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The limo passed the colorful lights of the city, the tall office buildings and stores brightly lit up even in the late night. Edward was tucked into my side, his body still relaxed from his orgasms earlier. Riley and Peter sat across from us, close, but not touching, as Peter's eyes tracked the buildings we passed. Knowing him, he was memorizing each one, its location and type. He'd spent a fair amount of time in Chicago, but he had yet to see it from Riley's eyes.

And no one had eyes like Riley.

"I'll pick you up at ten," Riley announced in response to my agreeing to go shopping with him. "Then shopping, lunch, massages with happy endings…" he trailed off with a slight giggle, amusing himself.

"There's a nice spa at Peninsula," Peter said absently, slowly turning his attention back to the conversation. "You could have them there."

The Peninsula Chicago was beautiful, I'd held a few functions for Carlson PR there, but as elegant as it was, I found myself offering our place to them without discussing it with Edward first. "You can stay with us," I blurted.

"Can we? Please," Riley begged, his voice instinctively dropping into a seductive tone.

It was unlikely Peter would give in to Riley's charms, he had done so twice already, I highly doubted he would again.

"Maybe next time, I don't want to intrude," Peter replied halfheartedly, confirming my suspicions.

There was a certain amount of satisfaction I felt from correctly predicting Peter's response, however, as well as I thought I knew Peter, I had forgotten how convincing Riley could be.

I simply underestimated my whore's talent.

Riley's pout quickly returned and he dipped his head while looking at Peter through his lashes and running a finger down Peter's cheek. "But I was hoping that you and Jasper could DP me."

Peter was the first to react to Riley's suggestion, a brief flash of consideration passing through his Pacific eyes as he imagined the scenario Riley had propositioned, before he coughed and a rare blush tinted his cheeks. I didn't doubt it was an image he had thought about often.

"Jesus, Rile," I groaned, my cock twitching.

"What about me?" Edward said, his head resting on my shoulder.

"I'm not sure you could handle them both, Beautiful," Riley answered, "but you can watch."

Peter leaned toward Riley, putting his lips to Riley's ear, speaking quietly for Riley only. Riley's eyes closed and he shivered just as his cheeks stained pink from whatever Peter was saying. When Peter straightened and Riley's eyes opened, they were clear and bright and flirty. Peter worked his magic on Riley as much as Riley did him.

Then he surprised us all, especially me.

"He thinks Beautiful might not approve of that, but that maybe we could work something else out," Riley explained, his voice raspy as many ideas were already forming in his mind.

I listened to Riley's words, my mind working as fast and as kinky as his, but I felt the weight of Peter's stare on me and my eyes drifted from Riley's knowing smirk to Peter. Hooded eyes gazed at me, judging the surprise he knew he'd find in my own blue ones. It wasn't that the Peter I knew wouldn't be open to the idea of a foursome, in fact I was almost certain he had been involved in several, it was who he was agreeing to have it with.


The man who had beaten him for my heart, who had lured me to move thousands of miles away from him, who had been the only one to separate me from Riley. It wasn't that Peter wasn't confident in his sexual skills, he knew exactly how good he was, but after all we'd been through, I was a little surprised he would agree to watching someone else touch me so intimately. Then again, maybe that was exactly what it was, he would also get the chance to touch me again, as well as show off his many talents.

The tension in the car doubled, a sexual energy buzzing in the air around us. Edward raised his head from my shoulder, his eyes falling directly on Peter. Even though Edward was sitting in the back of a limo with his defenses lowered after being fucked against a wall of a club, he was still a formidable force. There was rarely a challenge Edward backed down from, he had power and control swelling through him, ready to confront those who dare step up to him. Like Peter, Edward commanded, demanded, respect in his surroundings and his work, but in the bedroom they were miles apart. While Peter still dominated in a bedroom, Edward let himself go, handing that control over to me. I felt his body thrumming, his heart racing as he too imagined the possibilities. He lifted his chin defiantly, he knew what he had, he knew how sexy and desirable he was.

