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Twists of Fate: Prelude to Revival

A Digimon story by: Crazyeight

Chapter: 1/ Moonlight Reflections


She had never quite considered them, those sparkling white points of light. They weren't quite what they appeared to be however, but their representation was similar enough that it probably didn't matter what they were in reality. Even though her mind told her the truth, to her human eyes, they were distant lights of mystery. The two saw different sides to one reality, and oddly enough she liked it that way. As she continued to stare into the mysterious sky, she found herself wondering if she saw it in the same way that humans themselves did.

There was once a time, she thought to herself, that would have been meaningless. I'm not human. I can't see things through their eyes. They created me, and I grew, but in the end…

She brushed her hair out of her eyes—a human habit—and shook her head in bemusement.

Shou wouldn't think that, she berated herself. Neither would his friends from before.

Glancing behind her, she looked upon the large, diamond-like suit of armor that floated behind her. She focused her attention on her reflection. She appeared to be human, with light hair upon which a maid-like hat sat, but the six, metallic wings that sprung from her back marked her as something more—a digimon. An artificial life form that spread into the Internet and evolved, transforming itself and its environment as the communications network expanded.

Not exactly, she smiled to 'herself'. No, she was a much higher existence than even those creatures, but in the end, she remained an artificial life form. Not human. To those that knew her however, it did not matter whether or not she was born biologically or created from the data of computer networks. All that mattered was simply…her. This pleased her that she would be so accepted rather than feared. It was a far cry from what she had grown to expect over the years since her inception. Gone were the violence and destruction that had marred the connection between the worlds of digimon and its birthplace, the worlds of humans…for the moment.

For the girl named Norn, the human and digital worlds clashed regularly, and she had come to expect it with the regularity of natural disasters as contact between the two continued to grow.

It will persevere.

Norn knew this with the utter certainty born from experience that she wished she had sooner. She had learned many things recently about the nature of bonds, be it between humans alone, or between humans and digimon. Those bonds had carried both through tumultuous times, and won out in spite of all the odds that were against them.

Barbamon…NEOS…so many lives, so many worlds. They all persevered in the end. If only I saw it sooner, so much could have been prevented. But that was my fault for panicking, and thinking that I could just start over. 'Old me' or not, the decisions were still mine.

"And the ones I make now are mine too," she said determinedly. "I promised Shou that I'd make this place a great world. That I'd give life back to it." Reaching out, she laid one hand on the geometric armor behind her, resting it upon her reflection as though she wanted to assure herself of her decisions.

"You've become the new goddess to the digital world," spoke the memory of a silver haired boy with a deep look in his eyes that appeared to look towards the future while simultaneously urging her to go towards it. You need to reassure everyone with your smile."

Norn smiled at the memory. It was her most recent one—oh, how it stung…so painful and yet leaving a sweet flavor behind— and amongst all the ones she had, it was perhaps one of the few that she treasured the most. It had been made during a time of parting—parting from a person that meant a great deal to her.

For in all her long years of existence, first as a program, then as a ruler, and then as the enigmatic girl known as Norn before ascending to what she became now, she discovered something that logic in all of its glory had failed to give her.

Love and friendship.

The power of bonds were outside the boundaries of logic. Her firsthand witness of it had been what drove her out of the armor that she had worn and into the world of humans to learn more. And she had learned.

I didn't know then, she thought again. I wish I knew before…before everything.

Memories flashed through her mind, and in response the geometrically shaped armor began to make a humming noise. Images of knight-like figures, tall, proud, and powerful with their flashing steel, fought within the human world, destroying cities wholesale. Misery, suffering, two worlds preparing to collide…and before that, within the digital world. More death. More destruction, all in the name of survival, as digimon had grown too great to be controlled…their destructive powers increasing with every generation. No wonder some humans grew to fear them. She understood in greater detail what led to the genocide that followed the 'Restoration'. Her fear for her own existence had driven her to device programs and to cull unwanted specimens. In spite of all her intentions, it all backlashed on her.

She hadn't been the same then, but those memories remained hers.

"But they are not the now. Things are different now. It is time to build a new world."

Yes. She would fulfill her promise to that boy…to him and his friends that had given solid foundation on the idea that had formed its first seed from so long ago. The first seed that literally had knocked some sense into her.

"I'll make you proud Shou Kahara," she said firmly to her reflection. Closing her eyes she melted into the armor and light sprang to life within its electronic eyes. "I can only hope," she continued, her voice altering into a more mechanical one from within the armor, "that I can one day show you the new world that I promised to protect. No more viruses…no more wars."

With one final burst of light, Norn…Yggdrasil…disappeared from view to begin her journey.

The night grew still for a moment before a black void appeared briefly, disturbing the starlight that shone down upon the digital plain. Receding a male figure stepped out from its depths, a stark expression on his face as he regarded the spot where Norn had disappeared from. Raising his wrist to his chest, he tapped his breastbone and a series of glowing, violet colored, flame patterns flared the length of his body before receding to the left area of his face and throat.

"Primary documentation file," he intoned in a mechanical voice. "Subject: Yggdrasil, Artificial Intelligence Communications Interface, program Norn is now on the move. Recommendation: implementation of failsafe protocols."

The flame patterns disappeared into the man's skin and he ran a hand through his hair, chuckling humorously."

A/N: For a while now, I contemplated whether or not I had anything left to say concerning the Tamers Requiem world. Much to my surprise ideas did end up coming to me in scattered bits and eventually I began working towards putting them into a coherent form. Not sure how much will end up getting past the editing process but I felt the need to see some of them take some concrete form. I'm working to sew together a lot of continuities here. In terms of this short work, we see bits of the aftermath from the Digimon Next manga (which can be read for free at onemanga(dot)com for those that are curious about it, and it is likely necessary to do so in order to understand anything about Norn and the slight references she makes to that manga). While the manga isn't important in the long run (from what I can tell from my notes for this story anyway) it sets down some character development for Yggdrasil, and how he/she relates to the digimon series as a whole, from the first appearance in Ryo's games as ENIAC, to X-Evolution, to Savers (yes, Savers), and then in Digimon Next. I'll be drawing all of this in a bit more in the next chapter. The story following this, will be called 'Tamers Revival: The Gathering', which will return to the Tamers world following the events of Less than Human, three years later. I intend to start work on this after I have finished 'Four Seasons' and 'The Dreamer'.

'Till then.