This is the first chapter of my Mighty Ducks Teen Titans crossover fic. This story is a sequel to DreamStoryWeaver's fic Failure to communicate. So unless you wish to be slightly confused by some parts of the story, I recommend you go read the first ^^

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Somewhere in California:

Deep within the metal walls of the Raptor, currently disguised as an abandoned housing structure, paced a vengeful Dragaunus. Back and forth the Saurian lord paced; plotting revenge on his foes, the Mighty Ducks. Two months prior the ducks had stumbled upon their operations in Africa, accompanied by five strange humans with unusual abilities. After a humiliating defeat (by a bunch of teenagers none the less!) Dragaunus was going to make sure the ducks and their friends never interfered again.

But how to do so, Dragaunus wondered, there had to be some weakness he could exploit. He growled in frustration; his pacing increased in tempo. The Saurian lord had run through every possibility, every fight he'd been in with the reched over sized water foul. His mind wondered to their last encounter in the jungle. The Surians had captured one of the ducks: the youngest, and captured, then lost that green shape shifter as well. Oh so clearly Dragaunus remembered the delicious fear and anger Nosedive had shown as the Saurians' claws grazed the skin of green humans' throat. The worry, the anger, the anguish....could it be?, wondered the large saurian.

"Chameleon!" snapped the red lord as his pacing came to an abrupt halt. In a flash of green Chameleon appeared, masked in the appearance of Lurch the butler and asked "You rang?" A glare from his master sobered up the changeling instantly, as he resumed his original form.

"Chameleon, I have a mission that requires your abilities." Dragaunus said to the now attentive saurian.

"Could that ability be my amazing intelligence?" A low harsh growl told the green impostor that wasn't the case.

"I need you to locate those meddling teenagers who accompanied the ducks in Africa. Once you find them I want you to report back to me for further orders. Now be gone from my sight!" ordered the large Saurian.

Chameleon nodded and in a flash of green light was gone. Now, what should I do once Chameleon locates the teens?wonered Dagaunus as he resumed pacing.

Since their becoming brothers through the big brother big sister program in Africa, Nosedive and Beast Boy had maintained their strong relationship thought letters, phone calls and even visits. The duo had already been to the others respective HQ's. Now, seeing as it was the two month anniversary of their friendship, The two teens thought it would be fun for the ducks to come visit Jump city and stay at Titans Tower. At first The leader of the Titans, Robin the boy wonder, didn't liked the idea but after several days of the green teen begging, Robin finally gave in.

It was the day of the mighty ducks arrival in Jump city. They where due to arrive any minute, and Beat boy was literally bouncing in anticipation. The green kangaroo was hopping around the Towers' common room at a furious pace. Raven, the darkest titan, had been attempting for the past hour to read one of her many leather bound tomes. After over sixty minutes of beastboys' bouncing she was at her wits end. The usually calm goth girl glared over her book at the other titan. "Beast Boy, if you're going to pretend to be a jackhammer could you at least do it in another room?" she growled.

The kangaroo froze in place, after a second Beast Boy resumed his human shape. He scratched his head in embarrasment "Sorry Rae, I'm just kinda nervous" he gave a sheepish smile.

"Can you go be nervous somewhere else?" she asked as her nose found its' way back into the ancient tome.

Cyborg entered the common room, spotted Beast Boy and waved the green teen down. "Yo, BB, my sensors are picking up a strange aircraft commin' in fast! The Mighty Ducks are in the house, y'all!" the animatronic teen called enthusiastically.

"...finally..." Raven muttered into the pages of her olde book.

Beast Boy leaped into the air with a joyous whoop. "C'mon!" he grabbed Cys robotic arm, dragging him enthusiastically to the roof of the tower.

A black dot was visible on the horizon: it was the mighty ducks traveling via Aerowing. Beast Boy watched with bated breath as the tiny speck grow larger with each passing second. Within moments his sensitive ears caught the faint woooosh of the jets' boosters.

Robin, Raven, and Starfire, joined the changeling and android on the helepad. The five titans watched as the Aerowing came to a stop above the tower and to the teenagers amazement, pulled off a vertical landing that would make the air force applaud.

The ramp descended, and several humanoid ducks dressed in street clothes, walked out and onto the roof. The first out was a tall white drake, the teams leader; Wildwing Flashblade. Next was another tall drake, gray this time. It was Duke L'Orange, one of the oldest team members and the resident ex-thief. Following Duke was a fiery red-headed ex-military girl: Mallory McMallard. Behind Mallory's petite form came the largest, and gentlest duck Check Hardwing otherwise known as Grin. Tanya Vanderflock, resident genius and part-time team medic, appeared behind Grins bulk. Last but certainly not the least of the group came its youngest member, Wildwings beloved little brother, Nosedive Flashblade.

Wildwing led his team to meet the titans. Nosedive broke rank when he layed eyes on the younger green titan. He ran to Beast Boy, with a cry of "Beastie!" Beast Boy met him part way and they embraced as only friends could.

Wildwing and Robin shook hands, "Nice to see you all again." The white drake smiled. "Good to see you guys as well. Welcome to Titans Tower." Robin smiled as well. "C'mon," The boy wonder turned and motioned at the door, "we'll give you guys the tour."

Beast Boy and Nosedive ran for the stairway, "Last one down hatched from a rotten egg!" the young drake threw over his shoulder as he ran.

Wildwing smiled and shook his head at the younger Flashblades antics.

Thirty minutes later the five titans had taken the ducks on the grand tour and showed them to their respective rooms.

Wildwing emerged from his and Dives room and caught sight of Robin waiting for him. "Where'd everyone disappear to?" Wing asked, looking around for the other Puckians. Robin began walking towards the common room with the white duck silently following. "Well Beast Boy and Nosedive are playing video games in the living room. Grin's meditating with Raven. Mallory and Duke wanted to try out the obstacle course, Star offered to operate it. And Cyborg is showing Tanya his lab."

The duo entered the common room where the two youngest teens where deeply enthralled in Mortal Combat. Grin and Raven where meditating by the windows: their eyes closed to the magnificent view of the city skyline. Robin entered the adjoining kitchen area, opened the fridge and offered a soda to Wing, taking one himself. "So, how did you manage to escape Phil for five days to come here? I thought your manager would tag along and bug us about team up photo shoots and publicity stunts with you guys." the boy wonder said as he opened his soda.

Wildwing chuckled, "Well, we told Phil we where going to go camping, which he was all for, until we told him the site we were going to was a whole days hike from the nearest service road."

Robins resulting laugh was interrupted by the video game "Finish Him!" it yelled. Nosedive groaned as Beast Boy used Sub-Zeros famous fatality move. Wing watched as Johnny cages spine was pulled from his body.

The Door opened at that moment, a filth covered Duke and a slightly singed and smoking Mallory came into the common room, followed by a worried looking Starfire.

Wildwing looked at the disheveled ducks with a bemused look, "What happened to you?"

Starfire hovered just behind the ducks, "They were quite insistent on trying the course of obstacles on the tenth level."

Robin raised his eyebrows, his eyes wide "Thats the highest level." Mallory giggled; her blood still running hot with adrenalin,"Man, we gotta get one of those." Duke nodded his agreement as he attempted to brush the grime from his street clothes.

The lead drake could only smile and shake his head in amusement as Mallory and Duke left to seek out Cyborg. They thought it best to inform the cybernetic teen that the obstacle course would require quite a few repairs after their excursion.

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