He knew he had my heart.

"What did you have in mind?" he dared Peter's offer.

If Peter was surprised by Edward's reply, he hid it well, instead, a corner of his lip turned up and without a glance at Riley, told us exactly what he had in mind. "Considering our…situation, there are limitations to respect, but I don't think any of us would object to," he paused, perhaps out of anticipation of his idea, "our boys giving us a show."

Riley's eyes rolled back into his head and he bit down on his lower lip, pushing the plump flush out the sides of his perfect teeth and releasing a throaty groan. Edward swallowed thickly. It was actually something he'd fantasized about many times, either jerking off on his own or to my whispered words in his ears as I fucked him. I was probably the most aroused at the suggestion. Having danced with Riley at the club and resisting the urge to fuck him right there in front of everyone, I was eager to have that chance, regardless of location or audience. Edward felt the excitement rise in me and squeezed my hand, assuring me it was okay to feel it, to want it even though it wasn't him. Like I said, Riley and I were a packaged deal no matter our partners. Edward didn't need to ask what I wanted, he knew exactly what my response would be.

"I think that sounds fucking hot," Edward replied authoritatively, his boardroom voice sneaking through.

I thought Riley might come at the approval alone, but he held back, instead shifting in the seat, relieving his growing pressure with the palm of his hand. Before we could go over particulars, the limo rolled to a stop and the driver was at the door, opening it for us. None of us wasted any time getting out of the car, Peter grabbing his suit jacket at the last second before closing the door and joining us all in the foyer. Riley practically ran to the elevator, pressing the button many times before Peter calmly grabbed his wrist and pulled him to him, pressing Riley's back to his chest to contain him. Again, he lowered his lips to Riley's ear, his words soft, but firm and Riley visibly calmed.

The doors opened and Riley leapt onto the elevator, dragging Peter with him. Holding Edward's hand, I stepped inside and turned to face the door. Our blurry reflections stared back at us, almost as if they knew exactly what we were on our way to do. Riley's energy vibrated off the paneled walls, bouncing around us like a contained lightning bolt, feeding us all until we were shaking as much as he was. It was Peter who brought us back under control, his dominating manner somehow taming the energy Riley projected onto us, and by the time the doors opened at our floor, we all stepped off calmly. Edward led the way to our apartment door, unlocking it with a steady hand. Pushing it open, he held it for us to enter and we were immediately greeted the clicking of claws on the floor as Toto raced to meet us, her tail wagging wildly. Edward bent over and patted her head before shooing her to her small bed.

Ignoring the dog, Riley was already lifting the hem of his shirt, pulling it swiftly over his head and dropping it to the floor. The three of us groaned in unison at the sight of his bare back. Surveying the room, and the possible furniture and locations in it, he turned around, hands on hips.

"Piano? I've always wanted to fuck on one since I knew what fucking was," he said with chuckle. Before I could question it, he continued with the suggestions. "Sofa? Dining table? We know that saw some action once already today." He grinned, his eyes lighting up and widening. "Balcony? Might as well give everyone a show."

"If it's okay with them, I think the bedroom would be the most comfortable for us all," Peter said. "It would allow for the best…views."

"Not nearly as fun as the balcony, but the bedroom works," Riley shrugged.

"Anyplace works for you, Rile," I laughed. "Edward?"

"Bedroom," he agreed, "I want to see everything."

Riley held out his hand, his entire body already inviting. It was something he automatically fell into, a habit I was sure he wasn't completely aware of. Perhaps it was part survival, perhaps part instinct, but whatever it was, he drew people in with the innate ability.

"Shall we?" he asked, a brow raised, challenging us all to follow through with him. He had no doubt I would be the first to reach for his hand, but there was a wonder if Peter or Edward might stop us before we continued. I was sure they wouldn't.

I was right.

