Chapter 2

"Oh," Karen shrieked, spine arching away from his touch, hand immediately travelling backwards to take hold of his, gently squeezing, subtly putting an end to his ministrations. She tried to take a few deep breaths, cleaving onto Harry's hand as she did. She instinctively hid her tear filled, ocean blue eyes into the softness of her pillow.

"Shh…" Harry whispered, arm slowly slithering around her – fingers still tightly entwined – pulling her frame flush against his chest, while the two of them gently lay on their sides in bed. "I'm sorry for hurting you," he whispered, truthfully nuzzling in between her shoulders; tears stung behind his eyes, for he felt like he couldn't apologize enough… for all the wrongs of the past years. He hadn't been there for her. He hadn't showed her quite enough how much he actually loved her; how much she really meant to him. "I love you," he whispered.

In response, Karen slowly turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. "I love you, too," she replied, and smiled at him tightly.

Slowly, and uneasily, she then rolled over to face him with her deep blue eyes that had always attracted him so much. Harry's hand reached out to stroke his wife's cheek tenderly. Her eyes almost immediately closed at that touch that still made her insides crumple.

Harry leaned in, touching lips with her. He wouldn't have anticipated her to respond, yet she actually did. Lazily, he held on to Karen and rolled over with her on top, never ending their kiss and breaking the new found sexuality between them.

Both of them dueled for dominance, until the need for air supply forced their eager, wet lips apart to breathe. The stoic and the fine-looking ash blonde found themselves looking at one another. He smiled, noticing that attractive little twinkle within her eyes again. It had been quite a while since last time it had been visible for him – perhaps years.

Something in the air around them abruptly changed as Karen smiled back at him tenderly. Harry leaned up with the help of one hand, using his other one to support his wife's back and keep her in place; until she sat upon his lap, one knee on each side of her husband's waist, straddling him.

Karen's warm hands started calmly unbuttoning his dark green and black flannel pajama shirt, unconsciously trailing the few little hairs on his chest when she finished undoing the last button. He quietly stilled her hand and lead it towards the left side of his upper body, keeping her palm on his steady heart beat. She looked up into his eyes again, pushing his shirt over his broad shoulders with her other, free hand without redirecting her gaze from his.

She swallowed, leaning in to kiss him again. Harry's hands searched for the hem of her nightgown into the heated moment, gathering it, before pushing the soft white silk of the fabric upwards, pulling it over her head, then tossing it away somewhere in the vicinity of the bedroom; always so careful for her lower back.

Slowly, his lips then started exploring the nape of her neck in the darkness, eliciting moans when he eagerly started kissing his path down to the valley between the swells of her bosom. When he greedily redirected his attention towards one of her taunt, pink nipples, Karen's back arched, another louder moan coming from her lips.

She hastily worked herself out of that one remaining piece of fabric hugging her prominent feminine curves so perfectly, as a result of having had two children; his children.

After eventually having gotten rid of that damn persistent piece of clothing, she tantalizingly and slowly released that part of his that had been throbbing against her thigh since the past couple of breaths, and so vehemently wanted to be freed.

When the two of them became one again, it was only very gentle. The stoic and the fine-looking ash blonde had become one again, both physically and emotionally, making them feel complete and whole together for the first time since years.