"Terra! What are you doing!" Beast Boy yelled as Starfire fell; knocked out cold by the blow delivered by the blond.

Terra chuckled, leaning on the branch. "Home run!" she said with a smirk.

Beast Boy knelt next to the Tameranian, feeling relieved as he found her still breathing, albeit with a nasty cut from the strike. The cut began to bleed heavily; Beast Boys inner Beast reared it's head at the smell and sight of blood.

Angered the green changeling rounded on Terra. "What's wrong with you!" He yelled.

She shrugged and tossed the stick away carelessly. "She was in the way. Now to get down to buisness." Her voice changed dramatically at the end; changing into a voice Beast Boy had not heard in over two months.

Beast Boy now realized what his animal instincts had been trying to tell him; and what a fool he'd been for ignoring them. The Beast stirred again, fueled by the teens fury and disgust.

In a flash of green light, Terra vanished and in her place stood the green Saurian.

"You! You, uh...what was your name again? " Beast Boy exclamation ended with a question as he tried to remember what Nosedive had called the small green saurian two months prior.

"CHAMELEON! My name is Chameleon! Geez, doesn't anyone remember the little guy anymore?"

Beast Boy caught himself as he was about to apologize to the villain; no way was he apologizing to him. The smallest Saurian pulled out his blaster: set to it's lowest power setting. Chameleon began to move, Beast Boy mirroring his movements. They began to circle each other like two wolves about fight.

Beast Boy pulled out his T Com and opened it to get in touch with the others. The open Com was shot from his hand; it fell to the ground burnt and broken.

"Ah, ah, ah. Can't have you doing that, now can we?" Chameleon said, wagging a finger at the teen.

The green Titan growled, low and animalistic. Then he tensed as something occurred to him: "Wait, how did you create that tunnel?"

Chameleon smiled, "You'd be surprised what a lil' Saurian magic can do!" With that he fired. But the green teen had anticipated the attack and evaded it with ease. Chameleon fired again, the teen turned into a humming bird dodging the shot.

The green Saurian had trouble aiming at the small target, Beast Boy took advantage of that and dive bombed the alien, turning into a lion in midair.

Chameleon dove out of the green lions way. His head transformed as he faced the feline, "Whoa, whouldya take a look at this beaut!" his Australian accent unmistakable.

BB growled, transformed into a bull and charged. Chameleon fired, but the blast that would have knocked human Beast Boy unconscious, only enraged the green bull.

The Saurian again evaded. Beast Boy looked over his shoulder at the unconscious Starfire and the scorch marks all around the clearing. Man, I have to get him away from her before he accidentally hits her.The green teen thought as he returned to his human form, and took off into the woods. He made it a dozen yards before Chameleon followed, firing off a few shots. BB avoided the blasts by taking refuge behind a large tree. The teens head whipped upwards as a green light flashed from above.

Chameleon fired from the branch he'd teleported onto over the teens head. Beast Boy leapt out of the line of fire as the shots rained down from the Surian. BB rolled up onto his feet, Chameleon smiled, turning up the power on his blaster.

"Nighty night!" he said. BB tensed as the blaster leveled at him. Then with a smirk, Chameleon adjusted his aim and fired. The blast tore past Beast Boy, and through the tree trunk behind the teen. Beast Boy gaped as the tree leaned precariously. Another low powered blast caught the teen unawares; slamming into his chest, the force of the blast sent him flying into the scorched trunk. The fragile tree groaned and collapsed upon the teen.

Chameleon picked his way though the branches to where the teen had fallen with the tree. The dust cleared and the Surian saw the Titan: under the tree, and unconscious.

He grasped the teen under the arms and drug him out from under the bough. The teen groaned but didn't wake. Remembering the other teen, Chameleon glanced over his shoulder and saw the girl a few yards away still out cold.

Recalling Slades warning about potential tracking devices, the Surian removed the Titans utility belt and threw it carelessly over his shoulder. Then without a word he grabbed the teens arm and teleported away, leaving Starfire back in the clearing.


Starfire began to stir. Her eyes opened slowly, a bright light met her unadjusted eyes; piercing like an icepick to the head.

She groaned and shielded her eyes with her forearm. A sudden flurry of voices and movement made her head spin, and it took several seconds to decipher the commotion. She was laying on gurney in the T tower infirmary, surrounded by her teammates and the Mighty Ducks.