Stepping forward, I took Riley's hand and let him lead me to the bedroom, Edward and Peter close behind. I expected a certain amount of awkwardness, but the air felt empty of everything except the exhilaration of what, or who, was to come. Inside the bedroom, I released Riley's hand and turned to Edward. Drawing him to me, I kissed him, thoroughly, deeply, to remind him that no matter what he was about to witness, he was to who I belonged. His hands groped my ass through my jeans as Riley's hands were eagerly on my waist, pulling me from Edward's embrace and into his. With Riley behind me, I faced Edward as Riley's hands lifted my shirt up my torso, coaxing my arms up so he could pull it off. Once it floated to the floor, his hands moved to my jeans, deftly undoing on them before stepping back and undoing his own. There was one last long glance to Edward before I broke it and turned to face Riley.

"Fuck," I murmured. He was even hotter than he had been in the club. "You like?" he smirked, holding his arms out.

Speechless, I could only muster a low growl. Long gone was the skin and bones I was used to. They had been replaced by sinewy muscles, bunched and roping around his compact frame. His body had filled out in all the right places, his arms now covered with a lean strength, a formally sunken abdomen was now defined with rows of muscles. From the dancing, I knew his new body moved as fluidly and flexible as ever, and I was more than eager to feel just how tight he still was. His recently tanned skin already glistened with a sheen of sweat in the dimly lit bedroom. Then there were the pierced nipples, two shiny hoops dangling from pebbled brown buds.

The instant our eyes met, the room spun. There was no pretense of seduction as we tore the remainder of our clothes off, toeing out of boots, jeans, and briefs faster than ever before. Letting go of my stare, his eyes freely roamed my body, pausing at all his favorite parts, including the scar on my hip. Completely erect, his dick twitched and his breaths grew shallow. Turning, he glanced at Edward and Peter, still standing near and still dressed. Approaching Peter, Riley ran a finger down his neck to the open V of his button down.

"You're in for the show of your life, cowboy," he promised with a wink before stepping over to Edward.

I watched breathlessly as he kissed my lover, his tongue tracing Edward's lips before retreating. Edward's body went limp, loose as Riley broke the kiss and moved to the bed. Naked and hard, we stood on opposite sides, the air crackling between us, the simmering undercurrent having already igniting into an inferno before we'd even touched.

We lunged at each other. The mattress sank as our bodies collided in the middle, gravitating to each other like magnets after too much time and distance apart. The arousal from dancing still soured through us, our bodies remembering the unbreakable bond, the pleasure we'd brought each other many times. Our lips met in a vicious kiss, tongues plunging into each other's mouths, swirling and exploring. It'd had only been hours since our last kiss, not months like earlier, but with Riley, the intensity never wavered. It wasn't just him or me, it was both of us together, our bodies were held hostage to our shared chemistry and it exploded each time we touched. We were temporarily lost in each other those first few moments while our bodies reunited. As we kissed, our mouths meshed together, our hands glided expertly over searing flesh, kneading muscles, gripping arms, tugging harshly on hair. On our knees, our bodies were pressed together, not one millimeter of space between us as our cocks, captured between us, liberally seeped precum, the slick friction causing a brief gasps into our kisses. Riley's heart pounded as loudly and fiercely as my own, thundering and echoing in the room barely drowned out by the chorus of moans.

Though neither of us were sure who was making them.

Even with our eyes closed, even with our hands clawing at each other, we were both knew we weren't alone, we were acutely aware of who was watching, we could hear them, smell them, sense their presence prowling around us. In the past, we would perform, put on a show, and while we enjoyed it more often than not, we were unable to let completely go when we were watched. It was too risky. But with Edward and Peter, there would be no holding back.

