I still couldnt belive what had happened. I have been in my room for the past three hours hanging upside down from the ceiling. Why would she do that? I continued to ask my slef. Was Jules right? Did she just feel bad for me?
I sighed and paced back and forth across my ceiling. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. More beautiful than Lilith. What made her even more beautiful than Lilith was her attitude. She was sweet, kind, yet she nearly bit Jules head off. And when she kissed me.
Firecrackers went off in my head. A thousand times stronger than the time Lilith and I kissed. I was going to find out why she was doing this even if it killed me.
I let myslef fall onto the bed. Twisting in midair so I landed on my back.
When i closed my eyes to sleep, I couldn't help but see her.