Part 4
A/N: Yup so one more part left… Seeing as it's a five-part series. What? I never said I'd finish it all in 4 parts! That's ridiculous – that's ridonculous. It's got 5 parts, deal with it!
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Barney was once again left alone. That man, who pulled him away from his previous spot, had quickly found a quiet bench to have him sit on and, once again, to wait. Sadly there was no window nearby, but he did have a nice view of everyone entering the main room. Dozens of men in suits and women in pretty dresses had passed him by, all joyfully buzzing and gossiping, before entering the main hall.

He got up from his seat and cautiously advanced, looking back in the direction the man had jog to, to get a better view of the action. He had never been to a wedding. Peeping inside the room he saw a large room with rows of seats on either side of an alley which lead to a small stage on the other side of the room. Everyone was seated – except for a few adults at the end of the alley – and he didn't see his mom...

That guy said he would find her. He's been gone a while now... How long could it take?

"'Scuse me," Barney was tapped on the shoulder and looked up to meet a woman in a light blue dress. "This is invitation only. Are you lost kid?"

"Uh..." She tensely awaited his explanation, her black hair neatly pinned back and her gown creasing lightly as she posed herself, ready to toss the lost boy out of the refuge for hopeful souls – maybe he should have double-knotted his shoes?

Barney searched his mind for his reason of being. He was waiting for his mom? – this wasn't his idea, he wanted to stay home and watch 'The Price is Right' – that man told him to stay put – he didn't even own a suit (except for that Halloween costume).

"I uh..." She looked ready to kick him out; outraged at such an unfit speck's presence at such a formal and orthodox celebration, but, just as she opened her mouth, a different voice reached them.

"Marcella!" The man from earlier had appeared from the corridor. "Marcella, hey, how are – how are you?" He grinned tightly and pulled her away from Barney who stood by, glad to be rescued. "Listen... I can't uh..." His amiable smiled forcefully widened upon seeing Barney who was still nearby and staring at the two, perplexed but more than ready to have their attention turned away from him.

The man pulled Marcella further away leaving Barney to eagerly hope that they would forget about him in light of their new problem and that his mom would come back before it was all over. Barney turned to observe the large hallway once more, while Marcella paid close to the man's babbling, hoping to be enlightened this on muddled situation.

The main room was lovely. It smelled of old wood and fresh flowers, littering amongst the aroma of so many perfumes and colognes and hair gels of the sort. On the other side of the room he could see a large banner and two enormous bouquets of flowers arranged side by side with an old man standing in between the two. The seated crowd was still humming and murmuring but they seemed all present. By the old man, at the end of the aisle, stood a much younger man with dark hair who was talking with a woman who was dressed in the same pale blue as Marcella's dress, she looked much friendlier though.

A door opened up on the left side of the room, towards the other end, and a man with blond hair walked out. He caught Barney's attention, something in his stance, though nobody seemed to notice him, at first. He took a moment to look around the room before slowly closing his door. There was something about him that greeted a faint familiarity, but Barney couldn't say what or why. He didn't have the same anxiously delighted visage as the rest of the guests; one could even say he seemed shaken and disappointed, stressed and unnerved by the scene.

But a thought appeared to strike him, because at once his demeanour changed; his shoulders relaxed, his posture straightened and a single sigh released itself before the curves of his mouth calmly twitched. He walked towards the old man, a peaceful smile now on his face, and spoke a few words to the three members who had waited by the end of the aisle. The dark haired man gave his friend a pat on the back, smiling with approvable and encouragement, while the woman in blue then nodded and happily made her way down the aisle to the door and to Barney.

It was then that, for a moment and only a moment, Barney's eyes met with the man at the end of the hall. It was only a short instant, and Barney did not understand why it struck him as memorable, but in that one moment, as the bride's maid rushed past him, Barney and Jude's eyes attached to one another. The sounds of the room dimed down and it's movements slowed as the man smiled vanished instantly, replaced with solemn contemplation – much to Barney's ignorant understanding. The man's eyes traced upwards, just above Barney's head, and within another moment it had passed and the man turned back to his friend with a renewed grin.

"Hey buddy."

Barney looked up. "Hi, did you find my mom yet?" He spun around to get a better of the man and found that Marcella was gone, but his mom was still not here. "Where is she?" He took a few steps away from the door, following the man footsteps.

"She's uh, got a few papers to sign – grown up stuff, real boring," he grinned awkwardly. "Let's sit down, okay? I'll keep you company while you wait. Oh, just… hold on a minute." Gerald motioned Barney to the bench and quickly marched up to aisle. Leaning out into the doorway to the main room, Barney observed him; he made his way to someone sitting down, silently calling them out to join him in the aisle. He turned back to Barney and smiled, pointing out a single finger explaining that this should take a minute or so, before walking the new man to the left side of the room, to the same door that that curious blond man came out of.