Opening my eyes, my gaze landed directly on Edward. No longer standing at the end of the bed, he'd moved to the large arm chair in the corner, slouched against the back, his bare feet planted on the ground, knees falling open. His shirt was gone, his jeans unbutton but not unzipped. Even in the dark shadows I could make out the outline of his erection through the heavy material. Under my attention, while my lips ravished another, he shifted in the chair, a familiar ache growing in his groin. There had been no discussion about what we were going to do, no rules or limitations expressed, and while Edward was all for public fucking, the one watching with him wasn't exactly a stranger. When Edward's hand discreetly snuck under the flap of his jeans, my eyes fluttered closed, my mind easily filling in what I could no longer see.

I didn't need to look at Peter to know where he was, standing against the doorjamb of the closet, his tall frame and broad shoulders taking up the entire space. I knew his long legs were crossed at the ankles, that there were a few more buttons undone on his shirt, that his cock was hard and throbbing. While I could sense Edward in my heart, the pull telling me exactly where he was and what he was doing, I felt Peter just about everywhere else, and my body responded accordingly.

Tearing my mouth from Riley's, I fisted his hair, growling in frustration at its shorter length, and yanked his head back, exposing his throat to my teeth. I nipped and bit my way over his jaw, the barely there stubble scratching my chin before I moved down the cords of his neck, finally settling on his Adam's apple, sucking it into my mouth. The vibration of his moan tickled my lips as he arched his back and offered himself to me. The position put space between us, his supple body bending back and my mouth quickly finding a pierced nipple. Wrapping one arm around his waist to support him, I feasted on him, flicking my tongue around the outside of the nipple before sticking it in the hoop and pulling. He cried out, his blunt nails digging into my shoulders, giving me the satisfaction I sought. Moving a hand to my hair, he simultaneously straightened and pushed my head further down his body to where he wanted to feel my mouth the most.

Riley never hesitated to ask for what he wanted.

"Suck my dick, whore," he demanded.

Groaning at his command, I left open mouth kisses along his abs until the reddened head of his cock was pressing against my lips. With a firm hand on the back of my head, he thrust up and into my mouth, immediately crying out as his dick entered the wet heat of my throat.

"Mmm, fucking whore gives good head," he mumbled, his hand tightening in my hair as his hips bucked steadily, the head of his cock repeatedly tapping the back of my throat as he fucked my mouth.

It was a compliment of the best kind, to know I drove him to the edge so fast it frustrated him. I hadn't given head to Riley, or anyone besides Edward, in months, but I hadn't forgotten Riley's feral taste and intoxicating scent, and with one last hard thrust, his taste grew stronger, filling my mouth, coating my tongue and flowing down my throat as I milked him for every last drop. Riley's body shuddered, his grunts loud as he held my head to him until he was drained and slipped from my mouth. I wasted no time, straightening and slashing my mouth over his, edging his jaw open and sharing his essence. Once again, we were pressed together from knees to lips, and even though remnants of his orgasm were still flowing through him, I felt his cock growing between us.

Riley was the definition of insatiable.

Greedily wanting to fuck him, I took my mouth from his and moved to his ear, wanting him to hear the words and feel my breaths. "Do you think they're ready?"

"Nobody is ever ready for me," he answered honestly.

I moaned in agreement, my hands on Riley's ass, squeezing, teasing. "How do you want us?" The question was directed both Edward and Peter, but it was Peter who spoke first.

"All fours so we can see both of you," he directed in a raspy voice.

Without hesitating, Riley turned around, displaying his perfectly round ass and the contours of his back to me. Raising my arm, I spanked him open-handed, leaving behind a pink imprint on his pale skin. Trembling, he dropped to his elbows, his head hanging as he presented his ass for another. The smack of my hand against his flesh resounded in the room and I heard Peter's throaty moan. Riley might have only fucked Peter once, but I had no doubt he knew exactly what Peter liked. It was part of his talent, both ours really, for reading people.

Lifting his head, Riley turned to Peter. "You can look all you want, old man, but touching will cost ya," he said with a wink.

