A Challenge: Version 2.0- because even the best things need a little upgrade once in a while

Most of this, I predict, will end up being made of requests, which I hope people will continue to send in. I write… pretty much anything, really. If you've read the original 'A Challenge', then you'll know that. To those joining me here, I hope you enjoy and leave me some feedback. To those wonderful people who have returned after the first instalment, thank you for your continuing support. Now, onwards!

Kisuke and Yoruichi


"Are you sure its okay to do this?"

She turned to smile at him, dazzlingly wide and convincing. Her eyes were lit up with the fire of adventure that he knew he had no way of dousing, not now they were here and so very close.

"Yes, its fine. No-one is around, so stop worrying."

"I'm not worrying, but what if someone sees us?"

She rolled her eyes at him.

"You've not been adverse to taking risks before, idiot, and no one will. It's the middle of the night."


"Sure. And if anyone does, we'll just hide."

Suddenly his smile was as bright as hers, and she realised that he had been teasing her. He was just as uncompromisingly excited as she was right now. This was the sort of thing that they had always wanted to do, but had never been allowed.

"Okay. Push!"

And with that, and a loud laugh that rang through the deserted park, Kisuke pushed Yoruichi down the slide in the children's playground, and jumped on after her, landing in a hysterical heap at the bottom.