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Chapter 13

Then it was over. We'd hiked hours this morning to reach Edward's meadow, and now, in a matter of minutes, we were back to the truck.

"Exhilarating, isn't it?" His voice was high, excited.

He stood motionless, waiting for me to climb down. I tried, but my muscles wouldn't respond. My arms and legs stayed locked around him while my head spun uncomfortably.

"Bella?" he asked, anxious now.

"I think I need to lie down," I gasped.

"Oh, sorry." He waited for me, but I still couldn't move.

"I think I need help," I admitted.

He laughed quietly, and gently unloosened my stranglehold on his neck. There was no resisting the iron strength of his hands. Then he pulled me around to face him, cradling me in his arms like a small child. He held me for a moment, then carefully placed me on the springy ferns.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

I couldn't be sure how I felt when my head was spinning so crazily. "Dizzy, I think."

"Put your head between your knees."

I tried that, and it helped a little. I breathed in and out slowly, keeping my head very still. I felt him sitting beside me. The moments passed, and eventually I found that I could raise my head. There was a hollow ringing sound in my ears.

"I guess that wasn't the best idea," he mused.

I tried to be positive, but my voice was weak. "No, it was very interesting."

"Hah! You're as white as a ghost – no, you're as white as me!"

"I think I should have closed my eyes."

"Remember that next time."

"Next time!" I groaned.

He laughed, his mood still radiant.

"Show-off," I muttered.

"Open your eyes, Bella," he said quietly.

And he was right there, his face so close to mine. His beauty stunned my mind – it was too much, an excess I couldn't grow accustomed to.

"I was thinking, while I was running…" He paused.

"About not hitting the trees, I hope."

"Silly Bella," he chuckled. "Running is second nature to me, it's not something I have to think about."

"Show-off," I muttered again.

He smiled.

"No," he continued, "I was thinking there was something I wanted to try." And he took my face in his hands again.

I couldn't breathe.

He hesitated – not in the normal way, the human way.

Not the way a man might hesitate before he kissed a woman, to gauge her reaction, to see how he would be received. Perhaps he would hesitate to prolong the moment, that ideal moment of anticipation, sometimes better than the kiss itself.

Edward hesitated to test himself, to see if this was safe, to make sure he was still in control of his need.

And then his cold, marble lips pressed very softly against mine. ~ Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

There was nothing like it. The feel of Edward's cool lips combined with the boiling heat of my skin – it was amazing. So was the sweet taste of him, and even more-so was the amount of trust I knew he had to have in himself to consider doing such a thing.

Heat rushed through my body, and unbidden thoughts of what it would be like to feel Edward's silky smooth lips on parts of my body far south of where he was now came to mind. I moaned into his mouth and he pulled back immediately, a look of concern wrought on his face.

"Are you okay, Bella? Did I hurt you? I've, um, never kissed anyone before and I don't really know…" Edward's eyes flicked down to my own lips, probably trying to see if he had inflicted any damage.

"I'm fine. It was my first, too," I said, turning tomato red. I was, once again, glad that he couldn't read my mind, but I could see the frustration on his face. "Edward, I swear you didn't hurt me. I just got a – a little carried away." I glanced down at the cushion of ferns I was sitting on, not wanting him to guess what I was thinking.

Edward watched me for a moment longer before nodding. "I believe you. I just wish I could hear your thoughts. I'm sorry I'm so easily frustrated, but I want to know what made you blush."

I smiled, but continued to watch the leaves on the ground, desperate to not give in.

He can't know you were thinking about that. He's a gentleman, and probably wouldn't consider doing it anyway, though he just worked up the courage to kiss you. Maybe sometime…

"Bella, look at me." Once again I looked up and he was inches away. His beautiful face overwhelmed me and that amazing crooked grin made an appearance. "Bella," he started, deliberately breathing out over my face, his sweet breath surrounding me.

Not. Fair.

"Yeah?" I mumbled, suddenly unable to really remember exactly what was going on.