Kneeling between Riley's calves, I kept on hand on him, massaging the stinging red marks while I leaned back for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. I caught Edward's movement in the corner, his jeans now unzipped, his hand leisurely stroking himself through his briefs. If he was that excited from just watching us kiss, he was going to explode when we started fucking. Smirking, I dripped some lube onto my fingers, using them to spread it around Riley's puckered and waiting hole. Biting down hard on my bottom lip to fight the overwhelming urge to slam my dick inside him, I skipped the teasing and slipped my middle finger into him. Instantly, his back arched and a whimper escaped him.

"So fucking responsive," I muttered under my breath. "Been awhile?"

"Way too fucking long," he growled, pushing his ass toward me in a silent plea. Inserting a second finger, I twisted them, sliding them to his chorus of moans and "It's about fucking time."

I stilled my hand, letting Riley take over, his body rocking back and forth as he shamelessly fucked my fingers. Tiny beads of sweat gathered on the dip of his spine, his head hung low, breaths gasping as he continued to move. I glanced at Peter, his eyes trained on where my fingers met Riley. In the chair, Edward's eyes were half closed, his tongue running along his lips as his hand began to pump faster.

Lifting his head and looking at me over his shoulder, Riley begged impatiently, "Just fuck me already."

Even if I wanted to wait, even if I wanted to continue tease him, I gave in the second I saw the raw need in his eyes. It was beyond fueling the burning that anchored us, it was an urgency only I could fill.

"Mmm, you always were my eager slut," I chuckled as I removed my fingers and reached for a condom.

Ripping the package open, I rolled the condom onto my cock and slathered on more lube. There was no need to ask if he was ready, if any us were ready. We'd been ready all night. Spreading his ass with my hands, I didn't look at Edward or Peter, but only at Riley as I pressed the ridged head of my cock to his entrance. Pushing forward, I steadily slid inside him, pausing at the resistant muscle out of habit with Edward. But it wasn't Edward I was fucking.

It was Riley.

With a loud, carnal moan, Riley pushed himself back, his ass quickly stretching and swallowing my dick, taking in all of me. Falling forward, I braced my hands on either side of his shoulders and put my thighs on top of his, lifting myself over him and providing an unobstructed view of both our asses, balls, and my dick sliding in and out of him. He angled his head around searching for a kiss and I gave him one, my pumps coming to a stop as I laid on him, sinking completely him and grinding as we kissed. The mattress bounced with our motion and I pinned Riley down with my elbows on his arms. Each slam into him earned me a louder sound, his body attempting to writhe under my weight. When I got too close, when the tightness of his ass around me was too much, I quickly returned to my knees, lifting him onto all fours with me.

His skin was flushed as he rose onto his hands, bracing himself for what he knew was to come. After withdrawing slowly, I gripped his hips and began to pump at a measured pace. Bruising fingers, sure to leave their mark behind long after we came, held his hips securely to mine as his cock slapped his toned abs with each kniefing thrust. Wrapping an arm around his waist and the other under his chest, I curled myself over his back, kissing along the nape of his neck where the sweaty ends of his hair clumped. Each time my dick entered him, I felt a rush of ecstasy, heating me from the inside out, more than a stirring, it was a fucking tornado in my abdomen.

"You like it when I fuck you hard?" I whispered into his flesh.

"So fucking good," he said breathlessly.

Feeling his body relax, I placed another kiss on his neck and straightened.

That was when I saw Edward.

Enthralled, he watched us, but there were glances toward Peter. Peter hadn't moved, giving off the appearance his composure was still in place, but I knew otherwise. His mind was whirling, his cock aching, his head racing, his palms sweaty by the scene in front of him. Unlike Peter, Edward wasn't as cool, he couldn't contain how aroused he was. He just needed to permission to let it out. Our eyes met, his glassy green ones filled with more desire than I'd ever witnessed in them.

Much to Riley's complaints, I slowed even more, turning my focus briefly to Edward. "Undress," I instructed. He immediately glanced at Peter, but I reassured him. "Just do it, baby."

