Author: TaCora (Rhapsody)…call me whatever

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: If I owned them I wouldn't be writing fan-fiction. But if they aren't X-men or related characters chances are that I do own them.

1 Chapter 1: Oh Baby

Being naturally light on her feet, sneaking back into the mansion wasn't a problem. As much as she wanted to see everyone, she wanted to unwind, lighten her load and keep her surprise as calm as possible, but that was not to happen.

"Bonjour Stormy. Comment ca va? Gambit t'ink it be tres drole, non? Why try ta sneak into ya home chere? An' why ya been gone so long? Gambit miss his Stormy"

Somewhere along the lines she tried to interject but couldn't get a word past her lips. So she stood there and smiled until he was done with his inquisition.

"Why you be laughin', chere? Gambit, not t'ink dis be a laughin' matter." But her smile was infection and he moved into hug her but she stopped him.

"Just a moment, Remy. Allow me to put my things down first please. And do not think that I did not notice the use of that infernal name you still insist on calling me. As I remember, you still have a lightning bolt with your name on it."

He watched her place the bundle in her arms upon the bed with a certain gentleness. She treated the bundle almost as if it were fragile. That got the wheels in Gambit's head turning. Gathering Ororo in a hug, he swung her around like a brother to his long lost sister. In fact, that is what he considered her to be, his sister, whom he'd always love and protect. Still embraced he had to ask…


"Yes, Remy?"

"What be dat you put down jus' now?"

"That would be my child, Remy"

"Oh. I was jus' curious."

Mentally counting, "five, four, three, two…"


"Shhh, Gambit. She is sleeping. Getting a child to sleep is not an easy task." Ororo was having trouble masking the humor in her voice.

"Stormy, you be pullin' a joke on ole Remy right?" He walked over to the bundle on the bed and gently pulled back the blanket just in case something jumped out at him. What greeted him was the sleeping form of a child. What made the child identifiably Ororo's were the wisps of white curls and the light mocha hue she began to show. "You not be joking. Why you not tell us, 'Roro?"

"Uh-oh. You did not call me Stormy. I must be in deep, huh?" she said flashing that innocent grin.

"Chere, Gambit t'ink dat is not funny." With that he headed towards the door.

As if to thin air she spoke aloud. "I think he is really hurt. We will have to apologize and make it up to him later, we all will make it up to him. I did not think he would take things so hard."

"Yeah, Darlin'. I think we'll have a lot of explaining to do. But why do I have to 'make it up to him'?"

"Because love, he thinks of me as a sister and when he discovers which boy has been slipping through his sisters' window late at night, he will not be happy in the least."

"If you say so but, I think I better disappear now." He kissed his wife and his first born daughter and left as silently as he came. "See you in a few days, love."

Soon Chapter 2…