Author's note: ok, here it is, the reason I have been soooooo late in posting this. During my trip to Europe this summer I had an idea, an idea that would simply not leave my mind. This is idea is none other than a Faberry fic, one of proportions I have never attempted before. I found myself obsessed with its prospects, and because of that, I have been writing it instead of Plan B. Don't worry, it is my full intention to finish this, and just as a heads up I won't be posting my other fic until it's completed ( it's at about 20,000 words right now). Once again, I am deeply sorry, I hope that this fic's last few chapters (yes it will be ending sometime soon) and my coming story will make up for the lateness. Oh, and this chapter is the reason this fic is rated M.

Chapter 10

Kurt and Mercedes had decided to throw a party celebrating Glee club's win at sectionals. They had promised free pizza, soda, and as always, Karaoke. Rachel was ecstatic, and so was Quinn, although the blonde would never in a million years admit it. When the two Glee clubbers announced the party, Rachel had cornered them in the McKinley halls. She had warned them that if any alcohol was present at this get together she would physically murder the pair. Kurt and Mercedes had no intentions of ever bringing alcohol to the party, and Kurt had to stifle a laugh at how unthreatening the brunette actually was to him.

Quinn and Rachel arrived exactly at 7'oclock, not a minute early or late. Rachel had been adamant on their timing, which Quinn found a little strange. The blonde had always preferred showing up late to parties, that way she was never the first one there. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened.

Mercedes opened the door a minute after Rachel rang the bell, "You guys are early, I wasn't expecting anyone for at least fifteen minutes"

Rachel looked confused, "You said seven right" she asked, looking at her watch.

"Yea but whoever comes to these things on time" Mercedes answered, opening the door wider so the two could come inside.

"That's exactly what I said" Quinn laughed, walking in behind Rachel.

The three of them went to the living room where Kurt was meticulously placing the snacks and other party equipment they would be using for the night. Quinn and Mercedes found his obsession over placement a little weird. Rachel on the other hand thought the opposite. They engaged in comfortable conversation, except for Kurt and Rachel of course, until the others arrived. It was a half an hour before everyone showed up. Puck was last, or course, he was probably too busy making out with some random to show up on time.

After Karaoke, which no one was particularly interested in besides Kurt and Rachel, everyone sat down for Pizza. They had gotten it free because they guy arrived in thirty one minutes instead of thirty. After that, Quinn made a mental note to never order Dominos pizza with Rachel, she had taken the whole "thirty minutes or its free" offer a little to literally, much to the embarrassment of both the delivery boy, and the Glee club.

They were all scattered around the living room, eating pizza and conversing when Santana rose from her position between Brittany and the arm of the couch. She raised her cup for everyone to be silent.

"We are here today" she started in a sarcastic manner "to celebrate our win at sectionals". Every one smiled and cheered " OK shut up, I'm not finished" Santana said when the cheering didn't stop.

" As I was saying" she continued " there is also cause for another celebration tonight, an occasion very close to my heart, today my friends, is Quinn's half-birthday".

Everyone started to cheer again, and soon the cheers broke into a rendition of happy "half" birthday. Quinn blushed, not really liking the attention. Rachel however, was blushing deeper, because the whole time Santana was looking directly at her. Once the song was over, Santana rose again.

"Let's all make this night, a very special night for Quinn" Santana smirked, once again looking directly at Rachel.

Rachel knew tonight was the night, she was ready now, and she knew it. However, Santana was making it a little uncomfortable for her, but it was Santana they were talking about, so it was probably intended to make the brunette feel uncomfortable anyways.

Besides the subtle embarrassment, the night progressed rather smoothly. The club sat down and watched Funny Girl at Rachel's request, which no one was strongly opposed to except for Puck, who only wanted to watch porn.

The movie was almost over; Rachel and Quinn were snuggled up together on the couch. Quinn really loved moments like these, where she could just be close with Rachel. The brunette didn't mind either, who was content with just being able to feel Quinn's heart beat against her back.

"As much as I hate to admit it" Kurt started, interrupting everyone's concentration on the movie " That has to be one of the most disgustingly adorable things I have ever seen" he finished, commenting on the way Quinn was running her hands through Rachel's hair.

" You can thank us" Brittany said, pointing between herself and Santana, who was smirking again.

"Yea they are going to be doing a lot more hair pulling later" Santana muttered under her breath, amusing herself. Rachel, who was blushing violently again, really hoped no one else had heard that.