He's so pretty…

"What made you blush a minute ago, sweet girl?" Edward breathed, the words a whisper, and his scent kept its power over me.

My mouth worked, obviously not connected to my brain or any part of me that stored good judgment. "I was thinking about how good your mouth would feel all over me," I murmured, and suddenly what I'd just confessed to hit home. My hands flew to my face in mortification and I sucked in a giant breath. "Oh my God. I'm sorry, Edward! I – I don't know why I just said that…"

Instead of backing up or looking at me warily as I had suspected he would, Edward leaned forward and kissed my forehead. "Shh. It's all right. I want to know what you're thinking, Bella. I…well, I wonder what that would be like, too," he admitted. It was Edward's turn to stare at the forest floor.

"Really?" I watched his face, looking for a sign that he was just saying that to appease me, but he was the picture of honesty.

"Yes." Edward smiled again. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't wonder what that would be like. To kiss you, to tease you, to taste you. I've seen it in so many minds over the years, but I've never wanted to experience it myself until..." He sighed, seemingly deep in thought, while my own mind went wild. "I wonder…"

My curiosity piqued, I softly asked, "What?"

"I wonder if kissing you was easier than expected, if other things will be as well. Would you…would you be averse to trying, Bella?" Edward pressed another careful kiss to my lips, this time sucking my lower one briefly into his mouth. My body responded immediately, and I felt my panties dampen between my legs. I clenched them more tightly together, embarrassed at my eagerness but Edward chuckled as he looked hungrily at my lap. "I'll take that as a 'yes,'" he said, his voice husky.

"Definitely a 'yes,'" I confirmed, brave all of a sudden. I had never felt particularly feminine or sexual before, but Edward brought out some very powerful feelings. He wanted me and loved me, just as I did him.

Taking control for the first time, I inched my hands up Edward's solid shoulders and around his neck until my fingers were entwined in his wild hair. Gently tugging on it, I pulled myself toward him until our lips met again. We started out tentatively, not wanting to rush, but the mood quickly changed to one of urgency. I couldn't get enough of him and though he held back a little, it was clear he felt the same way.

"I don't want to be improper or take liberties, but I'd like to try something if it's okay with you," Edward said, looking at me as though I might run screaming.

I laughed at his expression. "I can promise you that whatever you want to do, it will be fine with me," I assured him. "You don't need to ask, but if it makes you feel better, I will make sure to say something if you do anything I don't like. But I don't think that will be an issue."

"You promise?"

"Yes. Now what did you want to try?" I prodded, hoping he'd open up to me.

"This." Edward hesitated just a fraction of a second before coming in close again and opening his mouth to mine. Something cool and wet darted out against my lips and I opened my mouth automatically, allowing his tongue in. My own pressed against his, the sweet taste of him driving my body into a frenzy of arousal. I no longer cared if he could smell or sense what he was doing to me; it was obvious he was enjoying every second of this as much as I was.

Catching the tip of his tongue between my lips I sucked on it, greedy to take in more of his taste. Edward's tongue was oddly flexible and smooth, though firm and hard like the rest of him. The urgent growl I earned from him when I moved my tongue against his insured that my panties were completely useless.

"Jesus, Bella," Edward groaned. He pulled himself up onto his knees, kneeling in front of where I was on my ferny seat. He moved suddenly, grabbing my thighs and pulling me into him, wrapping my legs around his waist and pressing my crotch into his. My eyes widened when we came in contact with each other; I could feel him long and impossibly hard, trapped against me beneath the layers of clothing. "Do you feel what you do to me?" he breathed in my ear, his long fingers digging a little into my bottom as he supported me. "How you make me ache for you?"

"Fuck, yes," I mumbled incoherently; being so close to him was doing funny things to my mind. I felt myself rising, moving as he carried me, and then noticed something hard and cool against my back. Edward shifted me around a little, and suddenly he was still. Opening my eyes, I realized my back was pressed into the passenger's door of my truck and my legs were now spread out over Edward's shoulders, his head between them as he knelt on the ground.

