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Chapter 1 - The First Time

Edward: 7 years old

Jasper: 8 years old

Bella: 6 years old

Emmett: 8 years old

Alice: 7 years old


"Edward, that's enough piano for tonight. You need to wind down for bed in half an hour." Mom called from the kitchen as I sat on the tall piano bench, my toes barley touching the ground as they swung back and forth. I was playing a few random tunes I had started to learn in piano class and was having so much fun with it. Of course Mom would ruin my fun.

"But Mom!" I yelled as I continued to play, "I have to practice if I'm going to become a famous peenist and make you a lot of money to retire, like Daddy said!"

I heard her soft chuckles followed by the tapping of her heels as she came into view behind the piano. I could only see her eyes over it though, since the piano was so big, but from what I could see in here eyes, she was smiling.

"I believe it's pianist, sweety." She giggled as she came around the piano, a dish towel hanging from her hands. "And I'm sure you will have plenty of time to practice in the future, as for now, you're going to keep Jasper up too with all the noise."

"Aw," I whined as I banged the keys a few times, "I'm sure he doesn't mind."

"I do!" Jasper cried from the living room.

"No you don't!" I screamed back angrily as I watched my Mom's smile at Jasper's comment, having proven to me that she was right.

"Do to, you peenist!" Jasper screamed back with a giggle as he appeared in the doorway. He glared at me with his hands on his Power Ranger's clad hips.

"Boys! That's enough." Mom scolded as she grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the piano.

I pouted and let my legs go slack as I refused to move forward. I didn't want to sleep yet, I was too excited about my piano skills to sleep anyways. I would be up all night thinking about it, so why couldn't I use that time to practice? Parents were so mean.

"Edward, if you don't get into that bathroom and brush your teeth for bed, then you won't be able to play piano for a week!" Mom said as she let go of my arm, causing me to fall on my butt since I wasn't supporting myself.

"No!" I gasped in shock as I looked up at her in horror.

"Yes!" She gasped back sarcastically as she placed one hand on her hip and pointed with the other towards my bedroom.

"Fine!" I growled as I then began to crawl begrudgingly towards my bedroom. I used my arms to pull me and let my knees drag across the hardwood floor. When I looked down, I giggled at the sight of my knees collecting dust bunnies as they dragged behind me.

"Edward!" Mom shrieked from behind me, causing me to instantly jump to my feet and shoot towards the bathroom.

When I got to my bathroom, I quickly climbed onto my stool in front of the sink beside Jasper, who was already obediently brushing his teeth. I growled, both playfully and angrily, at him as I squirted tooth paste onto my toothbrush and stuck it in my mouth. He simply smiled at me, his mouth blue and foamy from his toothpaste.

We both giggled at that, and he quickly rinsed and took off out of the bathroom and to our room across the hall. I finished up too, bending over the sink as best I could to spit, then pushed the hair out of my eyes as I looked in the mirror and cheesed at myself.

"Done!" I screamed as I jumped off the stool and shot through the door. As soon as I hit the hallway though, I ran straight into a soft wall, causing me to fall off balance. I quickly grabbed his leg and held on before I could fall on my butt.

"Edward, how many times do I have to tell you no running in the house." Dad said with narrow eyes, though he had a small smile on his lips that told me I wasn't really in trouble.

"A lot." I said with a giggle as I placed my feet on his and he began to waddle to my room with me attached to his leg.

"Silly boy." He chuckled as he finally reached my bed. He then pulled me off of his leg and threw me on my bed, causing me to shriek as I bounced a few times.

Dad helped me and Jasper, whose bed sat right across from mine, settle into bed before he gave us each a kiss on the forehead and turned out the light. Not a moment later, Mom snuck into the room and quickly bid us goodnight before leaving with a strict warning not to be messing around, that we needed our sleep for school tomorrow.

Unlike what I had originally thought, after a few minutes of peaceful silence, my eyes began to droop heavily with sleep. Next thing I know, I'm standing in a dark room that wasn't my own...

