Author's Note: Hi Folks! Since I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the sequel to this story for a very long time, I thought I'd post the prologue to the sequel here for you all. Yes, that's right, the sequel is finally in the posting stage! It's called "Where Are You Roaming?" and so far this prologue and the first chapter are up. I've already posted the first four chapters on one of my other sites so in order to catch up I'll be posting the prologue and the first three chapters about every two days over the next week. Following that, I shall post a new chapter every Friday. I hope you enjoy this little teaser!

Where Are You Roaming?


I don't care who you are, the Time Lord victorious is wrong!

The words rang through his mind, the impact of them hitting him more forcefully now than they had a moment before. His eyes widened in horror and he slumped against the TARDIS, needing it to support him as his knees weakened.

What had he done?

Slowly he turned, sensing the Ood before actually seeing it. And he knew.

"I've gone too far." His entire being lurched at the realization, and he sank to his knees in the cold, unforgiving snow.

He stared at the Ood, terrified. "Is this it? My death?"

The Ood merely blinked at him and he felt both of his hearts stop for an instant. He was done. It was over, all of it.

"Is it time?" His shout sounded desperate in the quiet of the night.

The Ood vanished then, and the Doctor stood, still reeling from the shock of it. With shaking hands he let himself into the TARDIS. For several long moments he stared at the console, lost in thought as the cloister bell began to toll.

He'd gone against everything he believed in, everything he'd stood for. And for what? Now he'd never see the people he loved again. He winced in pain as he thought of them. Of Jack whom he'd once abandoned. Of Rose whom he'd loved, lost, found and lost again. Of Martha whom he'd wronged in so many ways. Of Donna. Wonderful Donna who'd done such amazing things but didn't, couldn't ever remember...

"No!" he cried suddenly, springing into action.

He moved quickly, his fingers flying over gadgets, flicking and twirling buttons and knobs as he frantically programmed the TARDIS.

This wasn't the end. It couldn't be.

He made the rules now and he wouldn't allow it.