" Rach, are you ok, you look flushed" Quinn asked, concerned.

" Oh, yea, no problem here, just nothing, um, yea don't worry about it". At least it didn't seem as if Quinn had heard Santana's comment.

Santana I am going to murder you later.

Quinn and Rachel arrived back at their house around eleven at night. Rachel quickly called her dads, who were away on their anniversary holiday, to let them know they were home. While this was happening Quinn had gone away into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. Rachel walked hesitantly over to her. She wanted this to happen, but she was still nervous. She must have been staring at Quinn's back for a few minutes before the blonde spoke to her, snapping her out of her own mind.

" You know Rach, I know what Santana is doing" she said, her eyes still focused on her tea, her back still turned away from her girlfriend.

"She was being slightly obvious " Rachel laughed nervously.

Quinn returned the laugh, turning to look at Rachel " Well, the remarks she made today, and I found the Victoria's Secret receipt with her credit card number on it"

" That was the worst shopping trip of my life"

Quinn smiled at Rachel, but her mood soon turned serious " You don't have to do anything you don't want to" she said.

Rachel didn't have to think about her response. She walked up to Quinn, reaching up slightly to kiss her on the lips, while doing so she took the cup of tea out her hands, placing it on the table. The brunette took the blondes hands in hers, putting them around her waist. They continued kissing and Rachel could feel Quinn's lips pushing harder against hers. Quinn had to pull away to breath, giving Rachel an opportunity to say what she needed to.

" I want to Quinn" she said. Her voice was vulnerable; Rachel liked to feel confident. But this time she didn't exactly know what she was doing.

With her hands still around Rachel's waist, Quinn leaned back to get a better look at the girl. She was gorgeous, stunning, and she wanted to be with her in every way possible. Quinn smiled, pushing away the hair from Rachel's face. She sensed how nervous she was, she wanted the girl to smile, she was beautiful when she smiled.

" Well then how about we go find out what Victoria's secret is"

Rachel blushed deeply, but smiled none the less. Quinn laughed, taking Rachel's hand and pulling her towards the stair case. Rachel's heart was pounding in her chest, she had huge butterflies in her stomach. She was more nervous than she was before sectionals, and this was with Quinn, the one person she actually felt like she could be herself around.

When they got to their hallway, Quinn tried to pull Rachel into the guest room, but Rachel stopped her. Quinn looked worried for a second, as if Rachel wasn't as sure as she said she was.

" No wait, in here" Rachel said, this time pulling Quinn into her own room. Quinn shut the door behind her, pulling Rachel into another kiss. She could feel the girl's heart beating fast, and she wanted to get her to relax just a little bit. She pulled away from the kiss, resting her forehead against soft tan skin. Hazel met chocolate as Quinn walked the girl to the end of the bed. The blonde ran her hands through Rachel's hair, still looking her directly in the eye.

" Don't be nervous baby"

"Ok" was all Rachel said back, and Quinn kissed her again. This time with more passion and force. Her hands never left the brunettes hair, however, now they were tangled beautifully in a dance that neither of the two girls wanted to stop. But Quinn wanted to get closer, she wanted to feel Rachel under her, their skin right up against each other. She moved her hand down Rachel's back stopping where her jeans met the bottom of her halter top. She ran her hands under the fabric, her fingers running their way up soft skin, and confidently, she pulled the top over Rachel's head, the brunette lifting her arms slightly to help. Quinn smirked, the black bra looked amazing, and by amazing, she meant fucking hot.

Rachel noticed Quinn staring at the bra, making her blush again, which Quinn thought was cute. Quinn leaned down to kiss the girls neck, savoring how sweet her skin was. Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's waist; the ex-cheerleader noticed how her breath was starting to get heavier, this, and the taste of Rachel's skin, caused the blonde to be caught off guard when Rachel started to lift Quinn's shirt above her head. Rachel's hands felt good against her flesh, and when her shirt was off, she pressed her body into Rachel's, her mouth going back to Rachel's. The contact felt amazing, but she craved more.

She pushed the brunette back slightly, causing her to fall on the bed. Slowly, she crawled on top of her, almost predatorily; her movements pushed Rachel up against the headboard. Rachel lay against the bed, with Quinn hands on either side of her head. Quinn leaned down, taking Rachel's bottom lip between her teeth. Slowly, she worked her hands down Rachel's toned stomach, coming to rest at the button on her jeans. She unbuttoned them unhurriedly, sliding the denim off her body gracefully. Rachel did the same, Quinn kicking them off on her own as she realized what Rachel was trying to do. Little material separated them now, and Quinn took the time to take in the sight of Rachel.