"Do you remember your promise, sweet girl?" he rasped, staring up at me with dark eyes as he looped his arms around the outside of my thighs, hugging them and tracing the inner seam of my jeans with his thumbs. I could only nod. "Good."

Before I knew what was happening, my pants had been torn clean away from me, leaving me only in my button-down blouse and panties. Somehow my shoes and socks were gone, too. Edward looked up at me and smirked, completely unapologetic for ruining my clothes. I couldn't bring myself to care in the least.

Never taking his eyes off of mine, Edward leaned in and pushed his nose against the soaked white cotton between my legs. A low rumble accompanied the action – he was purring. My breathing picked up when I thought about the sensations that the vibrations could make and I reached out, tangling my fingers into his bronze hair as I unabashedly arched my back and pressed myself to him, desperate for his mouth.

"Greedy, aren't we?" he murmured, speaking so low that I almost didn't hear him.

"You have no idea," I moaned, tightening the hand in his hair.

"I think I have more of an idea than you know." My panties met the scraps of denim on the forest floor; Edward had moved so quickly I hadn't even felt him tear them from my body.

The next thing I knew, his cold, icy tongue was tracing my slit, darting in and out. Spreading my legs a little farther, he pressed a kiss right on my clit, surrounding it with his firm lips, gently sucking and massaging it. "So good. Did I do this to you? Are you this swollen and needy for me?" His blackened eyes held disbelief, but also awe.

"Only you, Edward!" I threw my head back and banging it a little on the side of the truck. I felt Edward smile against me before continuing, and my hand tightened in his hair.

My body shuddered when he circled my clit with his tongue, teasing and flicking the hard little bud, and I could actually feel myself swell further as he pleased me. With feather-light strokes he licked his way down to my entrance where he pushed the tip of his long tongue inside, working his way in. My muscles clamped down around the firm, cool muscle inside me and Edward wiggled his tongue playfully in response, licking against a spot that made my toes curl. Reaching around with one of his hands, he settled his thumb over my clit, rubbing it back and forth with slow, steady motions.

The only noises around us other than my ragged breathing was the soft, sloppy wet sounds of his mouth on me and the little grunts of pleasure he was making. Edward had had his eyes closed in enjoyment, but he suddenly opened them and stared into mine. Moving along with the lazy rhythm of his thumb, he darted his tongue in and out of me, penetrating and retreating, always careful to keep his teeth away from me. I tightened around him as I imagined his cock doing the same as his tongue, thrusting in and out, in and out…

"Your taste. There's nothing like it," he groaned into me, lapping at my wetness before fucking me with his mouth again.

"Oh, God!" I grunted through clenched teeth as he increased the speed of his thumb on my wet clit. With one final flick I lost it, staring down at him between my legs as I spasmed and pulsed around his mouth. The hand in his hair would probably have caused a human to have a bald spot, but Edward didn't seem to notice. Moving his hand away, he licked up my slit and kissed my swollen flesh, making my legs jump. I laughed and sighed contentedly, thankful that he was supporting me against the Chevy's door. I felt limp, like a cooked noodle.

"Was that good?" Edward asked, his tone uncertain.

"Amazing," I breathed.

"Do you still promise to tell me if I'm doing something you don't like?" Edward's normally topaz eyes were still jet black and hungry, though I knew he had fed well before coming to get me that morning. He wanted more, and I wanted to give it to him.

"Of course." I smiled, hoping he remembered how I felt about him.

Standing, Edward juggled my body so I was cradled in his arms bridal-style. He rushed around to the back of the truck, swiftly putting the creaky tailgate down and his sweater down on top of that before settling me down on the soft material. Though I didn't want to get my hopes up, I noticed immediately that I was at the perfect height for him make love to me and I scooted to the edge, knowing Edward wouldn't let me fall off.