I was standing in the middle of a small room, the only light coming from a small, pink princess castle night light. I was a little taken back by how real everything looked around me, even in such little light. Usually all my dreams were blurry and unclear, not like this one which held so much detail.

There was a small, pink bed to my right which seemed to me still made and covered in millions of tiny stuffed animals. On the other side was another bed that was almost identical to the other, except that it was purple.

"Hello?" I whispered as I walked towards the bedroom door where I could see some light shining in from the hallway.

Not a moment after I spoke, I heard soft squealing and the thumping of feet on the hardwood floor before the door was pushed open more and two little girls came running in. I gasped and backed away, expecting them to see me, but was surprised when they ran right past me without a single glance and jumped into the little closet between the beds.

"Hello?" I said again, this time louder as the sound of rustling and giggling met my ears from the closed closet. They still didn't seem to have heard me, so I finally got the courage to step forward and grasp the handle of the closet door.

But I couldn't...My hand touched nothing but air and went straight through the door. I gasped in surprise and backed away, my heart now beating frantically in fright.

What was this? Where was I and who were these people?

"Bella! Alice!" Came a voice from behind me, causing me to jump away from the door and back up to the farthest wall. I watched as a little boy stalked into the room, his knees bent and his shoulders slumped as if he was ready to pounce on something.

From the looks of it, it didn't seem like he was much older than me - his spider man pajamas gave him away. Even with that reassurance, his size kind of scared me. He was big for our age.

"Where are you, my little pretties!?" The boy cried in a high pitched voice as he then threw his head back and cackled.

Small giggles sounded from the closet right after he spoke, alerting the boy to the girl's hiding spot. Even though I didn't know where I was or how I had gotten here, I couldn't help but smile at the what was happening right in front of me.

"Oh! Well, what was that?" The boy sang as he cupped his hand behind his ear towards the closet. "Could they be in..oh, I don't know...the closet!?"

Screams then came from the closet along with the thuds of them scwerming around inside.

"No! We aren't in the closet!" A little voice screamed, causing me to laughed out loud. I wasn't worried if they would hear me though, because they obviously couldn't hear or see me, or else they would have reacted.

"Bella! You stupid!" A different voice said from inside the closet, followed by the loud clap of a hand slapping something.

"Ow!" The first voice screamed with a shaky voice, followed by the soft sound of sobs.

"Alice!" The boy scolded as he ran to the closet and quickly threw it open.

"Sh-sh-she hi-it me!" The little girl, whose name I realized must have been Bella, cried as the little boy pulled her from the closet gently.

She was tiny, with long, dark brown hair that was pulled back by a little pink head band. The light from the night light hit her face perfectly, giving me perfect view of her distraught face as tears ran down her cheeks. The sight of her sad brown eyes and the way her little nose sniffed back tears made me frown. Without my permission, my feet carried me across the space between us to stand beside her.

Even though I somehow knew that this wasn't just a dream, a figment of my imagination, and I knew that there would be consequences if they would ever really be able to see me, I knew that I wanted nothing more than just that - for me to be able to really be there. I wanted to comfort her more than I wanted to play that stupid piano.

"Where did she hit you?" The boy asked softly as he examined her. Bella sniffed and hiccuped before she brought her hand up to rub the side of her arm, right under the ruffles that hung over her shoulder from her pink pajamas.

"Alice." The boy then said angrily as he pulled Bella under his arm and turned to the closet where the other girl still hid.

"Alice is not here right now...please leave a-" The girl, Alice, said from inside, but was cut off by the little boy.

"I'm going to tell Ma." He said loudly and made a show of stomping his feet, as if he was really leaving.

"No!" Alice screeched and not a second later she popped out of the closet with her hand held out. "Don't tell Mama!"

"Well, what are you going to do to make it up to Bella?" The boy said as he looked down at Bella who had stopped crying, but was still sniffing her little pink nose.

Alice saw the state of her little sister and frowned as she ducked her head in shame. "I'm sorry, Bella."

