Ok so this is my first Glee fic and im really excited to post this. I have all the chapters maped out so i will hopefully update about once a week. This story is a little angsty at first but it will get better. Reviews keep me writing and i'm open to ideas so if you have something you would like to see in this fic just message me. This first post is short on purpose i will try to get the first chapter up by tonight or tomorrow.

Title: Plan A

Rating: M ( for a few reasons, I'm sure you can guess at least one of them )

Full Summary: Brittany and Santana want nothing more than to see Quinn happy again,and if that means using less than ethical ways to do so than that's what will happen.

Ship: Rachel/Quinn


The dinner table was formally set, unlike the usual which was still fairly formal. It held newly cut flowers and the china Quinn's mom only used for Thanksgiving and New Years, it was a celebration, except they weren't really celebrating anything, at least they hadn't spoken about it. The thing was that Quinn knew exactly why the table was set so extravagantly. Her parents had only just let her back in the house yesterday, and that was only after a few days in the hospital due to a car accident. Quinn was fairly certain the fake smiles that played on her parents faces that night weren't due to their excitement at having their daughter finely home. No, it was due to her miscarriage.

It seemed like they had readily and warmly invited their daughter back into their home again. Quinn knew it was all fake, they had barely even said a word to each other the past few days. Her parents didn't care that Quinn had cracked ribs and maintained a concussion, they didn't care she was depressed and had stolen a full bottle of vodka from their liquor cabinet, they only cared that there wasn't anything growing inside her anymore.

"you know Quinn" her mother said, some of the first words out of her mother's mouth the past few days.

"god intended this to happen, for us to be a family again"

Quinn just nodded, poking at what little food stood on her plate.

The quiet banging of silverware and chewing filled the rest of the absent conversation. No one spoke anymore, but that was like it had been for a long time.

Quinn looked up at the cross on the wall.

Did god really intend for this to happen, so we could be a family again, because if this is what a family feels like I'm not so sure I want to be a part of it.

The blonde excused herself from the dinner table, stealing away directly to the liquor cabinet, where she intended to take as much as she needed to actually get some sleep tonight.