"Please, Bella. Let me have you," he whispered, taking my face in his hands.

I leaned forward so our foreheads touched, and I was sure he could hear my pounding heart. "I'm yours already. You know that. Take me."

His only response was an urgent kiss. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue; I'd never expected to like it, but it only turned me on even more. The taste of my nectar combined with Edward's natural scent was just pure sex, and I felt myself gush a little in response.

The sound of rustling fabric met my ears, and I realized that Edward had pushed his pants down, freeing himself. He broke the kiss and looked down between us, and I followed his gaze. Sure, I'd seen naked men before in the awkward illustrated sex talk Renee had given me when I was ten and the occasional accidental porn site that popped up when I typed in the wrong web address, but nothing compared to the perfection that was Edward. He was long and thick, and if I hadn't been so well prepared by his talented tongue, I would have been a lot more worried.

Taking my small hand in his, Edward slowly brought it down to his cock. Together we stroked him, his hand over mine, until he let me take over. I loved how firm he was, yet the outer skin moved smoothly under my touch. On each upstroke I made sure to sweep my thumb over the plump head, spreading out the beads of venom that dripped from him.

Edward's breathing picked up a little and he buried his face into the crook of my neck. Not wanting him to finish like this, I stopped stroking him and gently guided him to me, settling the plush tip against my entrance. He moved his hands to my inner thighs, spreading my lower lips apart with his thumbs, opening me up to him. I moved his cock around slowly, wetting him before encouraging him to push forward and into me, which he did with no hesitation.

Little by little he filled me, going slowly enough for me to accommodate his size. As he moved, I draped my arms around his neck, holding him close until our bodies met fully from our necks to where he claimed me.

"Are you all right?" he asked tentatively, pulling back so he could see my face. His beautiful one was wrought with worry.

"I'm fine, Edward. This is perfect. Just go slow." I gasped when he began to pull out, immediately missing the perfect fullness, and I groaned when he plunged back into my wet heat.

"Do you like that?" Edward moved his hands to my hips where he gripped me lightly, holding me still as he moved sinuously against me.

"Yes," I hissed, pulling him back to my mouth. I eagerly found his tongue again, sucking him as I wished I'd had time to do to his cock.

Perhaps some time soon…

"So tight, so good, better than I ever thought," he whispered into my lips before sliding his hands up my torso and under my shirt, raising my bra over my breasts as he did so. I clung to Edward, my hands still around his neck as he greedily ran his thumbs over my straining nipples, sending jolts of fire down to my aching clit.

"You can come again, can't you," he said in awe. "Let me help. I want you to give it to me." Edward leaned me back ever-so-slightly, changing the angle of his thrusts. I wrapped my legs around his slim hips, holding him as close as I could so that he rubbed against me, giving me the friction I so badly needed. Seconds later I exploded around him, screaming his name into the forest and thankful that the thick foliage would muffle the noise. I continued to quiver around him, riding out my orgasm as he sped up, moving perfectly until I felt him twitch, throbbing inside me as he erupted with a sharp growl. Coolness spread inside me as he came, softly calling my name among other quiet oaths.

I sighed, content as Edward pressed a sweet kiss to my lips and grasped me to him. "Thank you." His eyes articulated far more than he did out loud; he was proud of himself for being able to please me, but even more-so for resisting the call of my blood.

He helped me down from the truck and I mourned the loss of him when he pulled out of me, pouting a little before I could help it. As if knowing what caused my sad expression, he smiled happily down at me. "Bella, I'd like to take you to my house. I, um, think you'll need something else to wear, and my sister Alice can help with that. Knowing her, she's probably made up a whole new outfit for you already."

Realizing half of my clothes were strewn around the forest, I agreed. "And maybe I can have a tour of your house?" I asked, winking as he tied his sweater around my waist to give me something to sit on.

"Whatever you'd like, love," he said with a smirk, and I settled into my truck's passenger's seat, hoping for some more firsts with Edward in the near future.

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