Apparently seeing Edward naked was enough to beckon Peter's attention, because for the first time since we'd entered the room, Peter's eyes left me and Riley and settled on Edward. With flushed cheeks, Edward lifted his hips and eased his jeans and briefs over his ass and down his legs before kicking them off the rest of the way. I grabbed the lube from the mattress and tossed it to him. Shyly, he drizzled some on his erection before wrapping his fingers around himself, the wet sound of his stroking filling the air. At the unconstrained freedom to touch himself, his head dropped back against the chair, his hips rising to fuck his fist. His other hand went to his balls, tugging on them, enticing a loud groan. He desperately tried to keep his eyes open but they fell closed. Then a finger drifted behind his sac and circled his hole.

Even Peter reacted with a sharp breath.

I knew from experience one of his favorite things was to watch me finger myself, usually siting on his desk while he sat in his chair jerking off.

"That's it, baby, fuck your fingers," I encouraged.

All eyes were on Edward, we collectively breathed when he did, we could practically feel his orgasm approaching. Holding Riley's shoulder for leverage, I sped up until I was again slamming into him hard and fast. He took it willingly and begged for more. Staring at Edward, I waited until his ab muscles tightened before I spoke again.

"C'mere, baby," I called to him.

Snapping his eyes open, he pulled his fingers from himself and stood. After a glance to Peter, he tentatively walked over to the edge of the bed in front of Riley.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked and he nodded. Letting go of Riley's shoulder, I fisted his hair and jerked his head back. My slut loved it, his body quivering at the aggressiveness.

"Come on his face," Peter quietly directed from his place against the wall.

Edward came undone at the hungry look in Riley's eyes, at the way his mouth was open and ready. Two strokes later and Edward's cum painted Riley's face in milky ropes, landing on his cheeks, mouth and chin. Edward's body reflexively convulsed, his head lolling back despite his effort to keep his eyes on Riley. Peter groaned from his position in the doorway, his careful control slipping from his grasp. Edward continued to pump himself until there was nothing left, his body sated. He lifted his head, looking down at his handy work before leaning over and lapping Riley's face clean, his tongue swirling along the slopes of Riley's cheek and chin before diving into his mouth. Riley returned the kiss with fervor, his body quieting while he and Edward kissed.

I was going to come.

Needing to delay it, I sat back on my calves, bringing Riley with me and resting him on my thighs, his kiss with Edward broken. Peter's strode over, his darkened eyes intent, like a hunter in search of its prey. His shirt was now completely unbuttoned, his chest rising quickly with his shallow breaths, his cock straining against his jeans. Still lost in his bliss, Edward didn't notice Peter's close proximity until Peter pressed his chest to Edward's back, his large hand on Edward's throat, turning his head to capture him in a kiss. I watched as Edward's lips parted and his tongue willingly followed Peter's into his mouth while Peter's other hand wrapped around Edward's semi-hard cock and began to pump it. I listened as Edward moaned into the kiss and reached back to grope Peter's jean clad thigh. I groaned as Peter manipulated and played Edward's body until he was trembling and leaning completely on Peter for support.

If I hadn't already been on the verge of coming, I would have been then.

It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

Breaking the kiss, Peter continued to stroke Edward with a loose fist, and as he kissed down Edward's neck and shoulder, his lust filled eyes fell on Riley. "Tell me how it feels," Peter said in rough voice.

"Fucking amazing," Riley replied, his head falling back onto my shoulder, turning toward me. "Full."

"Fuck," Peter mumbled.

"He's so tight," I whispered right before my lips found Riley's.

The gesture, one we'd performed often, wasn't a simple kiss. There was a certain possessiveness conveyed in the way my tongue languidly met his. Whether it was directed at Peter or Edward or the rest of the world, I wasn't sure, but the connection with my whore surged through me, through both of us. Sitting on the bed I shared with my boyfriend, in an apartment worth millions with my dick buried deep inside Riley's tight ass, we were transported to another time and place.