"I-It's okay, Awi." Bella hiccuped as she rubbed her eye with the back of her hand.

As she said this, the light above suddenly turned on, blinding us all and causing us to cover our eyes. The sudden burst of light also sent a jolt through me as I continued to wonder if they would ever see me.

I also didn't know if that was a bad or good thing.

"What's going on-" A woman walked in the room, but her sentence was cut off as she took in the scene before her. "What happened to Bella?"

I could see it in the boys eyes, that he was about to squeal on Alice, but he was cut of by Bella.

"Nufing." She sniffed as she walked over to the woman and wrapped her arms around her leg. "I tripped."

"What did I say about running?"

"Sawi, Mommy."

"Yeah, yeah," The woman chuckled, "don't give me that pout. You guys get into bed, it's way past your bed times."

Alice and Bella scurried around the room, both jumping on their beds to push all their stuffed animals off before climbing under the covers. Then they noticed the little boy who still stood in the middle of the room who was now pouting.

"Emmy!" Bella squealed as she held her arms open and puckered her lips.

Finally sure they couldn't see me, I scurried across the room to Bella's bed and sat down on the end by her feet as I watched Emmett hug and place a kiss on Bella's foreheard. He then did the same to Alice before following the woman out of the door after she told the girls goodnight.

Once the lights were out, I watch as Bella rustled around under her covers before curling up into a ball and sighing softly. Oddly enough, I wanted nothing more than to crawl next to her and sleep too, but I knew it wasn't possible.

I then took the silence to think about what was going on. Was this real or was I really just dreaming? How could I ever dream of something so unique and detailed?

The rest of the night was kind of boring since everyone was asleep and I took that time to explore a little. But mostly, I just watched Bella sleep. She talked a lot, so it was pretty entertaining.

Around morning when the sun began to brighten the room, my eyes began to droop and the things around me began to get fuzzy.

"Edward." A soft, familiar voice said softly from somewhere as I began to slump sideways on Bella's bed.

"Edward, wake up." I sighed as my head hit the soft comforter and the voice continued to urge my attention.

"Edward! You peenist, wake up!" Jasper practically screamed in my ear and he shook the mattress underneath me.

I jumped in surprise and my hand instantly shot out to push him away. "Why did you have to yell!?"

"Because you wouldn't wake up!" Jasper said as he slapped the mattress beside me once more then took off towards the bedroom door. "Breakfast is ready!"

Only then did I realize I smelt something delicious: pancakes. My favorite.

After racing through the hallway and into the kitchen, I was instantly directed by Mom to sit at the table where a plate of pancakes was already waiting for me. I instantly dug in, stuffing my face with the sticky goodness that was pancake.

"Well, how did you sleep?" Momma asked a few minutes later as she watched me eat.

"Good." I mumbled through a mouth full of food.

"Honey, don't talk with your mouth full." She chided as she turned around to slip me another pancake. As she said this, I then suddenly remembered my dream.

"Oh! Mom!" I cried in excitement as I swallowed my pancake and turned in my seat to her. "I dreamed about a girl last night!"

Mom instantly turned to me with a lifted eyebrow. "A girl? From school?"

"No, I've never seen her before. But she has brother, named Emmett, and a sister, named Alice!" I said with a grin as I then turned to Jasper across the table who was just watching me.

"Hmm." Mom hummed as her eyebrows furrowed. "That's a very creative dream. What happened?"

"Nothin' really." I shrugged as I stuffed another bite in my mouth and spoke again. "They were just getting ready for bed and Bella's sister hit her for giving away their hiding stop. Made her cry. It made me mad."

"How odd." Mom mused as she turned back around and placed a stack of pancakes in the middle of the table. "Well at least you didn't have any nightmares, sweety. You two hurry up, the bus will be here soon."

"'Kay." I said happily as I drank the rest of my milk and hurried up to my room to change for school. The rest of the day was spent thinking about Emmett, Alice and especially Bella. I really hoped I would dream about them again tonight.

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