" Do me a favor and thank Santana for me, these look amazing on you" she said, kissing down Rachel's neck.

Rachel was too focused on the roaming hands that were making their way up to her concealed breasts.

"Sure thing" she breathed out as Quinn ran her hands over the black bra.

Quinn squeezed gently over the bra, her other hand finding its way to the clasp on Rachel's back. Smoothly, she unhooked the bra, sliding it off her girlfriend's shoulders. Rachel unconsciously moved to cover herself, but Quinn stopped her.

" Don't try and hide from me, you are gorgeous"

Quinn moved her lips back to Rachel's neck" Just relax" she said into her ear, moving her hands back to Rachel's chest.

Rachel gasped as she felt Quinn message her left breast, teasing her thumb around her hard nipple. Quinn's right hand went to her back, running circles on her spine, causing her body to arch. Quinn moved her knee in between Rachel's legs, pressing gently against her center. The diva gasped, arching her back even further. Quinn removed her hand from her back, using it to guide the girl back against the bed.

Oh god she's a squirmier, I love squirmiers

Quinn lowered her mouth to Rachel's chest, taking the neglected nipple into her mouth, teasing it firmly with her teeth. She made an audible moan, arousing Quinn further. She needed Rachel now, she couldn't wait much longer. With her mouth still on Rachel breast, she again moved her hands down Rachel's stomach, but this time they came to a rest on black lace. Slowly, she pulled the undergarment off, running her hands back to Rachel's inner thing, running up and down the tan skin. Against her chest, Quinn could feel Rachel's heart beat get faster.

To Rachel, it felt like electricity coursing through her veins, she had never felt something so amazing before. The blonde moved herself back up to Rachel, kissing her passionately. Tentatively, she ran her fingers up Rachel's slit, causing the girl to gasp into Quinn's mouth. Quinn pulled her mouth away, tugging on Rachel's lower lip. She looked the girl in the eye.

" Do you trust me" she asked.

Rachel nodded, too nervous to actually say anything. Quinn smiled, returning back to Rachel's mouth. Slowly, she slipped one finger into Rachel. The girl squirmed under her "Quinn" she gasped.

She went slowly, not going too deep. She added another finger and Rachel moaned harder. Quinn had to push on the girl's stomach again to keep her down, she really loved squirmiers.

The blonde moved her lips to Rachel's neck, she pushed harder into Rachel. The girl winced in pain, biting her lip, but it only hurt Rachel for a second before the friction started caused her pleasure she had never felt before. Quinn picked up the pace, messaging her center with her thumb. Rachel was moaning so loudly that Quinn was starting to appreciate the neighbors for filing that lawsuit to get Rachel a soundproof room. She would have to thank them later.

"Quinn, harder" Rachel choked out, her eyes clenched at the sensation Quinn was giving her.

Quinn smiled against Rachel's neck, nipping it slightly as she pushed another finger into the writhing girl. The sound that came out of Rachel was just short of a scream, causing Quinn's arousal to pool between her own legs. Quinn curled her finders against Rachel's clit and the brunette bucked against her fingers.

"fuck" she moaned, Quinn had barely ever heard Rachel curse before.

The blonde could feel the diva's walls begging to clench around her fingers. She picked up her pace, pushing harder and faster. Rachel continued to moan and writhe under her touch. She threw her head back against the pillows, twisting her fingers around the bed sheets.

" Oh my god" Rachel breathed as her walls began to clench harder, she felt as if she was coming undone.

" Quinn" she screamed as she felt it take its full effect. Quinn went faster, helping Rachel ride out her orgasm.

The diva collapsed against the sheets, her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Quinn pulled her fingers out, coming to rest beside an exhausted looking Rachel Berry.

"You are beautiful" Quinn said in her ear, pulling away the damp hair from Rachel's face.

"Quinn, that was" Rachel started, not able to find the right words to continue.

Quinn chuckled to herself, pulling in Rachel for a soft kiss.

Rachel opened her eyes to look at the blonde. For what seemed like forever they just looked at each other.

"I love you" Rachel said for the first time in her life.

"I love you" Quinn replied, saying it for the first time in her life.