"Star, what happened." Robin asked as helped her sit up.

She looked around confused. The Tameranian tried to speak, but her throat was dry. Cyborg handed her a glass of water and after a legthy drink she spoke. "I am not entirely sure of the events myself."

The boy wonder hesitated then said, "Just tell us everything you remember after you and Beast Boy took off."

Star gasped "Beast Boy! Where is friend Beast Boy?" She tried to stand, but paused as Robin placed a hand on her slim shoulder.

"We were hoping you could tell us." Wing said.

Nodding, Star leaned back onto the pillows, and after a moment of silence she spoke.

"After friend Beast Boy and I took Friend Terra to a safe place for us to hide, friend Terra began to act most unlike herself. I believe she attacked me from the behind with a deceased tree limb. I fell into the unconsciousness for a while. I awoke for a short period of time; I saw the strange small Surian we did battle with two months past. He had a hold of friend Beast Boy by the arm, who was also in the unconsciousness. I tried to move, but my limbs felt as if they were cast of the earth lead. They disappeared in a flash of green light, and I fell into the unconsciousness once more."

The group was silent for a long moment.

"What does this all mean?" Robin asked to no one in particular. He began to pace, "What do the Surians want with Beast Boy, and what does Slade have to do with all of this? Is he working with them? If he is, why?" he studied the crushed hologram projector Raven had given him.

"I know what you mean. Slade's attack, Chameleon disguised as Terra, Wraith appearing in the cave with hunter drones, the hologram; there's no way it's a coincidence. They're up to something." Wildwing chimed in, joining in the pacing.

Cyborg spoke up "And what about the fact that BB's belt and T Com were left behind? Did Chameleon know about the trackers in them?"

Robin smacked his fist into his palm. "I do know one thing: We find the Suarians we find Beast Boy. And possibly Slade."

"But without the trackers, I have no way of finding the little grass stain." Cy interjected.

Tanya spoke up, "We can track, well-uh, that is, our-um, computer Drake One, can track the uh, Raptor."

Cyborgs eyes lit up at the word 'computer'. Robin nodded.

"So it's settled. When are we leaving?" Duke asked.

"As soon as Starfire is feeling well enough to travel." The boy wonder responded.

The Tameranian spoke up "I am feeling much better. Let us be off so we may ascertain the location of our lost companion."

Robin nodded. Wing turned to the group. "Lets get packing."


Later the two groups of hero's were once again packed into the Aerowing. Their destination was Anaheim this time. Wildwing sat next to Robin, Tanya and Cyborg were happily piloting, chatting idly about aerodynamics and the like. Grin and Raven meditated, Mallory and Starfire chatted, Nosedive sat quietly and Duke slept.

Every few minutes Wing would steal a glance at his younger brother, who was sitting in the seat in front of him. Nosedive had been eerily silent since they'd discovered Beast Boys kidnap.

And it worried Wing to no end.

His brother was always so happy and cheerful. Melancholy just didn't become his little bro. Wing knew the distressed silence was caused by Beast Boy, or more accurately the absence of him. Nosedive was quiet because he was worried about the green Titan, and most likely thinking about what the Saurians were doing to him. The white mallard sighed, his brothers hushed demeanor bothered him. When his brother got like this, on the few occasions it did happen, he usually ended up doing something stupid. Dive rarely thought things through, more so when he was distressed.

Wildwing remembered one of the few occasions his brother had been like this. It was when they were much younger; before the Saurians attacked. Back when they'd been in school, Wing a few years ahead of Dive. Wildwing had noticed Nosedive acting strangely quiet for a few days. The day Wing decided to ask his lil' bro about it Nosedive came home beaten and bruised. Apparently one of the young mallards friends had been having trouble with some nasty bullies. Nosedive had confronted them when he'd found them mercilessly beating his friend. He jumped in the fray without a second though; tying to fight the four larger mallards alone and being beaten himself. Wing had to sort the affair with the bullies out later and Dive, after being cleaned up, had been grounded for fighting.

Wing made a mental note to keep a close eye on his bro, to make sure he didn't do something completely reckless and insane.

Drake help us all if he decides to take matters into his own hands...

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