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Hey all readers of this story, so this story is mainly about the relationship between Nessie and Jake and life as becomes an adult. Based around 20 years after bd. I used to have this story on an account I share but now I'm making my own! Yay! So I hopefully will get some more reviews this time round!


"Nessie! ... Nessie!" A voice shouted from downstairs. It sounded fuzzy almost as if it came from miles away or like an old radio with a bad reception. I stirred groggily not wanting to

be wakened from this blissful harmony. I heard my mum's voice called again except it sounded slightly more peeved. "Reneseme Cullen can you get up! We need to leave for school!" "Yea

I bet you can't wait for that, Nessie!" Emmett responded sarcastically. They all laughed downstairs in response, but there was one laugh that stood out the most. I loved to hear the

throaty chortle of Jacob it always comforted me. "I'm up!" I mumbled yet I knew that they would hear me. Who would've thought I was a half-vampire? I mean I sleep more than the

average human! I got up and looked at the time. Ha! I thought to myself. Alice won't be able to dress me up today for school! I groaned out loud. I'd spoken too soon. There hanging on

the door was an outfit that had been laid out by Alice herself. This was getting out of control, I mean I'm an adult for Christ sakes! Well even though I stop aging at seventeen I am still

technically an adult! I quickly got ready and threw on what Alice had left out, I let my curls fall loosely down my back. I ran downstairs and discovered Emmett's Jeep and Jasper's

motorbike were gone. "They're gone" Jacob announced and I rolled my eyes at him. "Your dad, I mean Edward said to take his Volvo" and he threw me the keys. "Thanks" I grinned. I led

the way out and turned to peck him goodbye, but was pleasantly surprised when he took my head in his hands and kissed me passionately on the lips. "I need to go..." I began to protest

but soon gave up. I couldn't resist Jake with his warm soft lip against mine. "Bye" he whispered in my ear. I watched him drive out of sight before locking up. I threw my schoolbag into the

passenger seat and was about to get in when I heard a sharp snapping noise coming from the edge of the forest. I turned around swiftly, suddenly fully alert. The wind carried a scent I

did not recognise. "Hello?" I called out, despite feeling like an idiot. I hesitantly took a step forward. I could see nothing or no one from where I was. I continued to approach and from the

exact same spot there was a starling rustle of leaves and the short snapping of twigs. It sounded as though someone or something was backing away. My heart nearly leaped out of my

chest when I felt my phone buzz in my hand. "Yea Rose I'm on my way" I sighed in relief although my eyes still searched in the tree's. I began to make my way to school with the

unexplainable noise in the forest. It just didn't make sense to me. I tried to push any trace of it out of my head I didn't want my dad hearing and then overreacting and getting them all

suspicious and worked up. I sighed out loud. It was too early in the morning for any of this.

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