The expensive linens and soft mattress morphed into a dirty, rotten floor, the wooden walls became brick, the warm room became cold and full of cobwebs. Even the lovers we had been extremely aware of, Peter's heavy breaths and Edward's gasps, faded away. The hard thrusts from earlier became an erotic circling of his hips on mine. Riley claimed he was all about the hard fucking, but he liked the deliberate stuff just as much. His arm wound around my neck as he twisted himself as much as possible to maintain the kiss at the awkward angle. Breathing heavily, I broke the kiss and moved my lips along his jaw and down his neck.

"Your hair," I sighed as I nuzzled him.

"It'll grow back," he whispered, his fingers burrowing into my own curls.

There was no more direction from Peter, it was just me and my whore, our history, our questionable future. I sucked the tender skin of his neck into my mouth, tasting and marking him, I inhaled his scent, still one of the streets, of alleys and sidewalks. Running a hand down his sleek side, I stilled his hips. I was too close to coming and I didn't want it to end, I didn't want it to be the last time I felt him like that. Riley's arm tightened around my neck, his lips kissed my hair.

"It won't be," he promised quietly.

Nodding against him, I loosened my hold on him and he began to move again, his body caressing me, working me. It was intimate, it was like every time before combined into one. His body might have changed, but his soul hadn't, he was still a rebel, still a flirt, still mine. I savored every breath, every touch, every roll of his hips and kiss of his lips. Dark lashes framed his mischievous brown eyes as he toyed with the ends of my hair.

"Always yours," he reminded me.

"Always yours," I repeated.

It had been something we'd said once, it had been silly and stupidly romantic, but at the time, after a long night of being passed around, we had needed it. It had grounded us.

Gradually, the brick walls crumbled, the hard floor became luxuriously soft, and a warmth filled the room. A shiver of awareness went through us both.

We weren't alone.

Riley turned his head to face our lovers, not with a look of apology, but with a knowing smirk. Edward was hard again, Peter's hand still stroking him, his lips now wandering along Edward's shoulders. When Riley's eyes met Peter's, Peter shifted Edward to his side, but never released him, and leaned down to Riley. Their kiss was frantic and gratifying, Peter's moan loud when he tasted Edward's cum still lingering on Riley.

Surrounding him, I felt his body tense. He screwed his eyes shut and shook violently when his second orgasm wrenched through him. Resting my head on his shoulder, I stilled, unable to move while his ass clenched around me. Riley's grunts reverberated through him, his body trembling as his cock shot onto himself and the bed, pulsing until empty. Peter straightened, pulling Edward in front of him again, his mouth finding Edward's to share his own taste. No longer able to hold off, I grabbed Riley's hips with both hands, lifting him enough for me to thrust deeply into him, lacking any and all rhythm.

The coil that had been wound so tightly inside me sprang and the fire spread low in my abdomen. My arms tightened around Riley, my teeth sank into his shoulder, muffling my strangled grunts as I came inside him, bucking until exhausted. Sated, I collapsed sideways onto the bed, bringing Riley with me. At the last second, he reached out and snagged Edward's hand, pulling him and Peter onto the bed with us. Peter's jeans were abrasive against our bare legs as he climbed over us until Edward and Riley were tucked between us facing each other, their breaths mingling in the space between them as they shared a few light kisses. We were a mess of sweaty, tangled limbs.

"This really is where the magic happens," Riley chuckled breathlessly.

Still inside Riley, I spooned him, my tongue licking along the nape of his neck in my post orgasmic haze. Forcing my eyes open, I found Peter staring ravenously at me over Edward's shoulder while his leg was possessively draped over Edward's, his thumb stroking Edward's hipbone like he'd been doing it for years. He was the only one who hadn't gotten off yet, his control was beyond anything I ever had. I trembled at what he might have in mind, but it was Riley who was ready first.

Snuggled against Edward's chest, Riley ran a finger down Edward's neck and giggled. "How about round two, Beautiful?"


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