Here you'll find a bunch of memories, from the Marauders' time. From the moment they were kids, until little Harry is born.

It won't be in chronological order necessarily, but things will be understood better as the chapters develop. :)

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James Potter and Remus Lupin

Setting: James' house, 1967, both are 7 years old.

"But James, we have to make a family, and all that someday." Remus sighed with exasperation and sat on the bed with the snitch sheets.

"Not if I don't want to! I mean, really, Rem, adults are crazy. Why would I want to do that sort of things, just..blugh!"

Remus couldn't help but grin at his friend's disgust. Even though they were the same age, he was far more mature than kids his age. It might have to do with the fact that he was bitten by a werewolf two years before and was practically forced to grow up.


James and Remus had been at Jule's house that afternoon for a play date, even though they know it was really an excuse their mothers' used to gossip all afternoon while their kids played. Jules had been their friend since they had memory, she was one year and a half older than Remus and two years older than James. On that particular August day, they entered her room to find her sitting by the window in her orange summer dress, curly blonde hair in a high ponytail, mightly interested in a book she was reading.

Remus cleared his throat so she would look up. The girl reluctantly looked away from her book and towards the two boys. "Oh", she said. "Hi boys!" Jules smiled.

"Hey Jules," said James, as Remus simply waved.

She closed her book and jumped from the window, walking towards her friends. "So what's up? Want to play gobstones?"

James ignored her offer. "What were you reading before?" he asked.

Jules looked back to where her book still layed, by the window. "Oh, that.'s just an old book a girl from school lent me."

"What's it about?" asked Remus, walking behind James, who was already grabbing the pink book.

The blonde girl seemed hesitant for a moment, but then just shrugged and decided to show them the book.

Remus already knew a lot of how children were made, so he wasn't really that surprised. But James was another story.

As Jules read the book and explained them all about child making, his hazel eyes grew wider and wider.

Remus looked at his friend, amused, as did Jules.

"Are you bloody serious?!" exclaimed James, after a few minutes of shock.

Jules simply nodded, smiling.

"Whoa", he said, really surprised. "I had all kinds of theories, but nothing like that ever crossed my mind."

Remus and Jules bursted out laughing, as the door to Jules' bedroom opened and James' mom smiled sweetly at them all. "What's so funny?"

The two of them inmediatly stopped laughing. "Nothing, ," said Jules, suddenly worried she shouldn't have told what she told little James.

Paula just laughed, and muttered something like 'kids', before Remus' mom, appeared behind her.

"Remus, darling, I'm going out tonight, so you'll be staying at James' house, I've already talked with Paula. Come here and give me a kiss before I leave."

"Okay mom!" said Remus, as he looked at James and they both grinned. Then he ran to kiss his mother goodbye before returning to his spot on the floor of Jules' bedroom.

The three friends played a game of exploding snap after that, all thoughts of 'baby making' forgoten..for the time being. About an hour passed before the white door opened, by Paula again, letting the two boys know it was time to go.

"But muuuuuuum!!!" complained James. "We were just about to start another exploding snap gamee! And I was going to win!"

"Oh, really, you were?" asked Remus. "Because I always seem to win at this."

"That's because you always cheat, Rem!"

"No I don't!" exclaimed Remus, deeply offended.

"Yes, you do!"

"No, I don't, you-"

"Boys!!" interrupted Paula. "Stop it! We are leaving now, no discussion. And stop arguing, please."

James stumped on the rug, and Jules giggled, getting a glare from the boy.

Once both James and Remus were at the door, Paula smiled at them, and shook her head. "Now, say goodbye to Jules, boys."

"Bye Jules," they said monotonously, at the same time.

Jules just waved and smiled.

*end of flashback*

"I mean, how can adults do that? It's so gross and weird!" exclaimed James, since five minutes before the subject was back on.

"It's natural, James, now stop thinking about it, we won't be doing that for a while now."

"I don't think I'll ever do it."

Remus just chuckled, as Paula entered the room with some hot cocoa for the boys.

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