Author: Rhapsody

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Title: Oh, By The Way… 6/6

1 Completely a Family

It's been three months since Stormy and the Logan show up wit dere little surprises. Dey be teething already, but Gambit not know much 'bout babes, Well not dis kind of babe anyway. Gambit was jus' a little scared when the petite would grab his face and start ta gnaw on the cheek.

"Aw, look, Hunter finds Gambits charm irresistible too," Jean said from somewhere behind me.

"Dis, be no kiss. Remy t'inks maybe da petite be more like her pere den we t'ink." There was an uproar of laughter around him.

"No, she was not kissing you, she is teething and wanted something to chew on." Stormy explained while taking the petite off my face and handin' me a towel.

Da lil' homme, Hunter, was on his sister's lap. Logan and 'Roro legally adopted Jubilee and waited for her 15th b-day ta tell her. Now, Hunter sat on Jubilee's lap mesmerized by da colors of jellybeans in the container he replaced. He'd laugh when she moved it and it made a noise.

"Are babies always this easy to please?" Jubilee asked Storm.

"When they are this young, yes. The slightest thing that ignites their curiosity they will pay attention too, but they are also easily distracted."

Stormy always seem so proud when she talks 'bout her children, including Jubilee. She jus' wanna be da best maman possible since she lost hers so early. Gambit know dat Jubilee always thought Storm t' be like her mere but when it was official, it really became official. Dat made Stormy happy, and anyt'ing dat make my Stormy happy, make me happy. Logan be da same way. He talk 'bout kids, a lot. It not bother ol' Remy, not at all. Gambit 'members one late night we had. De fille woke up and Wolf-man put her back to sleep by rockin' her. Now dats a sight. Gambit wish he had a camera!

"Hey homme, what's up?"

"Puttin' her back to sleep and thinking."

"What you be t'inkin' 'bout now?"

"Timber. Anyone ever thinks about breakin' her heart and they'll be crappin' through a new poop-chute."

"Either dat, or they be piecing his body for a long time."

"Ha, maybe they'll be doin' both, eh Cajun."

"May be, homme, may be."

The Wolf-man, and me, we come to a silent agreement 'bout things. Da more he make Stormy happy, da happier I be. Though I know he don' care, it just seems ta work out dat way.

But here we all are, de X-men plus deux! The lil ones won everyone hearts over instantly, especially Chuck, all de men for dat matter, but wit Chuck, he be like a proud grand-pere. De X-men never cease t' amaze me.

The End