experienced before, leaking venom at the sight before me, and I moved slightly closer to my sleeping beauty, deeply breathing in her body's scent.

"Mmm, Ed…" came the quiet murmur.

Wait…What was that? What did she just say?

"Mmm, Edward," she mumbled again, coherently and louder this time. My eyes shifted from her lips back to her hand on her body, still mostly hidden from my view by that wretched piece of cotton. Bella had shifted a little, allowing her fingers to enter her body, wet with need. She thrust wantonly against them, and my long-dead heart skipped a beat. Bella was dreaming. She was dreaming about me, touching her, bringing her pleasure.

My hands. My body.

Bella squirmed a little, grinding herself onto her fingers just a little harder, and I nearly lost any composure I had left.

I moved on the bed, changing my position. I was desperate; I needed to see more. Carefully, I took one side of her panties and tore them at the hip, repeating my actions on the other side when she didn't stir. I removed the offending article and dropped them on the floor, baring her body to me for the first time. Between her spread legs, Bella's hand was working furiously, slipping through her plump, soaking lips and returning to circle her erect clit, which was a deeper, more luscious pink than the rest of her pussy. I bit the inside of my cheek when she shoved two fingers back into her wet heat, her body greedily swallowing them. In the dim light, her body shimmered with arousal. The realization that thinking of me had put Bella in this state nearly did me in.

Bella's actions became more insistent, and I noticed a marked increase in her heart rate and breathing. Under her thin white shirt, her nipples had hardened to delicate points, and I longed to be able to nip and suck on them through the material, to take them in my mouth and please her. Of course I couldn't, so I clenched my teeth hard enough to bite through steel, attempting to figure out what to do next. I couldn't leave, that much was certain, but as it turned out, Bella made the decision for me.

"Touch me. Touch me, Edward," Bella spoke again, her voice breathy.

I had no choice but to comply.

Hesitantly, I raised a hand and tentatively made contact with one of her breasts, rubbing the tempting raised peak. I marveled as the tip became more rigid, and Bella writhed a little, causing the top sheet to become more askew. This response was encouraging, and I wondered if I could do more without harming her. I was sure as hell going to try. Reaching down, I lifted her hand off her body where she was urgently stroking herself. With barely a second thought, I brought her fingers to my mouth where I licked them off languidly, only allowing them to touch my lips and tongue. I imagined that even her blood couldn't compare to this nectar.

"Allow me," I whispered, knowing she wouldn't be able to hear me. I trailed a hand down her trembling stomach to the aching spot between her legs. By her movements, I knew she must be desperate for release. With a feather-light touch, I stroked and massaged her clit with my icy fingers, flicking it lightly and loving her body's response to my actions, the way she swelled further as I played with her. Bella bucked her hips in an effort to get closer to me, something that made my body harder as well. After the soft warmth of her own hand, I had expected her to shy away from the cold firmness of mine, but she wanted everything I gave her.

"More," she moaned loudly, and I listened for a moment to hear if her insistent demand had roused her father. His thoughts stayed firmly where they were, dreaming of his next fishing trip.

We were safe.

Pushing first one finger into her burning hot pussy, then another, I pumped them in and out, enjoying both the slick feel of her and the rhythmic wet sucking noise the action created. My eyes rolled back as she called out again in pleasure and I added my thumb, caressing her clit in time with each stroke of my long fingers. Curling them up, I searched for a spot that I had only read about in medical school. When I found the spongy spot of tissue, I applied just the slightest pressure. It was enough. As I thrust into her G-spot, Bella began to quiver, her back arching up off of the bed. I firmly rubbed her clit, feeling her body clamp down on my searching fingers. She started to cry out, but I leaned in and just barely pressed my lips to hers, swallowing her cries and allowing her to take in my scent with each of her ragged breaths. It may not have been fair, but I knew the effect my scent had on her, and it pushed her over the edge. Within seconds, Bella climaxed, releasing her nectar onto my hand as she came. As she calmed, I pulled my digits out of her, immediately bringing them to my mouth to enjoy as I had with hers. I was right; there was nothing like it.

"Edward! Oh yes…please…yes, Edward…" Bella trailed off, finally sated. She muttered a little more, her voice getting more disjointed as she spoke, and I knew she was falling back into a deeper slumber. I suddenly noticed that my other hand was firmly grasped around my dick over my jeans. I needed release, but I knew I couldn't do that there, in Bella's room. It was too risky. I took one more deep breath; the smell of her arousal was absolutely intoxicating.

Swiftly, I raised her window again and dove through, landing and running into the woods, just beyond the distance that a human could see in the dark and away from prying eyes. Leaning heavily against a tall cedar with one hand, I ripped open the button fly of my jeans with the other. I palmed my aching cock, sweeping over the swollen head, spreading around the drops of pre-cum that wept from the slit. I licked my lips, still able to taste her cum on my tongue. Imagining that I was buried in Bella's tight, slick pussy, I pumped into my hand over myself once, twice, three times. I wasn't even embarrassed that that's all it took before I painted the cedar in front of me with the silvery-grey of my release.

Shaking my head to clear it, I cleaned up quickly and put myself back together. Noticing that I had left Bella's window open, I sneaked in once again. I covered Bella up and tucked her in securely, unsure of Charlie's morning routine; I didn't want him to accidently stumble upon his daughter, half-clothed like this. But before I took my final leave through Bella's window, the white cotton bikinis made their way into my pocket. I would be keeping those, there was no doubt about that.

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